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36 Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Seeking: Female 21 - 36
I work as an IT Engineer in Frankfurt Germany. My interest predominantly revolves around IT Infrastructure Services(Systems/Networking/Security). I hold a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering(Anna University) and Master's in Management(University of Nebraska Lincoln) and am currently enrolled for an EMBA program. I was born in Chennai, but grew up in several countries. My Brother and I attended middle school in Seattle, WA. My parents and I have traveled across the globe and have lived in several Countries including HK, Macau, Africa, US, Malaysia etc prior to settling down in India.I have worked for several firms across the globe namely YMCA of Philadelphia, Wirpo Ltd, TU Dortmund, Germany, Aruba Networks and Convergys India as a Systems/Network Administrator. My dad has worked for Whirlpool Michigan, USA, Malaysian Shipyard, Malaysia and Macau International Airport. He holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in textile technology, project management and operations research from AC Tech, UCLA and the Robert Gordon University in the UK. My mom holds a degree in math and has always been a housewife. I have a brother who works for TCS and holds a graduate degree in Business Administration. I have always picked work which is a lot of intellectually rewarding than work which gives a better pay check.I strongly believe that job satisfaction is a lot of important than money. I'm a very independent, down to earth, easy going, laid back individual. My hobbies include health and fitness related stuff(cardio, weights, crossfit), watching movies, reading books, listening to music, travel, coffee and conversations and much moreI have travelled the world, recently explored the EU(Germany, France, Belgium, Nederalands) and have several things to do in my bucket list professionally and personally. I am open to getting to know someone regardless of their background and upbringing, without any prejudices and forms of bigotry If you are interested, please accept my invitation.
36 Schwetzingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 49
I can't read the Japanese or Chinese alphabet. For now my account is free, so I can't read much from another free member either, sorry. I am usually pretty laid back with a good sense of humor. But when it comes to my work and passions (or the people I care for), I commit myself to them with love and discipline and know how to take responsibility for what I do. Of course that is not enough to fill my life. I work hard but have many other interests as well. I rather like to take action and work towards a goal. I want to see my own passions fulfilled instead of wasting time on things that I am unable to change or are of no benefit to anyone. Still I will share and voice my opinion on a political and social scale, as I despise oppression and injustice. As long as I feel that what I can share is for the greater good or for the sake of my friends and family. I endured many hardships in life and thus my family has grown small, but I want to honor their loss by being determined and positive to move on with my life, to further work on and improve my own skills, as body and mind. I very much dislike to give up on people I hold dear and have great patience with them, but also with strangers if I can feel there is a willingness to improve or to learn within someone. It all comes down to the experience of mutual trust and respect. I was born and grew up in Germany and built my life here, though that does not mean I will stay here forever, it very much depends on the circumstances. I can't decline the familiarity and sense of security of knowing my way around whenever I had to solve problems or to adapt. I enjoy traveling and as I am now self-employed, I can make time when I need time and enjoy the liberty of meeting new people and going places. I have been to Japan several times by now, once even for six months in a row (business related in Yokohama). That's why I have gained some insight on a social and cultural scale, and even adopted a social skill (bowing my head slightly in respect is a habit I can never unlearn). There are many things I like to do, enjoy to plan, work towards or even discuss about, so it would be great to find someone to share all those exciting things with. I'd like someone by my side who'd challenge me to some extend (let's not turn this into competition but teamwork). :D I think it is great to spent time with people who care, to experience new or fun things together and to face problems together as one, though I think it is wise to avoid them in the first place if possible.
67 Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 62
British and German, fun-loving with advanced humor and fun in romance, also practical, not stupid, three souls in my chest, artistic (guitar), organizational (IT, business/economics, bank box), Many crafts (former stage and exhibition construction, vintage car restoration, etc.). I am the "white knight" for my lady, happy when she is, in soul and lovingly hugged body. No more teenager, but everything works and is constantly trained, body and mind. The primary profile picture is from 19.01.2024, in the past I actually looked a little younger. Living space near Regensburg and Munich with private garden operation, cars in operation, the navigation finds almost everything. Please understand that I cannot come to Africa for the time being, there is too much to do here, including for Africans who have come here and whom I help with authorities, justice, health problems and more. I speak fluent German, besides English. Thank you. British and German, fun-loving with an advanced sense of humor and enjoyment of romance, also like to be practical , not stupid, three souls in my chest, artistic (guitar), organizational (IT, business administration, banking), many crafts (formerly stage and trade fair construction, classic car restoration, etc.). I am the "white knight" for my lady, happy when she is, in soul and lovingly embodied body. No longer a Teenager, but everything works and is constantly exercised, body and min. The main profile picture is from 19.01.2024, years ago I used to look a little younger. Living near Regensburg and Munich with private gardens, Cars in use, navigation finds almost everything. Please understand that I cannot come to Africa until further notice, there is too much to do here, also for Africans who have come here and whom I help with authorities, justice, health problems and more. I speak Fluent German, besides English. Thank you. S'il vous plaît, comprenez que je ne peux pas venir en afrique jusqu'à nouvel ordre, il y a trop de choses à faire ici, même pour les Africains qui sont Venus ici et que j'aide avec les authorités, la justice, les problems de santé et plus encore. Je parle couramment l'allemand et l'anglais. Merci.
67 Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 56
I am a reliable retired German, still young at heart, curious, fit and still active in many fields - in my spare time I serve as Lay Judge at the District Court. I am a Serious Character who respects Women generally. I have a good sense of Humour, am open-minded, quite smart (at least sometimes ;), intelligent and well educated. I like asian food, cooking, laughing, walking and nature. I am still interested in Traveling and Week-end Trips, Museum-visits, Science, History and Archaeology. Travel-experience Asia/China is given (former Overseas Export Manager). Adult and mature personality - no drugs on my side, little drinking only. No Gambler. I am living in the central-western part of Germany/Europe, but I am flexible enough to move finally to an other location within Germany/Europe or Asia some day. During the course of my business-career I was in a position to visit 5 continents and many countries world-wide - but Asia is still my favourite. If you already know/live in Germany or Europe, welcome too, but it is not so important where do you live, but who you are. I am financially stable, but I do not have a Gold-Mine in my cellar. Just some delicious bottles of wine are available there ;) Provided your Passport allows uncomplicated and free travel, I would like to show you some Highlights in Germany and Europe, too. I am not interested in luxurious Grand Hotels but in Travel-Activites and economical, safe and clean Hotels close to the local People and Places of Interest. I am not a Grandpa-Type at all, physically and mentally much younger than my real age.