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47 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Female 30 - 40
30 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Female 22 - 32
75 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Female 35 - 55
I am a poet and a designer. I am a world traveler, living on a small farm in summer and in large cities during winter, somewhere new—a balance between open spaces and glamorous places. I am precise and organized, but have no trouble living with clutter or chaos. I love conversation, but I do not chatter for the sake of hearing my voice; my interest and attention is toward whom I am talking—a partner in conversation. I am measured, ponderous at times, but never hesitate if the timing is right or the goal is there to be seized. My wit is satirical, ironic, usually delivered in dry monotone. In summary, I elect to live my life in the realm of creative independence as opposed to the domain of economic security. In our perception of relationships: emotional, romantic or casual, we are bound by the cultures we live in and the expectations it inculcates within us; what is acceptable to one culture may be unspeakable in another. Here online, some will connect quickly; others more cautiously—slowly; some never, but whoever it is we seek or whatever we seek in others, it is, in the end, whether we succeed or fail, in our search for friend, lover or spouse that we will eventually meet our own selves, and whatever we write in a profile, it’s on the first date—the first meeting, when profile and reality meet in actual light and determines if attraction will photosynthesize into attachment. Undulating beneath our words must be the language of empathy, which has no cultural boundaries, because it can describe love, inspire greatness, and be an overwhelming joy wherever we discover in one another its expression; its silent vocabulary thundering louder than words can shout.
30 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Female 18 - 35
If something can be reached by standing on tiptoe, you can go there; if standing there and jumping up hard is still not enough, then don't be enough, there's no need to make yourself so tired. Love, too. Everything should be open-minded, see through, everything is losing, nothing can be left behind, only the present happiness and happiness is the most real. I'm not the one who prefers to be lacking in excess. No one is perfect. Even if I feel good now, I will have problems getting along with each other day and night. We are repaireman. I believe the problem can be solved. This is my belief in feelings. Every time you come here, you add something. In the last two days, I talked about my work and life in the group of the former company. The group leader asked me when I would get married. I answered that I had been corroded by the reality. When I bought a house, it was easy to get married. I know some IT, and I don't know why. Last time, Lily blocked my account. Originally, others can cut off your chances so easily. Online communication is more cruel than real life. One click is more desperate than passers-by. Century good luck, top you. Recently, my predecessor 3 is very hot. I haven't seen it. I feel a little that girls'love outlook is raised by chicken soup. Maybe I'm too straight. For those who are still single, there must be reasons why they are still single. In May 2018, today refreshes Jiayuan of the next century. At noon, I just read the history of friction between Jiayuan of the century and the black cloud net, which is a little unhappy. Older, it doesn't matter whether many things are right or wrong. It's good and sad. I'd like to update the photos today. I am self-aware, only from the people who like me and care about me, to find someone who can get married, the reason for saying so is that the right person may not be accompanied to get married. With the passage of time and the limitations of the circle of work and life of relatives and friends, my standard seems to be much lower. Perhaps it will be infinitely lower. The standard looks low. What matters seems to be losing its self. It's getting cold. My beloved baby should wear more clothes and take good care of his health. In 2019, I plan to buy a car, and the house is being renovated. Can a girl you like love me more? It is destined to be a happy and happy year. April, the past quarter. Some girls are interested in my long monologue, I said I just write freely and boredly, no disease and moan. When you write it carefully, girls believe in your boredom. Humanity is like this. Avoiding the heavy is light, thinking superficially and filtering others quickly. There is no right or wrong. Everyone has the right person. In July, I bought a member of Jiayuan on Taobao yesterday. I hope to meet the person who likes and cherishes each other in one year. One is enough, not extravagant, not anxious. I wanted to buy a car as my 28th birthday. I decided not to buy many things. Let's talk about it later. The house bought at home has been being renovated. Half a year's summary, I have to learn well.
53 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Female 43 - 64
29 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Female 19 - 34
35 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Female 18 - 38
Nabi ullah
31 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Female 19 - 34
30 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Female 19 - 32
29 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Female 19 - 31
34 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Female 18 - 40
28 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Female 19 - 32
44 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Female 23 - 40



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