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60 Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States
Seeking: Female 32 - 53
53 Montgomery, Alabama, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 60
American White male, from USA, Very Handsome & 6'0 tall, I keep very physically fit & exercise daily & eat healthy & I expect my partner to also be be physically fit & thin slender. Non Smoker, I"m a social drinker only. Enjoy the outdoors, looking for a wife to enjoy my life with & travel together. I am a very kind hearted Gentleman. I own my own Company in USA. I am a very Romantic & affectionate man & expect my partner to also at be very Romantic & affectionate with each other I sing & play guitar & love music of all types. I also enjoy live music concerts. Going to the Movies, enjoy boating, motorcycle riding, football & baseball hiking & other outdoor sports, going to the beach swimming. I am a funLoving gentleman, I have a great sense of humor & kind hearted. I will always treat my future wife & Soulmate life partner, always with Love & affection towards her. I promise to LOVE, HONOR & CHERISH & PROTECT my future wife for the rest of my life. I will always treat her as my Princess, for the rest of my life with her, as my Forever Bride & wife & Soulmate & life partner forever towards her. I am ONLY looking for a sincere marriage minded woman who wants to get married & enjoy our life together with each other for the rest of our life's together. I"m not sure about living overseas, because I own a Company here in the USA and I am the President of my Company I own , I really prefer to live in the USA where my Company Is located where i own, located in USA. Please understand. Thank You Ricardo. I grew up in Detroit,Michigan & I come from an Italian background & lived all my life here in the USA & I would hope my future bride will live with me as my Bride & wife & relocate here to the USA & be my Bride & wife, to Love her forever,💞 enjoying our life with her each & every day together. I promise my future bride & wife, I promise to LOVE ,Honor & CHERISH & PROTECT MY WIFE, ALWAYS & FOREVER BE FAITHFUL & LOVING TO MY FUTURE WIFE NOW & FOREVER ALWAYS THERE TO TAKE CARE OF HER & LOVE HER FOREVER IN MY LIFE. ALWAYS 💞 TO BE THERE TO PROVIDE FOR YOU & PROTECT YOU
61 New York, New York, United States
Seeking: Female 50 - 84
I am a positive, outgoing, happy, energetic person. Dancing is a passion of mine. I enjoy traveling, football, baseball, and cruises. Anything on or in the water is a bonus. I need a competent communicator, and someone who is romantic and likes affection. A sense of humor is a plus, as is a goal-oriented woman. As trite as it sounds, I want the best friend and partner." I would love to meet a positive, outgoing and happy woman. She will love to get to know me and appreciate me for who I am. In my profile I stated this .....In my own words... Are you looking for me? If so, here I am! Are you a positive type of person? I'm looking for someone who wants to be friends first. If it doesn't turn out to be anything more, then I still have a friend! I am an independent professional man who enjoys having a good time. Watching old movies and watching plays are two of my favorite things to do. I attend church on a semi-regular basis. I feel that my belief in God has helped me get through some of life's more difficult challenges. Family is very meaningful to me. I prefer gardening to housework (who doesn't? lol) and prefer helping someone cook! I really enjoy my career and am involved in other types of organisations (outside of work). I like to get involved. I love sitting and being mesmerised by a fire - it's warm and cozy. Watching a sunset can take my breath away! I like to get away and go for drives or walks. I love to laugh and have a good time - whether it’s sitting and talking, watching a comedy, or just hanging out. I like to travel, but haven't had the chance to do nearly as much as I would like before and after COVID. Life is full - but I want to make it better and add someone special!
