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59 Jingjiang, Jiangsu, China
Seeking: Female 40 - 60
I am a Free, Single, and LONELY man, living and working now in Jiangsu province, Jingjiang city; Are you able to catch me and keep in your arms, ha, ha?😊 A kindly warning here from the beginning, I am ''老老虎" in China, over 14 years; please don't try play wrong games, I am not a stupid or naively man, I also can smell from beginning if you are a scammer. I will reply only to those ladies which really and seriously interested in me, not time to waste each other. Please be patiently to read carefully my profile before contacting me; I know is a long profile, but there is a meaning hidden for such long, hope you able to find it😀 I am looking for truly LOVE and New Life Challenges . . . / It is Never too late . . . Other my / your description - to be mutual discovered 😊. I think if here our profiles are well and sincerely defined could reflect our real description . I could say now for example I am family oriented, good man, cooking, gentleman, romantic, many talents and hobbies and bla-bla-bla as per your preferences, BUT . . . is any meaning without confirmation? it is NOT as per my life experience😀. Now I have 18 months here experience talking with some nice ladies, and I feel the need to revise little bit my profile to make things more simply and clarified.... Revised profile at 01.06.24: 1 - You say , I say ''I can cook for you delicious food, bla-bla-bla....'' , sound interesting but important is WHAT we cook one each other, and HOW we cook each other; if you offer me ''delicious'' pizza and me offer to you ''delicious '' noodles, our common kitchen ''will be on fire'' 😁😂; so life in kitchen must be OF GOOD QUALITY 😊 I challenge you in our kitchen. (I am very agree is preferred to eat outside as often possible, but . . . , the most ‘’delicious meal’’ is HOME, lovers cooking together, enjoy as a family, 对不对) 2 - You say, I say ''we will be romantic and make love with passion, hand in hand, kiss you, bla-bla-bla...''., sound interesting but if you are very ''traditional Chinese'' and not able to adapt to and encounter ''western advanced secrets of love'', our bedroom life will be dead , we will go to bed in the evening already bored, wake up in the morning already tired. So, life in bedroom must be OF GOOD QUALITY. You please challenge me in our bedroom 😊 3 - Without good life quality in kitchen, and in bedroom how to go happy to do our job next day? Without good performance and hard work at our job how to assure our salary, pension, financial stability? Without such stability ''you as a woman cannot accept a man'' and seems no happiness in the family or around relationship. I realized that relationship / marriage is in fact a business affair, same as market and investments - what we can offer, what we can get it; the rule is simple: you love me / I love you; you respect me / I respect you; you trust me / I, trust you; etc; ... and there is one important ingredient for happy marriage - TOLERANCE and TRUSTNESS and SUPPORT one each other, there is no perfect woman or perfect man in this world. And one more thing and the last - sense of humor is essentially in a harmony couple life. I want a woman smiling around me; Unfortunately, some ladies trying in their approach with a foreigner only to get access to his assets but not a truly valuable love; please look in the mirror and if you are such kind of lady stay very far from me. I am looking only for a lady which we can take care one each other in all respects, not . . . only use each other. 4 - Hobbies, we all have it, but we do really practicing, we really doing or is just a wish in our mind, or we . . . did it last few years 😁😁. I refer here mostly at doing exercise aspect; This is part of keeping us in good shape and healthy. By the way, a healthy diet is important for me as well. 5 - Appearance - why so many ladies use photo shop or video software to cosmetic their appearance? One wise Chinese saying said - ''hey man, take your new lady into swimming pool firstly, there, all her face ''decoration'' and her body will be revealed to you as true; similar about men probably; so, if we try lie our counterpart in fact, we lie ourselves 6 –You say ‘’Willing to relocate to another country’’, but I noted almost all women I met here are so "lazy" or "very traditionally in mentality" to move from their city to visit my city😂. I think is enough for me I come in your country, maybe is your turn to come in my city if you really interested to know one each other. To settle down in your city could be one option in future; Momentary our current job will determine being together on daily basis; I do not really encourage ‘’long distance relationship’’, except if is some ‘’extraordinary and worthy and long term relationship ”; I do not plan to spend all my life on this platform . . . 7-My new requirement for June 2024 year - you must convince me that no matter your age and education you are a MATURE woman. Mature in your judgment and ACTION, . . .not only mature body 😂 Now my short Western philosophy is over, quite long but hope to be considered as a useful exchange with Chinese culture 😊 I apologies if caused inconvenience for some ladies here, but my entries here are based on what situations I encountered here so far; Waiting from you, maybe you are my lucky star 🌟 . . .
62 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Female 50 - 65
I am an American academic and widely published author who first came to China in 2012 and stayed until the end of 2015. I have lived in Changchun, Beijing, Lanzhou, and Zhuzhou. I returned indefinitely in September 2022 , lived in Qingdao last year, and recently moved to Beijing (Chaoyang District). In addition to my previous experience in China, I have lived and worked in the UK for five years. I am widely traveled and experienced in encountering different cultures and having the ability to deal with cultural differences. I am outgoing, approachable, and honest; physically and intellectually healthy; culturally and conversationally literate; spiritually and mindfully aware; compassionate and empathically sensitive. I enjoy lively conversation, reading (I am a bibliophile), intellectual exploration, physical activities (hiking, cycling, badminton and squash and other racket sports, basketball), cooking, watching movies, and streaming series. I really love Chinese food and cuisine! If interested in serious correspondence, please contact me directly ("Steven"). I'm an American academic and well-published research author who first came to China in 2012 and stayed until the end of 2015. I've lived in Changchun, Beijing, Lanzhou, Zhuzhou. I returned indefinitely in September 2022 and have lived in Qingdao (this past year) and have recently relocated to Beijing (Chaoyang district). In addition to my previous time in China, I lived and worked five years in England (UK). I'm well-traveled, experienced in encountering different cultures, and competent in navigating cultural differences. I'm open, accessible, and honest; physically and intellectually fit; culturally & conversationally literate; spiritually & mindfully aware; compassionately & empathetically sensitive. I enjoy lively conversation, reading (I am a bibliophile), intellectual discovery, physical activity (hiking, bicycling, badminton & squash and other racquet sports, basketball), cooking, watching movies and streaming series. I truly love Chinese food and cuisine! If interested in serious correspondence, please contact me directly ("Steven").