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58 Jingjiang, Jiangsu, China
Seeking: Female 37 - 55
I am FREE Rabbit now and ... LONELY this year; Can you catch  and keep in your arms , ha, ha 😊? Looking for LOVE and New Adventures . . . / It is Never too late . . . Other my / your description - to be mutual discovered 😊. I think if here our profiles are well and sincerely defined could reflect our real description ... I could say now for example I am family oriented, good man, cooking, gentleman, romantic, many talents and hobbies and bla-bla-bla as per your preferences, BUT . . . is any meaning without confirmation ? , it is NOT as per my life experience 😁 Now I have 4 month here experience talking with some nice ladies and I feel the need to revise little bit my profile to make things more simply and clarified.... Revised profile at 11.05.23: You say , I say ''I can cook for you delicious food, bla-bla-bla....'' , sound interesting but important is WHAT we cook one each other, and HOW we cook each other; if you offer me ''delicious'' pizza and me offer to you ''delicious '' noodles, our common kitchen ''will be on fire'' 😁😂; so life in kitchen must be OF GOOD QUALITY 😊 You say, I say ''we will be romantic and make love with passion, bla-bla-bla...''., sound interesting but if you are very ''traditional Chinese'' and not able to adapt to and encounter ''western advanced secrets of making love'', our bedroom life will be dead , go to bed in the evening already bored, wake up in the morning already tired. So, life in bedroom must be OF GOOD QUALITY 😊 Without good life quality in kitchen, in bedroom how to go happy to do our job next day ? Without good performance and hard work at our job how to assure our salary, financial stability ? Without stability and ''woman must be secured by man'' seems no happiness in the family or around relationship. I realized that relationship / marriage is in fact a business affair, same as market - what we can offer, what we can get it; the rule is simple: you love me / I love you; you respect me / I respect you; you trust me / I, trust you; etc; Unfortunately some ladies (probably men also) mentality is ''do you have house, car ? / because I have it'', so . . . how, I am sorry 😁 Not good start for a relationship Next aspect is - hobbies, we all have it, but we do practicing, we really doing or is just a wish in our mind , or we . . . did it last year 😁😁 Appearance - why so many ladies use photo shop or video software to cosmetics their appearance ? One wise Chinese saying said - ''hey man, take your new lady into swimming pool, there, all her face ''decoration'' and her body will be revealed to you as true; similar about men probably ; so, if we try lie our counterpart in fact we lie ourselves 😁 Now my short Western philosophy is over, hope to be considered as an useful exchange with Chinese culture 😊 I apologies if caused inconvenience for some ladies here, but my entries here are based on what situations I encountered here so far; Waiting from you, maybe you are my lucky star 🌟 . . .
56 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Female 24 - 50
_________ Notice that I am CUPID-verified___________ Okay, now let’s get to the FUN stuff....哈哈哈哈哈 . For the 2 years, before the COVID-19/Coronavirus happened, I was living-and-working inside China’s Shanghai & Shenzhen, plus months living in Prague-Europe also.. I am eternally Hardworking, Fun & I adore and LOVE the Asian cultures. I long-vacationing in Japan on vacation, many years. I enjoy traveling Asian countries mostly, and would like to meet a very nice, dependable woman to enjoy the rest of life with me, living in Asia.Even though "men are from Mars and women are from Venus ", as the book says, I am "that SPAGHETTI, served atop a bed of WAFFLE"...instead of being one, or the other. CONFUCIUS Kǒng Fūzǐ (孔夫子), the ancient Chinese Philosopher shared lots of wisdom that I subscribe to, even today. Meet me....the UNIVERSE MALE, International Man 哈哈哈哈哈. I am ready-to-Early Retire now....paid for by my Real Estate Rental Homes (I'm only waiting on the Correct-Woman to start our-Togetherness. No need to wait for the-US-Government's Age 65 or Pensions...(my rental income is enough for me and the-Sensible-Woman). That lady would also enjoy the dreamy comfort of us jointly Slow-Traveling the world...as-a-Couple... On LINKEDIN, see me as Joey Boxer Samuels, a 30's-looking, career long global network-systems-engineer. My parents took us vacationing in Dalian, China when I was 5 years old, and I am excited to re-visit China as a an adult (looking for my Lifetime Woman). Your SEARCH-for-LOVE is possibly over......when we Find each other 哈哈哈 You and Me can either live in my USA home, or I shall buy a us home in China, Japan, in-Asia (we both decide). Let's start with a Get-Away Vacation, somewhere nice, together, then together, we can decide LIFE afterwards.. A very kind Disclaimer to help know me: _______________________________ Please know that I-am-the-opposite of anything you’ve seen in movies/News/TV about American-black people. ______ I was born overseas, and raised with British Queens English, given a very healthy sense-of-responsibility, devotion, self-respect and love for cultures, and societies. _______ Consider how respectable the American former President OBAMA comported himself.... That respectability is how me and my family behave....Respectful/Respectable...(same as traditional Chinese culture, same as civilized families in Europe & elsewhere).