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66 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 34 - 54
This is a work in progress. I am clean, tidy, organized, passionate, respectful. I like art, music, movies, traveling. I exercise daily, eat healthy, enjoy bike riding, trail walking, sight seeing, walks with destinations like nice coffee/tea shops etc. I have travelled to many countries but there is so many more to see! My personality: I am a calm person, easy to get along with, I like joking with people and usually joke about myself or the current situation of something. I have learned how to go with the flow of things but I am not hesitant to take charge when the situation calls for it. I am a problem solver and can fix most things or situations fixable. I can analyze well and see solutions. I keep myself clean with daily showers or more as needed. I do not leave a mess around the house and put my things away. I prefer a home that is not cluttered with un-necessary things but I do like well made art and such that is tastefully displayed. I am not a materialistic person but I do like quality. Exercise: I take looking after myself as an important part of my life. I exercise daily, usually doing yoga and or weight lifting. I try to walk everyday, sometimes up steep hills or at fast speeds. My body fat is low, and I work at keeping myself toned and strong. I would say I have a lean athletic body. I still wear the same size clothes I always have. Weight is not an issue with me and never has been. My smart technical weight scale says I am physically equivalent to 39 to 41 years old. May be not accurate but it is better than it saying the opposite. :) Food: I prefer to eat healthy whole foods as much as possible, and do not abuse my body with toxic foods or substances. I am not a very good cook but do enjoy the cooking of others. I am good with chopping veggies :) Work Experience: I have worked in many specialties including Real Estate Sales, Construction, Rental Property Management, Finance, Marketing and Sales, Construction Quality and Control. Senior Vice President was last employed position before retiring and becoming a Consultant. I have or have had a Business degree and many certifications in Construction, Insurance, Real Estate, etc. I have owned many rental homes over the years and flipped many homes on the market. I enjoy good architecture and am very knowledgeable about buildings - design and how to build.
39 Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 22
I'm a tech enthusiast, optimist and most importantly, always working on improving myself. I'm a very positive person. Lots of people consider themselves positive, but I'm the guy in my family that can remain in a good state even when things are at their worst. Interests: -Science / Technology (Built my career on it) -Travel, Especially luxury travel -Video Games -Working out (weights) -Cosplay -Anime -Cute girls, especially ones who like alternative fashion like lolita, corsetry, steampunk, etc. Or simply very girly/feminine fashion too. I like all the big mainstream forms of media - tv, movies, games and even the odd book. My tastes are everything awesome - if it's rated high on IMDB chances are I've seen it and enjoyed it. Though also enjoy some more obscure stuff, especially Japanese video games and anime. I just enjoy all the best things in life. I have a good sense of humor and will do anything for a laugh. I can often make pretty much anyone crack up laughing given enough time. I'm extremely reliable, very loyal, would NEVER cheat on any girl in any way, or date anyone not single. I put a lot of effort into every interaction I have, and appreciate girls who put in similar effort. I'm happy to lead and do the majority of the planning, but if you simply never engage me and it's 100% one sided, you will lose me. I travel the world, living the dream, hoping someday to find a companion to join me on this incredible journey. FAQ: Why are you here? I'm attracted to filipina women. I'm very generous and very willing to do what it takes to make a girl there happy. Hopefully eventually get her a visa to relocate to Canada and live an incredible life. Travel the world, be truly free and not hampered by the rather limited filipino passport. I'm also not against the idea of relocating myself since my work has moved entirely online in the last few years, so I can run my business anywhere in the world with a good internet connection.
60 Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 28 - 46
Never married, Christian man from  simple man in many ways Something as simple as making dinner together , something so simple but to me something beautiful and romantic too Simple pleasures make me happy send e male add. ! And cuddling Holding your hand , whenever we walk together. Just a simple loving touch or soft kiss On FB Carey Lyons Knowing , your smiling because of something I said or did for you , will make me happy Romance can be simple too, little loves notes for you to find, making us a candle light dinner. I am a great cook !! Surprising you with little gifts , that I picked along my travels because I was thinking of you, s.kype live:clyons38 , I would know there would be a moment , when you needed to be reminded how special you are and how important your are to my life I can see beauty in life and in people who think they are not. I do not understand why it has been so hard to find a woman who will accept me for the man I am and for my virtues and my faults. Been with women who say I Love You now will you change into my dream version of the man I want or what I think you should be If a woman says she loves me ,you should accept me for the man I am,,agree?? Why do woman want me to change? into a man they think they want ?? Instead of loving and accepting me for who I am This is life not a fairy tale. I am not a bad man but, I met many women it seems that is a quality they like in their men. I am not sure where nice guys get this reputation of being boring and not fun. I am solid and my word and integrity is very important. My faith and Love for God will not let me be otherwise. I am also young at heart and the way I think is young too. I am a man with a little boy inside , who is playful,fun and sometimes naughty In mischievous flirty kind of way, with my lady. I am also all man , when its needed, and wanted When I use the words my lady ,my woman " mine Its not about ownership I say mine , because I want no other and because I am yours too Someday , maybe you will be mine and I will be so honored and proudly be yours. Carey