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39 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 35
Drink: Don't drink
53 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 36 - 55
Drink: Don't drink
Picture a small candle in a dark room. You hardly notice it at first. Then you see - tiny bursts of illumination flicker and jump into the murk. The little flame pulsates in a kind of shimmering dance. Quick and fleeting, bursts of bright sparkle flash upward, then dwindle to a glimmer on a fading, orange wick. The darkness is oppressive. The blinking, wavering light barely registers against the engulfing shadow. It would be so easy for the candle to go out; to be smothered by the gloom. But the little candle does not go out. It shines on. It is stubborn. Its tiny flame ebbs and glows in the stifling black to the point of suffocation, yet it remains. It endures. The little candle will not go out because its light is love. Its light is hope. It is the light of joy, of caring, of yearning, desire, and dreams. It is the light of life. Sometimes I feel like that candle. Life is uniquely challenging when you are single. It can be tempting to give in to cynicism and isolation. But I don’t think people are made this way – not for a lifetime. Certainly, I am not made this way. I am ready to share life and living with a special woman. For many years I focused on work, and I had one failed marriage. But I don’t want to be the little candle in a dark room. I want to share the light. I am looking for an LTR, as they say; a partnership based on love, respect, and mutual admiration. I feel strongly that couples in a committed relationship should be best friends as well as lovers and companions. I also believe that communication is extremely important. Many men are poor communicators, but I think I am an exception. In the past I worked as an artist, an actor, a writer, and now I am an English teacher. All my professional activities have been about effective communication in one way or another. In my view, other important words that help a relationship succeed are: patience, equality, flexibility, honor, intimacy, trust, and fun. Friends and colleagues would probably describe me as smart, funny, sensitive, creative, articulate, loyal, hard-working, and sincere. I have a big heart and a wry sense of humor, with sweet and silly aspects to my character too. I enjoy books, films, music, conversation, long walks, going to the gym (though I’m not fanatical about exercise), as well a calm and happy home life. Intellectual pursuits appeal to me a lot due to my work in education. But I can also sit back and laugh out loud at a crazy, funny movie. Overall, I like to consider myself a gentleman and a gentle man. Honestly, I am drawn to Asian ladies generally because they often offer an attractive combination of character depth and sensitivity; at once tender yet strong. Of course, the individual personality of each lady is what matters most. Additionally, I find the idea of cultural diversity and exchange in a romance interesting, stimulating. Differences can be considered assets instead of liabilities. Open-mindedness is the key. I was born and raised in Ottawa Canada but have lived elsewhere for studies and work including Toronto and San Francisco. I enjoy travelling and have been to Russia, Ukraine, Israel, and many US cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C. I particularly want to visit China one day – especially Beijing. I find Chinese culture very interesting. So? If my profile has captured your interest, I would be pleased to hear from you. Is your heart open? Are you mindful, awake, and ready for a meaningful connection? For something different? Are you ready to try? As I tell my students, “Push your comfort zone. History does not remember those who were afraid to take a chance.” Yes - picture a small candle in a dark room. Maybe if we match your little candle with mine, we can light up that room and chase the shadows away :)
53 Lively, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 27 - 44
Drink: Don't drink
Hi--how is the fishing? What I want is simple...I want a best friend that I have lots in common with who I hopefully have that fantastic chemistry with. I want us to be excited to spend time together. Attractiveness, intelligence and a kind grateful positive spirit are all equally important to me. I never really believed in opposites attract. If we do not like any of the same things how can we have great conversation? How can we truly enjoy sharing time together? I want more than a physical attraction...but I definitely need that too. I am not really a big fan of the destiny or the soul mate thing--what? I get hit by a bus today--my one and only other half out there is out of luck... I think that there could be thousands of people in the world that we could really match up well with, but finding them amongst the billions is not that easy and timing is important too. I am a romantic--I love the idea that there is that one special person out their searching for me as I search for them and we meet and fall hopelessly in love and everything is perfect from their forward...but...hard to believe. Dating, at times, can be almost tedious but if you don't put yourself out there than what--sit at home and order pizza and hope the delivery person is that special someone you could build a life with? Most good things in life come if you work for them and I think that working at finding someone special is worth the time. I have heard it said that when you stop looking that is when 'love' will find you. I am sure it happens. In life there is little evidence that good things come from putting in little effort. You are worth finding. I will put in time to finding someone special, that best friend to build a life with. Just some thoughts...anyway about me. Sense of humour is a must...I need to be able to laugh at myself and life on this terrific journey I am grateful! I am positive...i expect the best from life! I am very creative. My ultimate goal is to write mystery and thriller novels...but the starving artist thing does not work for me so have put my creative talents to work in business, sales, marketing and advertising. Writing is something I want pursue more over time. I am attractive. I can look equally good in a suit or a pair of short I am self aware and I am always looking to grow and learn from anyone and everyone. I am intelligent, passionate, compassionate, and kind. How we treat others is important. Kindness "IS" important. I love life and I am very positive and optimistic. Spiritual growth is important to me. Currently Deepak Chopera and Eckhart Tolle are my two favourite teachers/writers. I enjoy conversation. I am interested in life in general and specifically, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, quantam physics, and more. I love conversation from the silly to the deep. I appreciate people who have given life a little thought. I can be child like, or a serious business man, depending on the circumstance. I am well spoken and very quick minded (I am also on sale for 50% off this week) I hate reading my profile--it feels stale--had to had lighten it up. You are very attractive, slim, petite, fit, or athletic. I am not attracted to overweight. It takes dicipline on my part to stay in shape and I am attracted to the same. You are classy and feminine, but still you have a mind and are not afraid to use it. You are passionate and compassionate. You can be religious but not a fanatic. You are positive and grateful about what life has offered you. You expect the best from life. If you are into fitness and are business oriented, in addition to the above, that is all the better, but neither is a deal breaker... I am ready to build a life with one person. Life is a wonderful mystery and I am looking for my best friend to explore it. And by best friend I mean you are my first confidante. I have other friends, but you will always come first. You know, life is a wonderful journey, most of the time. There is something about seeing the smile of someone you care about, seeing life through their eyes, that just makes being alive that much better.
