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39 Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
I am much moved however affectionate type. I believe, it is never boring with me. (Within all areas: -) I laugh all day long & look forward to be here on this wonderful planet. The most people meet me first time ask: "Why you are laughing so much?" It is in my heart and soul! I answer each time the seed: "Why should I not laught?" There are only few days, on which I am not lucky. So please understand I can be sad! But the question is: How often? I think we are here to get all experiences we need to grow. And sometimes we have to be sad, to feel luck on the other side of life. I can say I am 95% of all time here very lucky! Luck comes from the inside of us! My most important guiding principle in my life is: Smile & the world smile with me! I go absolutely optimistic ally & positively through the life. My life and the past have taken me far away from usual dreaming and thinking. I have a clear picture of my future and what I want to do in life. I am a very open and strong man, with extra ordinary emotions. Additionally I am romantic and so very tender. I can love deeply with all senses & have a lot to give for the woman I love. I am not just a dreamer, I am so the designer and artist of my life. I trust unconditionally my intuition, the voice of my heart. There's nothing more exciting in life, than to follow the call of my heart, yes this is real life. I am spontaneous and don't plan much, because life is what happens when we're busy making plan. I forgive easily--some friends say too easily--but so I'm never in the past. I've learned and experienced that life is really just about love, not just that kind of love and attraction to a creature, but the love for life itself and everything what exist. And one day, when I am 80, I will look with a smile in my face in the rear-view mirror of life & I am going to tell myself that I truly lived, I have lived & took the life with all the ups and downs. For my grand children, I will not need a book of fairy tales. I can tell them stories from life.
51 Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Seeking: Female 21 - 39
It really works!!! I already have met a very interesting chinese girl here at CLL (1 year ago). Later we met several times in China. Unfortunately it was not love for us. So I have to try again. :-(. But I am sure the right one is waiting for me and we will find each other. :-). I am a hard working man but I also like to have fun, to do sports, to travel or to go out. We should work for success in business and for a good family life but we should enjoy our life also. A day without laughing is a lost day. I like asian culture, especially chinese culture and I love asian food. In my eyes asian people are very special: more polite, more laughing, more funny, better looking but also more reliable and with more sense for family than western people. With my way of thinking and living I feel close to asian people. For a meeting with you I could come to China. If you like you also can visit me in Europe at any time. I would send a ticket. With a chinese wife or girlfriend I would learn chinese quickly to be able to talk to your family also. More about us we should tell each other face to face. Just one thing more please, I am afraid you could reject me because of my age before we have had a chance to know each other. So I have tried to fill out my profile without any statement regarding my age. But this is not possible. So I just have choosen something like a suitable average of my age (39). My friends say I look like 35, my body constitution is like 25, my tendency towards fun and joking like 15, my believe in love like 5 and my life experience like 85. But my passports says 49 :-(. Hopefully you feel free to find out your opinion.



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