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53 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 36 - 55
Religion: Christian
Picture a small candle in a dark room. You hardly notice it at first. Then you see - tiny bursts of illumination flicker and jump into the murk. The little flame pulsates in a kind of shimmering dance. Quick and fleeting, bursts of bright sparkle flash upward, then dwindle to a glimmer on a fading, orange wick. The darkness is oppressive. The blinking, wavering light barely registers against the engulfing shadow. It would be so easy for the candle to go out; to be smothered by the gloom. But the little candle does not go out. It shines on. It is stubborn. Its tiny flame ebbs and glows in the stifling black to the point of suffocation, yet it remains. It endures. The little candle will not go out because its light is love. Its light is hope. It is the light of joy, of caring, of yearning, desire, and dreams. It is the light of life. Sometimes I feel like that candle. Life is uniquely challenging when you are single. It can be tempting to give in to cynicism and isolation. But I don’t think people are made this way – not for a lifetime. Certainly, I am not made this way. I am ready to share life and living with a special woman. For many years I focused on work, and I had one failed marriage. But I don’t want to be the little candle in a dark room. I want to share the light. I am looking for an LTR, as they say; a partnership based on love, respect, and mutual admiration. I feel strongly that couples in a committed relationship should be best friends as well as lovers and companions. I also believe that communication is extremely important. Many men are poor communicators, but I think I am an exception. In the past I worked as an artist, an actor, a writer, and now I am an English teacher. All my professional activities have been about effective communication in one way or another. In my view, other important words that help a relationship succeed are: patience, equality, flexibility, honor, intimacy, trust, and fun. Friends and colleagues would probably describe me as smart, funny, sensitive, creative, articulate, loyal, hard-working, and sincere. I have a big heart and a wry sense of humor, with sweet and silly aspects to my character too. I enjoy books, films, music, conversation, long walks, going to the gym (though I’m not fanatical about exercise), as well a calm and happy home life. Intellectual pursuits appeal to me a lot due to my work in education. But I can also sit back and laugh out loud at a crazy, funny movie. Overall, I like to consider myself a gentleman and a gentle man. Honestly, I am drawn to Asian ladies generally because they often offer an attractive combination of character depth and sensitivity; at once tender yet strong. Of course, the individual personality of each lady is what matters most. Additionally, I find the idea of cultural diversity and exchange in a romance interesting, stimulating. Differences can be considered assets instead of liabilities. Open-mindedness is the key. I was born and raised in Ottawa Canada but have lived elsewhere for studies and work including Toronto and San Francisco. I enjoy travelling and have been to Russia, Ukraine, Israel, and many US cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C. I particularly want to visit China one day – especially Beijing. I find Chinese culture very interesting. So? If my profile has captured your interest, I would be pleased to hear from you. Is your heart open? Are you mindful, awake, and ready for a meaningful connection? For something different? Are you ready to try? As I tell my students, “Push your comfort zone. History does not remember those who were afraid to take a chance.” Yes - picture a small candle in a dark room. Maybe if we match your little candle with mine, we can light up that room and chase the shadows away :)
72 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 40 - 65
Religion: Christian
I enjoy meeting people in the real world, but will also give it a try online. I'd like to find that wonderful relationship where life can be shared on a deeper level. I'm looking for someone who is healthy, unpretentious, intelligent, with a good sense of humor. Genuine is important. An ideal long-term relationship might involve lively discussions, engaging with our friends and family, laughter, a mutual pursuit of passions, and most importantly respect for each other. I am smart, fun, authentic, affectionate, financial independent and love to try new things. Right now my efforts are focused to balance professionalism with fun and leisure. I have a good work ethic but still enjoy the closeness of friends and family. At work I'm creative and ambitious. Currently I publish a travel magazine with more business ideas on the horizon. Creativity and innovation are what motivate me. Traveling is a passion – for both pleasure and business. Yes there are many new destinations and adventures waiting! At this stage of my life work is more of a hobby - each day giving me a new challenge. Meeting someone to share the excitement would be a bonus. Come join me. How about sleeping in the quiet of the Jordon Wadi Rum Desert, after a Dead Sea spa treatment and side trip to Petra? Or staying at Tony Robbins Namale Resort in Fiji? Or a cruise on the Yangtze River China? Or visiting the Borneo Orangutans? Just a few of my recent adventures. Closer to home …how about a romantic escape to Tofino or the Oregon Coast. Do you love travel? My perception of a healthy relationship is openness and honesty. Just being ourselves, not judging. Each giving space when needed and love always. Warm comforting cuddles and hugs work for me! Laughter is essential. Perfection is impossible. Write if you have any level of interest... Let's see where it goes. I love a woman who initiates.
59 Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 28 - 52
Religion: Christian
I am a simple man in many ways Something as simple as making dinner together , something so simple but to me something beautiful and romantic too Simple pleasures make me happy send e male add. ! And cuddling Holding your hand , whenever we walk together. Just a simple loving touch or soft kiss Knowing , your smiling because of something I said or did for you , will make me happy Romance can be simple too, little loves notes for you to find, making us a candle light dinner. I am a great cook !! Surprising you with little gifts , that I picked along my travels because I was thinking of you, and I would know there would be a moment , when you needed to be reminded how special you are and how important your are to my life I can see beauty in life and in people who think they are not. I do not understand why it has been so hard to find a woman who will accept me for the man I am and for my virtues and my faults. Been with women who say I Love You now will you change into my dream version of the man I want or what I think you should be If a woman says she loves me ,you should accept me for the man I am,,agree?? Why do woman want me to change? into a man they think they want ?? Instead of loving and accepting me for who I am This is life not a fairy tale. I am not a bad man but, I met many women it seems that is a quality they like in their men. I am not sure where nice guys get this reputation of being boring and not fun. I am solid and my word and integrity is very important. My faith and Love for God will not let me be otherwise. I am also young at heart and the way I think is young too. I am a man with a little boy inside , who is playful,fun and sometimes naughty In mischievous flirty kind of way, with my lady. I am also all man , when its needed, and wanted When I use the words my lady ,my woman " mine Its not about ownership I say mine , because I want no other and because I am yours too Someday , maybe you will be mine and I will be so honored and proudly be yours. Carey
62 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 25 - 44
Religion: Christian
I love nature and the great outdoors, I am very much into outdoor activities, Walking, cycling, horseback riding (at my hobby farm), reading and going to movies, theatre, that is preety much what I do when I am not working which is pretty much most of the time. I am not a workaholic, just that I prefer to work than sit around. As a realtor I am out meeting different people and I really enjoy that, I make time for myself to relax and smell the flowers, enjoy life. I am not into head games, I really love to have fun, I love traveling to different places and learn different cultures and traditions. I am an adventurous, mutable person. I consider myself to be resourceful and flexible but able to make tough decisions when required. I am eager to learn about what is around me. I like to be involved in everything. I am energetic, with a real need for variety and excitement. Extremely independent, I value friendships, sharing ideas and nformation. money, power, success -- simply don't mean a thing to me without first having a loving partner by my side and a stable family and home life. Loyalty is my most charished quality, honesty and true moral integrity. I am faithful, honest and a courageous friend, with a deep sense of justice. A righteous, honest and sincere individual with a deep respect for tradition and I value honor. I enjoy helping people. Hope to meet a fun loving women to share simple things with, hope that is you. I like quality time with someone who knows how fortunate we are to be alive and not waste time on petty, trivia. I see and I forget I hear and I learn I do and I unerstand. For me life is all about doing, I am very pasionate about the things and people I care about and very open minded and respectfull of others.



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