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57 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 27 - 60
As an independent entrepreneur, inventor, and musician, I have been an Executive Producer in film, Owned and Operated a Recording Studio/Media Lab, was the Managing Director of a UK Guitar Amplifier Company, Hiwatt - http://www.hiwatt.co.uk/ - and traveled extensively as a touring musician. I hold a issued patent in multiple countries. https://patents.google.com/patent/US9322641B2/en I had stage 4 cancer twice (they gave me many rounds of Chemotherapy, then Stem cell therapy after high dose chemotherapy and then radiation) - treatments from 2016-2020. My wife told me that when they said I wasn't going to make it the first time, she turned "off" as that was her emotional self-defense mechanism. I decided, regardless whether she helped when I was sick,,,,I was going no where....I mean I was going to live damn it!. I had kids that were still young then. Kids to finish raising , ideas like my patent to fulfill and a life to live. It was hard rebuilding myself but I can say I am strong again and am going to be stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. My wife had a death in her family close to her and I did what I could in the fall of 2022 and I helped close down her family farm. There was covid as well and then my father had a stroke on dec 22 2022 and died after a turbulent course of health care in August of this year. Together with the stress of raising kids, it killed our relationship I could not be a cheerleader anymore, so I guess it is no one's fault. I was adopted. I had hoped to have a successful marriage that could last as I didn't want to be like my father who left my mother on her own,. I am half Greek but half English from my Canadian father and then I was adopted as a baby into tough but big-hearted Scotch-Irish Canadian family. I had no brothers and sisters and had to work for my parents form the age of 5 but am grateful because I did not turn into the mush that some of my coddled fellow Candian men have turned into! I am separated but legally still married,,,,with two beautiful children - one boy 16 Thomas and one girl 13 Olivia - whom I support and have good relations. I raised them to be open minded worldly tough and self-reliant so I do not have to be concerned about moving on to another relationship. I know my kids will accept my new lady when she enters my life. I continue to financially support my kids. I am completely loyal to my woman but I hope that we stay young at heart and be prepared to work at our relationship with me for life. I want good times with my companion and hopefully they will want to travel with me and hopefully we can work together on some level. I want this to be the last relationship in my life. I will not judge or be jealous of my companion as we will be starting a new life. I might be interested in living in more than one country but want to keep my home in Canada. I would consider keeping an apartment in another county, including South Korea or the UK, where I used to work until 2020.
45 Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 37 - 44
Hello! Well here we all are, curiously believing that somewhere out there is the true thing. Well, the following will probably convince you that I am not the one, but who knows! Originally form Spain, with some English roots. A strong longing for space and nature eventually took me and my young family to Canada. That was 14 years ago now. Life happens and marriages break. I've been alone for the last 5 years, except for my teenage daughter that spends at least half her time with me. She is growing up fast, and it won't be long until she is too busy to spend time with me. She doesn't know I'm on dating sites (I don't think), and she will be upset once she finds out. And she will not like you. She is a lovely caring person and can't help a little jealousy. Perhaps once she finds a boyfriend herself she will be more tolerant towards my own hopes. She is a bright, artistic and creative person. And my son, a kind and caring young man in his early twenties now, has been living in Spain for a couple of years. Most of my family are in Spain, and I go over to visit every other year or so. I would describe myself as kind, excessively gentle and out of synch with the world, which makes me love the solitude of nature as a less painful loneliness than that of being surrounded with well intentioned but incompatible people. I will hope you are always by my side for social events, and will probably disappoint you from time to time for not wanting to go to social events... Inoffensive, very honest and loyal. Ambitious, but not for career or experiences, but rather for time and space. I will often upset you by this need for solitude if, when I sometimes retreat even from you, you interpret it as fading love. Yet I will love you intensely, even when I seem distant. I will not show my love for you in public (unless I sense that you long for the display, and I will try against my instinct. This will likely not end well). I have a need for sadness that I satisfy with music, or movies (or both), and enjoy sad, tragic stories. Yet I think family and close friends will present me as very funny (quirky humour) and playful (I tend to prefer to interact socially by playing games). I enjoy comedies, and romantic comedies. I have a lot of admiration for Billy Connolly as a standup comedian, and enjoy Michael McIntire (I especially like the fact that he rarely criticises in his humor). I do laugh a lot, enjoying almost all humour. Especially some internet