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44 Newport Beach, California, United States
Seeking: Female 43 - 43
Find a man with brain and who knows how to treat a lady !!! Find someone different, someone unique, someone special !!! They all have penises. How far you can possibly go with a guy who's got a job ? Not far ! Sooner or later you will be stressed out again like you are now and if I'm wrong, I apologize and start arguing and fighting again. And guess what ? You are back on the drawing board. You are back here on POF. Is that what you really want ? Life is too short. Come and enjoy what you have left. If you don't find him now, it will be too late in a few years ! 100 % Genuine Profile ! I'm from Europe. I am very outgoing, fun and easy to get along with. I enjoy cooking, hosting parties and always up for a good time. I absolutely love food, wine and beer and I'm really good in the kitchen. In fact I was only 9 years old when I had complete dinner for my parents when they came home from work. My mother was crying. She couldn't believe it. I was too small so I had to stand on a stool to be able to cook. And it wasn't an easy dish either. If you and I we hook up, someday I will make you the same dish. I live to eat, not eat to live. But I always stay in shape. That is very important to me. I love nutrition and I know quite a bit. I eat healthy as often as I can but when I crave something I go for it. I really enjoy a good conversation about subjects that interest me. I am very driven, motivated and very independent. I am very clean, very organized, reliable and responsible. I follow rules except when I'm driving or riding my motorcycle. I love cars and motorcycles and I love to speed. I used to get a lot of tickets. I was the best client for my attorney. Relax ! I'm older now and I slow down ! I have very good and very expensive taste, I am very creative and committed. I know how to treat a lady and when it comes to it, I am beyond your imagination !!! My attention to details is on the next level !!! When I Make a Statement, I mean It ! I'm sure you noticed I'm keep saying lady. That's because there are lots of women out there but not too many ladies. I am super honest and very loyal. I don't play games. I don't jump around. I always know what I want and I always get what I want. I never give up and never fail. I have very hard to reach goals but I always do reach them !!! I love new challenges. When I put something in my mind, I am laser focused and no matter what I have to go through, I always make it happen. I never give up. I'm always positive. I can say sorry if I screw up and I can apologize if I make a mistake. I can acknowledge I'm wrong if I'm wrong. Most people can't do this things. I have a great sense of humor. I love to play with my lady and I can make her laugh all day long. I am very likable. In fact there are times when my girlfriends ( EX ) can't stop kissing me. A good example : Me and my ex we had dinner and after dinner we walked around the beach. A couple of hours later I started craving chips and salsa and of course beer. So we went to a restaurant, sit at the bar eating chips and salsa and drinking beer. We were laughing so hard that I was start getting embarrassed. Basically what happened, every time I was trying to tell her something, she would start kissing me on my lips so I couldn't talk. She didn't let me talk. And she did it for so long that it was getting so funny that we were laughing like crazy and the whole bar was looking at us but we didn't care. Guess what ? We had so much fun, that after I paid with my credit card, I left it at the bar. That never happened before. I realized my Chase card was missing the next day. And you know what happens when you leave your card at the bar ? Bartenders have connections to people who can use the card and they clean you out. Or they use it themselves. Not in my case. I tip hard. The next day I called the restaurant to see if they have my card and sure enough they did. Again, I believe in tipping. I even tip the flight attendant. You never going to be embarrassed with me because I'm cheap or frugal !!! I am very generous !!! Always !!! And I'm not doing it to impress you. I believe in taking care of people if I get good service. I love nature and I absolutely love our planet but we have to keep it clean ! The universe fascinates me. I like watching the History and the Cooking Channel. I am looking for someone who's honest, loyal, love to travel and love food because I will take you all over the world. Spain ( Tapas Serrano ham and chorizo ) France ( wine, brad, cheese, pastry even though I don't eat a lotta of sweets but ladies usually do. Le Cordon Bleu ) Italy ( wine, pasta, pizza, olive oil and prosciutto, cannelloni filled with Fontina cheese mmmm ) Greece ( Greek salad and unbelievable gyros ) Belgium ( chocolate and beer ) Germany ( beer and sausages ) All over Scandinavia and Asia. Egypt, all over South America including Brazil and Mexico ( chips salsa and beer. Yummy yummy for my tummy ) Maybe Iceland if you open. I think you got the message. And if you don't know some of the things I'm talking about, don't worry Babe ! I got you !!! And please don't worry about gaining weight. We will hit the gym as often as we have to !!! We will stay in shape !!! You got my word on it. As far as the Bedroom : Trust me, I will take care of Business !!! I will wake you up in the morning and I will put you to sleep at night !!! How many Rounds ? That will always be up to you ! I am always ready. ! In fact, After a round, by the time we are done with our shower : I am Ready Again ! Woo Hoo I am looking for an honest and loyal lady who would never cheat on me because I am the same way. If you can't cook, that's fine because I am a master in the kitchen and also we will eat out whenever we want to. Honey, I know you are out there and I'm willing to wait as long as I have to instead of having one night stands and hurt others. I am very likable and ladies fell in love with me very easily.. I want us to have fun, I want us to laugh about something everyday and enjoy life to the Fullest ! Let's make each other laugh for hours and then hurry up, get dressed and go to the beach and have lunch. Sweetheart, please hurry up and find me because I don't have time looking for you. I am very busy. I'm working on 2 HUGE Projects and both of them are Global. I travel a lot. You can and you should come with me ! Lots of Fun. I want us to design and build our Dream Home together right here in Orange County California. I have 2 spots you can choose from. One at the Ocean and One hidden in the forest, but very close to the Ocean and very close to Everything.
30 Pensacola, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 33
I am very nice and respectful and need someone the same. Soy una persona muy activa y carinosa Habla bastante bien espanol pero mi nivel no es tan alto. Me encanta hablar en espanol y no tengo miedo. I am very affectionate and work hard to be a good provider. I want a partner who is very affectionate, sensual, who wants to touch and be touched. I am athletic, go to the gym, yoga, swim, bike weightlifting and sports and as a result have a high sex drive, and you should too. I want a partner who can keep up with me. I like to give and receive messages, this is a favorite activity of mine to pleasure and be pleasured My main love language is touch and words of affirmation. I am messy, dirty and smelly (but shower daily) because of the activities I do. I am like a kid in a man's body. I like to be taken care of, but I do not take criticism well. If you get upset when someone leaves or misplaces things, I do that- so maybe I'm not for you. If you are light hearted and don't mind repeating yourself and are kind, I am too. I lose things, forget things, and if you can accept that we might work. Must have sexy underwear, smell good and stay in shape. Likes: dancing for hours at a time, staying active, making smoothies, touching hair, candles, romance, bossa nova, massage, travel. Somewhat religious but doesnt judge other people and doesn't hate gay people Dislikes: people who stare at smartphones. Criticism. Low sex drive. Someone who gets upset easily. Desire someone willing to take care of most things domestic, especially cooking and cleaning, and will be a good mother. I am happy to clean. But you will be the boss of the home, so I will follow your lead. If you would go out dancing with just me without friends as a date - I like that. I don't like picky people that complain and nag. I need someone positive like me.