69 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 34 - 51
Drink: Don't drink
I am looking for an honest , CHINESE woman who has intelligence and lives by what here living heart tells her not a dead tradition . ------------------------ I am WHO I AM a man a business man ,a lover ,gentleman ,I'm not a playboy .I am 62 and can out swim , out run many people half my age . I enjoy sex and love making with woman that I love . Though I am a Canadian Citizen for more than 40 years ,I am not a North American - I am a native of Gdansk ,Poland. .I am Christian .I have also lived in China for almost 8 years working with a Chinese fertilizer Company from its beginning till present. Today the company is one of the top fertilizer co. in China in volume production and because of my input it is No.1 in quality and service. I've helped the company to make allot of money and I made allot of money myself. .At the same time I married a Chinese girl , BIG MISTAKE.In a very short time of my marriage I've noticed that she was a habitual liar ,and her real interest was not in the family life, but in money and America .I WILL NEVER TOLERATE A LIAR -I've divorced her. Few days after my divorce I found out that she took all my money from the bank . All that I have own in China was registered in her name ,I lost everything. .I'm aware that not all Chinese women are like my ex-wife and I know that if one door closes ,another door, even bigger one opens up . Honey if you are a beautiful , intelligent , modest Chinese woman whom I can love as much as YOU can love me and if you are honest to me and most of all honest to yourself , let's get together, We'll move the mountains PS If you smoke ,don't call me .I am looking for a smart wife . Xie Xie Ni ************************* I also would like to thank all the Chinese ladies who contacted me. You are a high class ladies and I appreciate your interest in me; I am confident that you will find the man of of your dreams in a very short time, Thank You .
54 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 30 - 50
Drink: Don't drink
I can truthfully tell you a vast varity of wonderful traits involved with my personality , however ; It is far to easy to say nice things about ourselfs . It is what people do and not just say that proves to others who we truely are . Love needs trust , trust needs time . Right ? Life these days is very busy in this continually modernizing world we share , and we need often change direction mid-stream with only a moments notice .. but I believe the sensation of love is as pure now as it has always been . In my minds eye this means simply to be forever attached to a speical person so dearly and deeply that we can not ever bare to imagian the thought of being without our lover. . I adore my life , am a happy man and live healthy and very actively , but... After a long days work , I open the door to my home knowing no woman will be there waiting with a smile or a soft kiss , no woman to share the evening meal with or the days events , no lover to go for an evening stroll, holding hands . I walk the sandy beach here most every evening . I now leave only my foot prints in the soft sand as I gaze across the vast sea , alone . I whisper goodnight to the sun as it dissapears slowely into the ocean , wondering with a small smile , and a tiny invisable tear ,,, where is my woman . To view the Pacific from my small seaside town is to look west ,and on the other side of this emence Pacific Ocean is China , where you now are reading my words , Sometimes dreams do come true , right ? :) ,,, I have hands , will hold . Have arms , shall keep warm safe , comortable . Have ears , will listen carefully . Have eyes ,will adore and cherious . Have mind , will comunicate . Have imagianation , will create adventure and unique romance . Have fun , will make laugh . Have heart , will give
54 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 30 - 39
Drink: Don't drink
I am an easy-going person who does not take myself too seriously, and am easy to get along with. As positive and upbeat as anyone I know, which I hear is a good thing. I am a Hong Kong born, but Vancouver raised Chinese who speaks English as my first language. I am quite westernized, but I do have that spot of Chinese in me that makes me very proud of who I am. I wouldn't want to be anyone else, because I am made unique and in God's image. I love the sun and the beach. Love to keep active, although I have let things slip a little lately. Very creative, and resourceful. I am a published writer, but still have a job that I love. I love to sing and I have been told that I can hold a good tune. You can decide that for yourself one of these days. There is nothing like the music of the 70s & 80s, and I am more than willing to discuss why. Totally committed to anything that I decide to participate in, and having as much fun as life will permit. My family is my everything, and we are very close. There is nothing that I would not do for them. I have the same loyalty and devotion to my friends. I am a Christian, so I do live by a set of beliefs that I hold dear; however, I do not force my beliefs on others. By the way, Hockey is my passion and I hope to be able to share that with you. Traveling is something that I would love to do much more of, as there are many places left to see on my bucket list, and I will cross each one off as I get to it. I have spent enough time with my academic and career goals, so I am ready for the right woman to settle down with. Could it be you? There is so much more to tell, but to know more, please leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



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