Al Waleed
37 Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
Want a little peak of Who I am? It's going to take few mins and dedicated attention to learn Who I am? Do the following, first, before continuing, below, to explore Who I am, Close eyes and take slow and deep breaths three times and say, "I am", Find a peaceful and quiet environment and say, "I am", Set aside all the sources of distractions and say, "I am", Relax and clear the mind and say, "I am", "Follow me" and say "I am". Here is a little peak of Who I am Giver like a rain I am, Who knows who I am, Slow like a turtle I am, Quiet like a night I am, Cold like a winter I am, Hunter like a tiger I am, Provider like a bear I am, Protector like a lion I am, Warm like a summer I am, Fast like a lightening I am, Explorer like an eagle I am, Adventurer like a dear I am, Creator like a machine I am, Creative like a weather I am, Observer like a satellite I am, Loud like a thunderstorm I am, Cherisher like a polar bear I am, Lover like a cat 5 hurricane I am, Disciplined like a laser light I am, Consistent like a drizzle rain I am, Cool like a summer morning I am, Persistent like dessert traveler I am, Conqueror like a Genghis Khan I am, Seducer of my own unique kind I am, Living a consciously designed life I am, Very deep and strong glacier type I am, A Global investor and serial entrepreneur I am, Strong believer like a Himalayan Mountain I am, Into "only and only sweet feminine girl" type I am, Building 10 new and exciting brands, at the moment, I am, Owner of several brands in real estate, IT and finance industries I am. "She is a rose" type I am, "She needs care" type I am, "She needs LOVE" type I am, "She needs warmth" type I am, "She needs support" type I am, "She needs romance" type I am, "She needs a warrior" type I am, "She needs provision" type I am, "She needs attention" type I am, "She needs protection" type I am, "She needs an admirer" type I am, "She needs excitement" type I am, "She needs quality time" type I am, "She needs an adventure" type I am, "She needs a companion " type I am, "She needs her beauty witness" type I am, "She needs complete presence" type I am, "She needs all kinds of emotions " type I am, "She needs everything and much more" type I am. He takes 100% responsibility of all her needs type I am, Responsibility of her environmental needs type I am. Responsibility of her subconscious needs type I am, Responsibility of her emotional needs type I am, Responsibility of her financial needs type I am, Responsibility of her physical needs type I am, Responsibility of her spiritual needs type I am, Responsibility of her mental needs type I am, Responsibility of her social needs type I am. He takes care of her, and She takes care of him type I am, He is the masculine, and She is feminine type I am, He is the leader, and she is a follower type I am, He is the sunrise, and She is a sunset type I am, He is a teacher, and She is a student type I am, He is a mentor, and She is a mentee type I am, He is for her, and She is only for him type I am, He does 100%, and She does 100% type I am, He is a trainer, and She is a trainee type I am, He is a coach, and She is a learner type I am, He is a guest, and She is a hostess type I am, He is linear, and She is non-linear type I am, He is the sun, and She is a moon type I am, He is visible, and She is invisible type I am, He is strong, and She is soft type I am, He "becomes", and She "is" type I am, He and She are a team type I am, He and She are "one" type I am, She is from "He" type I am, "S/he" type I am, "Her" type I am, "He" is I am. Keep a secret of who I am!
60 Tyler, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 50
41 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
Update: After speaking with many of you beautiful women, I feel the need to clarify myself further. I'm here for one reason, and one reason only; to find my future bride who will be a traditional Catholic housewife. I'm not going to sleep with you until our wedding night, and I'm not going to see you naked until then either. This means you are unable to use your beauty to manipulate me to get what you want, period. If you are only here for money, gifts, attention and/or sex, please skip my profile and respect my time. I'm not looking for compromise. I'm not looking for advice. I'm looking for compatibility. Thank you and God bless. :) I am a kind, loving and devout traditional Catholic man who courts with the sole intention of finding my future bride - one who, hopefully, can match my level of wit and intelligence with her level of beauty and charm. My ideal woman would be: Never married, no children, naturally feminine, submissive, obedient, and extremely beautiful with the hourglass figure to match. She is a virtuous and honest woman who cares little for material things. My vision for my family is: Put God at the center of everything we do Be a true leader for my family - loving and firm. Be the kind of husband my wife will feel confident enough to submit to. Raising our children in church with eyes only for heaven. No premarital sex, but a very large family and total loyalty as there is no divorce in the traditional Catholic world. If this sounds like something you're looking for as well...I'd love to get to know you better. ❤️ I will be engaged in 2023 and married in 2024. Is it you my dear? Please respect my time. I assure you that you have never even heard of a man like me, and I have no time to waste. :)