stuff!! Yet I will always retreat and return to my loneliness and sadness. I don't like to much happiness... Well if you are not convinced that I am some sort of psycho in disguise yet, you might want to ask your friends for help (although I personally don't think I am one). I will love listening to you when you come home and tell me all about your day, but will often say little in return. Sometimes my lack of communicating might upset you. I will see and feel your love just by body language, I have no need for constant communication for reassurance, and will be a poor parter to you if you do need it. A true honest smile of happiness, a sincere embrace when we see each other is more real to me than any words. Films: - What's Eating Gilbert Grape - Song Of The Sea - Grave Of The Fireflies - The Princess Bride - Social realism such as Ken Loach's movies -... Music is very important to me: - Clannad - Eminem - The Cranberries - Sad classical - Dire Straights - Manu Chao - Dead Can Dance - Dark techno - ... I regularly bash on a piano for my own satisfaction and love it, but I don't think I can call it playing... From a philosophy standpoint, I almost completely agree with Khalil Gibran's outlook. I love his work. I live on a nice plot of land outside a small city an hour flight from Vancouver (or a beautiful 8 hour drive), in and old little house that I am slowly renovating. Beautiful open British Columbia, full of trees and rivers, where I occasionally meet moose, deer, bear and many other fellows and I still feel honoured every time it happens (you will tire of me pointing them out to you!). The weather is spectacular; Spring always reveals itself as a desolate and unsightly brown landscape crushed flat by the weight of winter, but also vigorously exciting. As the snow melts, you can feel and hear ever increasing water trickles and streams, which will grow into raging rivers by the end of May, and you can sense the tension of life awakening in a slow burst of green. The winter silence is gone, birds will sing loudly. And the aroma of earth and vegetation slowly returns. We often have nice sunny days, but we also see stately storms passing by in the distance, with blurry gray skirts of rainfall below and the thick clouds above shining white and orange. Summer is greeted with an exuberance of green and flowers, often hot sunny days that call for a swim or canoe paddle in a river or lake, sometimes with passing thunderstorms that break the monotony. Autumn is my favourite season, with its slow, beautiful decline into amazing colors, fresh breezes, golden leaves flying, cloudy skies and a feeling of longing and melancholy. The most beautiful season, with sunsets that never fail to touch you. Finally comes the feared winter, a season for those seeking solitude and beauty. Snow comes and inexorably accumulates, sometimes in storms, sometimes in delicate showers. The landscape becomes a white wonderland, still and silent. The trees often struggling to hold all the snow, and sunsets of pink and purple that contrast between the snowy blanket shimmering blue and the dark grey sky. Sometimes we have weeks of bitter cold that only the brave will face outdoors. Harsh and beautiful. I am not discarding the possibility of relocating to your location, although it will take time. And I am currently in an ideal location anyway. But once I fall in love I will go off to find you wherever. If only you liked it here as much as I do... Congratulations!! You have now completed your mini-course on how to identify weirdo's!
39 Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 22
I'm a tech enthusiast, optimist and most importantly, always working on improving myself. I'm a very positive person. Lots of people consider themselves positive, but I'm the guy in my family that can remain in a good state even when things are at their worst. Interests: -Science / Technology (Built my career on it) -Travel, Especially luxury travel -Video Games -Working out (weights) -Cosplay -Anime -Cute girls, especially ones who like alternative fashion like lolita, corsetry, steampunk, etc. Or simply very girly/feminine fashion too. I like all the big mainstream forms of media - tv, movies, games and even the odd book. My tastes are everything awesome - if it's rated high on IMDB chances are I've seen it and enjoyed it. Though also enjoy some more obscure stuff, especially Japanese video games and anime. I just enjoy all the best things in life. I have a good sense of humor and will do anything for a laugh. I can often make pretty much anyone crack up laughing given enough time. I'm extremely reliable, very loyal, would NEVER cheat on any girl in any way, or date anyone not single. I put a lot of effort into every interaction I have, and appreciate girls who put in similar effort. I'm happy to lead and do the majority of the planning, but if you simply never engage me and it's 100% one sided, you will lose me. I travel the world, living the dream, hoping someday to find a companion to join me on this incredible journey. FAQ: Why are you here? I'm attracted to filipina women. I'm very generous and very willing to do what it takes to make a girl there happy. Hopefully eventually get her a visa to relocate to Canada and live an incredible life. Travel the world, be truly free and not hampered by the rather limited filipino passport. I'm also not against the idea of relocating myself since my work has moved entirely online in the last few years, so I can run my business anywhere in the world with a good internet connection.
57 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 30