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38 Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
I am much moved however affectionate type. I believe, it is never boring with me. (Within all areas: -) I laugh all day long & look forward to be here on this wonderful planet. The most people meet me first time ask: "Why you are laughing so much?" It is in my heart and soul! I answer each time the seed: "Why should I not laught?" There are only few days, on which I am not lucky. So please understand I can be sad! But the question is: How often? I think we are here to get all experiences we need to grow. And sometimes we have to be sad, to feel luck on the other side of life. I can say I am 95% of all time here very lucky! Luck comes from the inside of us! My most important guiding principle in my life is: Smile & the world smile with me! I go absolutely optimistic ally & positively through the life. My life and the past have taken me far away from usual dreaming and thinking. I have a clear picture of my future and what I want to do in life. I am a very open and strong man, with extra ordinary emotions. Additionally I am romantic and so very tender. I can love deeply with all senses & have a lot to give for the woman I love. I am not just a dreamer, I am so the designer and artist of my life. I trust unconditionally my intuition, the voice of my heart. There's nothing more exciting in life, than to follow the call of my heart, yes this is real life. I am spontaneous and don't plan much, because life is what happens when we're busy making plan. I forgive easily--some friends say too easily--but so I'm never in the past. I've learned and experienced that life is really just about love, not just that kind of love and attraction to a creature, but the love for life itself and everything what exist. And one day, when I am 80, I will look with a smile in my face in the rear-view mirror of life & I am going to tell myself that I truly lived, I have lived & took the life with all the ups and downs. For my grand children, I will not need a book of fairy tales. I can tell them stories from life.
50 Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Seeking: Female 21 - 39
It really works!!! I already have met a very interesting chinese girl here at CLL (1 year ago). Later we met several times in China. Unfortunately it was not love for us. So I have to try again. :-(. But I am sure the right one is waiting for me and we will find each other. :-). I am a hard working man but I also like to have fun, to do sports, to travel or to go out. We should work for success in business and for a good family life but we should enjoy our life also. A day without laughing is a lost day. I like asian culture, especially chinese culture and I love asian food. In my eyes asian people are very special: more polite, more laughing, more funny, better looking but also more reliable and with more sense for family than western people. With my way of thinking and living I feel close to asian people. For a meeting with you I could come to China. If you like you also can visit me in Europe at any time. I would send a ticket. With a chinese wife or girlfriend I would learn chinese quickly to be able to talk to your family also. More about us we should tell each other face to face. Just one thing more please, I am afraid you could reject me because of my age before we have had a chance to know each other. So I have tried to fill out my profile without any statement regarding my age. But this is not possible. So I just have choosen something like a suitable average of my age (39). My friends say I look like 35, my body constitution is like 25, my tendency towards fun and joking like 15, my believe in love like 5 and my life experience like 85. But my passports says 49 :-(. Hopefully you feel free to find out your opinion.
34 Schwetzingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 49
I can't read the Japanese or Chinese alphabet. For now my account is free, so I can't read much from another free member either, sorry. I am usually pretty laid back with a good sense of humor. But when it comes to my work and passions (or the people I care for), I commit myself to them with love and discipline and know how to take responsibility for what I do. Of course that is not enough to fill my life. Aside from my business I have other interests but rather like to take action and work towards a goal. I want to see my own passions fulfilled instead of wasting time on things that I am unable to change or are of no benefit to anyone. Still I will share and voice my opinion on a political and social scale, as I despise oppression and injustice. As long as I feel that what I can share is for the greater good or for the sake of my friends and family. I endured many hardships in life and thus my family has grown small, but I want to honor their loss by being determined and positive to move on with my life, to further work on and improve my own skills, as body and mind. I very much dislike to give up on people I hold dear and have great patience with them, but also with strangers if I can feel there is a willingness to improve or to learn within someone. It all comes down to the experience of mutual trust and respect. I was born and grew up in Germany and built my life here, though that does not mean I will stay here forever, it very much depends on the circumstances. I can't decline the familiarity and sense of security of knowing my way around whenever I had to solve problems or to adapt. I enjoy traveling and as I am now self-employed, I can make time when I need time and enjoy the liberty of meeting new people and going places. I have been to Japan several times by now, once even for six months in a row (business related in Yokohama). That's why I have gained some insight on a social and cultural scale, and even adopted a social skill (bowing my head slightly in respect is a habit I can never unlearn). There are many things I like to do, enjoy to plan, work towards or even discuss about, so it would be great to find someone to share all those exciting things with. I'd like someone by my side who'd challenge me to some extend (but let's not turn this into competition but teamwork). :D I think it is great to spent time with people who care, to experience new or fun things together and to face problems together as one.
30 Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Seeking: Female 19 - 31
Good guy with a sense of humor but can be a bit unpredictable sometimes Why am I on this site? : So i lived a very international life so far, lived in several different countries and speak several languages. I really like the idea of a international relationship with a woman that also likes this type of life. When I have children in the future i also want them to grow up speaking several languages. That is a big plus in life and I have many friends that grew up that way. My favorite language for this would be Russian. I learned and speak Russian myself. So I think I am well prepared:)) also I think that a lot of Ukrainian and Russian women have a good attitude towards relationships. If you dream of a life with a wealthy American or European man, than we are not matching. I do not mean this in an offensive way. This type of relationship is doomed to failure from the beginning. And definitely having fun together is important. So the person for me must be ready for adventure as I am literally a global citizen. Now I live in Berlin. But why not go to Barcelona or to San Francisco or somewhere else. So you should be ready for this. you should love the idea. It is a certain lifestyle. I like it international with all advantages and inconvenienes. If this idea excites you and you already lived maybe in another country and you know how it feels, then we can have a lot of fun together. I am not planning to stay on this site for more than one month. there is really no point. we can exchange a couple of messages and then call. we should be able to maintain a conversation haha. If that is not even possible, then it is not a good sign.



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