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28 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Seeking: Female 18 - 18
I'm a very obedient and a soft-hearted genuine gentleman, who enjoys a lifetime of sincere happiness, in the most warmest loving harmony♥ These are "Honest-to God" my own real selfie's (selfies were taken in January 2022)! I'm always honest as a genuine warm-hearted and family oriented true authentic genuine gentleman, and am very faithfully loyal, totally trustworthy, very caring, completely calm, extremely well-mannered in everything as the most ever polities and easygoing of a God-fearing humble, loving and simple unique guy, with a sincere sparkling and welcoming warm heart♥ I've the most sweetest magical qualities and special fairytale goodness... with the rarest Paradise treasure in the universe! I'm really sweeter than honey - i could be your sweet candy bar and sweeten all your sad lonely days and dreadful scary nights! I just want my beloved girl to be the happiest girl in the entire universe, and not just in this world, it's my biggest dream and the opening for me - to make you completely happy in every way, and then i'lll be the happiest person when i see you smiling at me:)) I'm 179cm tall, i've white shiny pearly teeth as i really have this famous "Hollywood Glamour Smile" ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ –) All my friends describe me as a truly genuine caring, understanding and lovely friendly friend who is giving, am humble as a generous sincere worthy gentleman - in a warm unique way! i have never- smoked or drank any alcohol in my entire life because i live a healthy lifestyle! I'm a true believer in God and his blessings because He loves us all equally! I'm this real sincere Prince on-a-white-horse to rescue from anything bad that can happen my future girl, are you this special pure fower that i'm looking for??
52 Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
我来了,你在哪?Hi :) I am Danny 喂! Hiyazz! 男人。 Man. 金属狗。 狮子座尖上的螃蟹。 猫头鹰。 metal dog.. . cancer on cusp leo.. owl 我个人主义,独立,单身,有经验,活跃,健康。 从未结婚,也没有孩子。 艺术家:音乐家。 成立。 表演者,重新解释器,作曲家,唱片骑师)。 设计师:工匠,精品时装。 技术:电子,修改,声音放大,工程。 多种职业,工作和就业。 (娱乐和零售行业。) 我很有创造力。 我是波希米亚人。 通常:年收入低。 我可以适应它:适应和爱是最重要的。 混血:亚洲,东南:安汶(印度尼西亚),怀特:盎格鲁(澳大利亚)。 我爱我的家人和亲戚。 我想我既不开放也不封闭。 偏爱简单的生活方式。 其他人称我为绅士。 诚实,富有同情心,浪漫,热情,特殊和僻静。 巨蟹座到狮子座的边缘。 我正在积极照顾其他人:老人。 我在寻找:一位年轻的独立女士,我只适合作为男性伴侣。 我希望你会喜欢我。 I am individualistic, independent, single, experienced, active, healthy. Never married and have no children. Artist: musician. Established. performer, re-interpreter, composer, dj. Designer: craftsman, boutique fashion. Technical: electronic, modify, sound amplification, engineering. Multiple occupations, jobs and employment. (entertainment and retail industries.) I am very creative. I am Bohemian. Usually: low annual income. I can adapt to it: adaptation and love are the most important. Mixed race: Asia, Southeast: Ambonese (Indonesian), White Caucasian: Anglo-Manx (Australian). I love my family and relatives. I think I am neither open nor closed. Prefer a simple lifestyle. Others call me a gentleman. Honest, compassionate, romantic, passionate, special and secluded. Cancer to the edge of Leo. I am actively taking care of other people: the elderly. I am looking for: a young independent lady, for whom I'd only suit as male partner. I hope you will like me.
53 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Seeking: Female 28 - 35
50 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Seeking: Female 38 - 58



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