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28 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Seeking: Female 18 - 18
I'm a very obedient and a soft-hearted genuine gentleman, who enjoys a lifetime of sincere happiness, in the most warmest loving harmony♥ These are "Honest-to God" my own real selfie's (selfies were taken in January 2022)! I'm always honest as a genuine warm-hearted and family oriented true authentic genuine gentleman, and am very faithfully loyal, totally trustworthy, very caring, completely calm, extremely well-mannered in everything as the most ever polities and easygoing of a God-fearing humble, loving and simple unique guy, with a sincere sparkling and welcoming warm heart♥ I've the most sweetest magical qualities and special fairytale goodness... with the rarest Paradise treasure in the universe! I'm really sweeter than honey - i could be your sweet candy bar and sweeten all your sad lonely days and dreadful scary nights! I just want my beloved girl to be the happiest girl in the entire universe, and not just in this world, it's my biggest dream and the opening for me - to make you completely happy in every way, and then i'lll be the happiest person when i see you smiling at me:)) I'm 179cm tall, i've white shiny pearly teeth as i really have this famous "Hollywood Glamour Smile" ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ –) All my friends describe me as a truly genuine caring, understanding and lovely friendly friend who is giving, am humble as a generous sincere worthy gentleman - in a warm unique way! i have never- smoked or drank any alcohol in my entire life because i live a healthy lifestyle! I'm a true believer in God and his blessings because He loves us all equally! I'm this real sincere Prince on-a-white-horse to rescue from anything bad that can happen my future girl, are you this special pure fower that i'm looking for??
55 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Seeking: Female 25 - 35
Self Contained grown Man Self contained grown ass Man *all photos are 2021 *iF" I liked you and or added you to favourites 👀 closely photo No.2 Keep reading if you admire what Trump stands for & haven't fallen victim to mainstream BS, refuse to wear a mask and not planning on getting an injection and must love animals...if you don't admire Trump, have fallen for mainstream BS, know wearing a mask is about control nothing more & vaccines are poison have & don't like animals I can guarantee we will not be suited and you need to skip my profile. this section is not negotiable the rest maybe... I have chosen ages between 25 and 35 as most women past 35 aren't doing much about taking care of themselves...If you do and you feel you are in great condition for your age disregard the age bracket and hit me up. For the record I do know how to cook and wash up, I can wash clothes, make beds as well as mess them up [lol] I'm involved in the gaming industry and property management and I have a couple of side hustles - want to know more...you know what to do. A fella can only hope...hmmm, GSOH, confidence without arrogance, not too materialistic, not too vane...gold diggers hit the bricks access to the gold is only upon proving yourself to be a queen of pure heart and eyes for your king only...look out I have been watch to much of game of thrones... Someone sensual, sexy daggy & cheeky. Can you cook? Cos’ I can & we make 9 1/2 weeks look like a dud...seriously I love to cook and not too shabby at it either...where was I...oh yeah someone positive, doesn't live by others demands, knows how to compromise. Do you enjoy cafes n restaurants VS. night clubs...Movies VS. TV...nature parks VS hotels? Do you know what you are after vs throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks? Do you prefer road trips instead of planes? Do you like to laugh more often than grumble n growl? Does staying in bed on rainy days n nights kissing and snuggling with a good movie or 2 sound romantic to you? Do you like to kiss I mean really kiss, the type of long sensual kisses that make others jealous & uncomfortable or you could actually get locked up in other countries for? Do you truly know what being with one person means? ...If these questions resonate with you and you feel like your answers make us compatible and it looks like we could have a better than average shot at the title of being soul mates. At the very least....we are bound to have a great connection!! don't be shy let me know...as I will when I cross your profile. My TURN ONS cuddling while watching a movie going out to eat great food sense of humor A loving nature / personality loyalty / faithful trustworthy cheeky Independence Sexual and of course this includes being naughty for just you and me only Turn Offs LIES & DECEPTION flirting with others Dressing for others better than for us Having a 3some with your phone on date- nights and during OUR time Social media & device addicts princess syndrome eating with your mouth open farting and burping nagging demanding suffocating bad breath bad attitude oh and sleeping with other men that's a big deal breaker