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71 - 100 of 100
35 Jiaojiang, Zhejiang, China
Seeking: Female 20 - 30
70 San Diego, California, United States
Seeking: Female 22 - 48
Hello darling, if you are interested in me please give me your Skype name. I was a U S Air Force Fighter Pilot under the Honor Code, and Now I am retired pensioned Civil Engineer with 30 years’ service for the State of California. I own some rental houses and Condos. I invest in the United States Stock market. I will travel to the Orient including the Philippines. I hope during my travels to find a pretty woman and traveling companion. I am a loving and easy man to know, I am sure you will love to be with me. I look for a pretty woman with a beautiful smile. I will travel the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Malaysia, Indonesia. I studied some medical courses and a little law. I served my country in the U S Marines, U S Army and U S Air Force (Fighter Pilot). I read mathematics, physics, bio-chemistry. I play the clarinet. I go to Padre Baseball games and Charger football games and have season tickets. I am a good, reliable and content man. I enjoy myself where ever I go. I am close to my family: brother, 3 sons, Jason is an Attorney, Kevin is a nurse, and Gregory has a master’s in Educational Technology. The pictures in my profile were taken in the spring and summer of 2015. I love to travel, golf, tennis, table tennis, archery, skeet shooting, freshwater fishing, etc. I go to Lake Tahoe and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, among other great places. I lived in Tokyo Japan while in the military for 2 yrs. I am good looking with good personality. If you have interest, please send your profile number and your Skype name. We can meet for coffee, lunch, or dinner when I am in your country. I hope you can travel with me when you are able. My best too you who read my profile in your search to find that handsome man that will steal your heart. I hope to hear from you soon and maybe my search will be over. Take good care my darling
51 Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 18 - 31
Like reading, sports, cinema, travelling and good company. Don't like people who look for trouble and are not sincere. I don’t mean to be rude and no I don’t that I am looking for a sugar baby. I also know eastern women are very direct and can come across rude. I am not offended as long as you are not abusive and can back up your claims. I was born in the uk England. I am 50 and single. I have a great job, place to live, I enjoy travelling and have travelled a lot through work. I enjoy south eastern food and culture. I read a lot. I am learning about Buddhism. I started learning the guitar recently. I mediate every day. I don’t watch tv, but I do watch movies and like to go out to a jazz club. I like to save money and spend wisely. I like to be around real people who are without issues. I keep away from negative vibrations but I do try to help these people if I can. I love to help people. But there are a lot of greedy people and I have been hurt by some experiences. Now I want to make my own family so I can give a better life to. I have learned money can’t buy love but love is the only thing that can really bring you wealth and health. I am looking for the one. I am protective but no possessive. I want to grow with my partner and want to make the best choices for my family so they do not become hurt or victims of bad people or circumstances. I have a big heart and only share with a genuine family type girl who is true to herself and what her parents have taught her. She must have a strong faith and not let bad things enter into her or her family. Deep shit right.☺️ But that’s it - simple. Contact me on what’s app or email. I happy to talk. But remember I have a job and might be busy too. One thing is I always make time for the right people with the right intentions. So please do not waste my time with immature b.s.
51 Palm Harbor, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 35 - 54
I am a single man who will be moving to Japan next year. I will know nothing of living in Japan, can you teach me? I am open to living anywhere in Japan. I am very athletic and I was a kickboxer in my youth. I exercise everyday, eating healthy and bodybuilding. I have a career in finance. I am single with no children. I am on this website to see if any Japanese girls will think I am attractive. I am a loyal, faithful, monogamous man. I would like to meet my wife. I am fun and silly, very loving and caring. I like to think positive and never negative. I love animals and pets. You would be my treasure and my princess . My first college degree is in Special Education, and I worked with severely disabled children for several years until they closed down my school. You now know I have a very good and gentle heart. 私は来年日本に引っ越す独身男性です。日本に住んでいることは何も知りませんが、教えてもらえますか?私は日本中どこにでも住むことができます。私は非常に運動能力があり、若い頃はキックボクサーでした。私は毎日運動し、健康的なボディービルを食べています。私は金融のキャリアを持っています。私は独身で子供がいません。私はこのウェブサイトにいて、日本の女の子が私を魅力的だと思うかどうかを確認しています。私は忠実で忠実な一夫一婦制の男です。妻に会いたいです。私は楽しくてばかげていて、とても愛情深く、思いやりがあります。私は前向きに考え、決して否定的ではないと思うのが好きです。私は動物やペットが大好きです。あなたは私の宝物であり、私の王女です。私の最初の大学の学位は特殊教育であり、重度の障害を持つ子供たちが私の学校を閉鎖するまで、数年間一緒に働きました。あなたは今、私がとても優しくて優しい心を持っていることを知っています。 Watashi wa rainen Nihon ni hikkosu dokushin danseidesu. Nihon ni sunde iru koto wa nani mo shirimasenga, oshiete moraemasu ka? Watashi wa nihonjū doko ni demo sumu koto ga dekimasu. Watashi wa hijō ni undō nōryoku ga ari, wakai koro wa kikkubokusādeshita. Watashi wa mainichi undō shi, kenkō-tekina bodībiru o tabete imasu. Watashi wa kin'yū no kyaria o motte imasu. Watashi wa dokushin de kodomo ga imasen. Watashi wa kono u~ebusaito ni ite, Nihon no on'nanoko ga watashi o mirikitekida to omou ka dō ka o kakunin shite imasu. Watashi wa chūjitsude chūjitsuna ippuippu-sei no otokodesu. Tsuma ni aitaidesu. Watashi wa tanoshikute bakagete ite, totemo aijō fukaku, omoiyari ga arimasu. Watashi wa maemuki ni kangae, kesshite hitei-tekide wa nai to omou no ga sukidesu. Watashi wa dōbutsu ya petto ga daisukidesu. Anata wa watashi no takaramonodeari, watashi no ōjodesu. Watashi no saisho no daigaku no gakui wa tokushu kyōikudeari, jūdo no shōgai o motsu kodomo-tachi ga watashi no gakkō o heisa suru made, sū-nenkan issho ni hatarakimashita. Anata wa ima, watashi ga totemo yasashikute yasashī kokoro o motte iru koto o shitte imasu.