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Single Western Men

36 - 70 of 100
40 Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Seeking: Female 40 - 49
A KISS: It’s how relationships should be. No one person is in control and no one just follows. It's a dance where lips move together, leading and following somehow together ? simultaneously… spontaneously... passionately…softly ? but together. And that moment just before lips touch...well...some moments I just don't have words for. ON LOVE: Ok, I don't claim to understand love; I'd like to believe love is bigger than my understanding. What I do understand all stems from this: I believe in a God who loves but when I use that word I mean he is crazy about you…about me, I mean “head over heels,” perpetually "falling in love" with the pride and joy of his creation. WHO: I am fascinated by people who are willing to express themselves in a manner uniquely their own. Nothing gets my attention like genuineness, nothing as beautiful as the shy person who has something to say. I listen without judgment and enjoy talking with people with different opinions. HOW: I'm interested in someone who is not only looking for honesty, but also someone who is honest - someone who wants to be loved and also gives it - freely, openly, completely. Laughing all along the way wouldn't hurt either. I'm blessed to have great people in my life...people I am proud to know and have as my family and friends. My divorce ten years ago was sad but never UGLY. Yes, I want passion but not the kind that is destructive. I hate hurtful angry words. Love kids but never had any of my own. To tell you the truth ? kids and animals seem to love me as well. I think it’s because I really know how to play. I make it real. Keeping it real is easy. If you want to experience joy, make it real for others. See a child’s face light up just once and you’re hooked for life. WHAT: I do both sports and the arts so I'm up for almost anything and can usually hold my own...usually. For 8 years I toured the country as a Christian Improv comedian but if you ask me, I’m not all that funny…I started the group with two other guys who were hysterical. I was the straight?man in more ways than one. I guess I set people up…humbly, I see the larger story…have a sense of direction and timing and of course humor and just have a knack for understanding people and what they like, no matter their background. How? I listen…I mean really listen. Currently, I’m working and also busy writing the message I was born to speak on. My work is my play so I doubt I will ever retire.
50 Ansan, Gyoenggi-do, Korea, South
Seeking: Female 42 - 50
43 Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Seeking: Female 18 - 88