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46 Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 18 - 60
Self description I am someone with high self-confidence, I feel quite comfortable interacting with other people. Indeed, I find the company of others very stimulating and enjoy meeting new people. My relaxed demeanor in groups makes people around me comfortable too. Perhaps because I feel comfortable talking about myself, others tend to enjoy being around me and perceive me as socially competent. My orientation to familial matters, I value the company of family-members and domestic life. If I have children already, I enjoy spending time with them very much and work hard to be a good parent. If I don’t have children, I very much desire having children in the future. And my preference for cooking and entertaining guests at home will likely ease the transition into parenthood. Occasionally people may be compelled to follow their intuitions and give in to their temptations, and my degree of self-control makes this likely to happen more often than not. This can be good in circumstances where being relaxed and open are important. However, in situations where it is necessary to be focused and careful, I might find that I do or say things that may be inappropriate. My thinking style may take the form of artistic and metaphorical use of language, and/or music composition or performance. Thus, it is likely that, either in my work or spare time, I enjoy activities that get my “creative juices” flowing. It might be easier and more satisfying for me to develop a long-lasting relationship with a person who also enjoys spending time at home and desires starting a family. Polite Notice: Being a Muslim who practice their religion to perfection is different from cultural and traditional seekers. My message to you whoever reads this to refrain from asking for House/Apartment or a Car as your Mahr. I don't follow tradition or culture I just follow Islam and my replies will be based on that. I also recommend not to ask for money or makup as this site is for marriage and dating not for money or scammers. الوصف الذاتي أنا شخص لديه ثقة عالية بالنفس ، أشعر بالراحة التامة عند التفاعل مع الآخرين. في الواقع ، أجد أن شركة الآخرين محفزة للغاية وتتمتع بمقابلة أشخاص جدد. سلوكي المريح في المجموعات يجعل الناس من حولي مرتاحين أيضًا. ربما لأنني أشعر بالراحة في التحدث عن نفسي ، يميل الآخرون إلى الاستمتاع بكوني حولي ويرونني كفؤًا اجتماعيًا. توجهي إلى الأمور العائلية ، أقدر صحبة أفراد الأسرة والحياة المنزلية. إذا كان لدي أطفال بالفعل ، فأنا أستمتع بقضاء الوقت معهم كثيرًا وأعمل بجد لأكون والداً صالحًا. إذا لم يكن لدي أطفال ، فإنني أرغب كثيرًا في إنجاب أطفال في المستقبل. وتفضيلي للطبخ وتسلية الضيوف في المنزل من المرجح أن يسهل الانتقال إلى الأبوة. في بعض الأحيان قد يضطر الناس إلى اتباع حدسهم والاستسلام لإغراءاتهم ، ودرجتي في ضبط النفس تجعل هذا من المحتمل أن يحدث في كثير من الأحيان. يمكن أن يكون هذا جيدًا في الظروف التي يكون فيها الاسترخاء والانفتاح مهمًا. ومع ذلك ، في المواقف التي يكون من الضروري فيها التركيز والحذر ، قد أجد أنني أفعل أو أقول أشياء قد تكون غير لائقة. قد يأخذ أسلوب تفكيري شكل استخدام فني ومجاز للغة و / أو تكوين أو أداء موسيقي. وبالتالي ، من المحتمل أن أستمتع ، سواء في عملي أو في أوقات الفراغ ، بالأنشطة التي تجعل "العصائر الإبداعية" تتدفق. قد يكون من الأسهل والأكثر إرضاء بالنسبة لي تطوير علاقة طويلة الأمد مع شخص يستمتع أيضًا بقضاء الوقت في المنزل ويرغب في تكوين أسرة. ملاحظة مهذبة: كونك مسلماً يمارس دينه إلى الكمال يختلف عن الباحثين الثقافي والتقليدي. رسالتي لكم من يقرأ هذا الامتناع عن طلب منزل / شقة أو سيارة كمهر لك. أنا لا أتبع التقاليد أو الثقافة ، بل أتبع الإسلام فقط وستستند إجاباتي على ذلك. أوصي أيضًا بعدم طلب المال أو المكياج لأن هذا الموقع مخصص للزواج والمواعدة وليس للمال أو المخادعين.
45 City of London, London (Greater), United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 21 - 42
*** Do You Try To Be Slightly Better Every Day? *** Pushing yourself 'just that little harder' to fulfill your dreams and desires usually results in "attracting positivity" ... always a great start. If some of your life enjoys *Staying in The Moment* yet also 'going for your dreams' as they unfold, then we maybe heading in the right direction. I can often travel with my careers in the right direction to: s)k)y.p.e:-...DJ Mark Hix... :-) xx(wink) (you can even come if you promise to be good! ... :) ...), yet also have long periods of 'relaxation' in the UK/Europe :) ... where I finish projects either in London, or even another part of Europe ... hence, I value 'Trust' as an essential asset of any successful friendship or potential partnership. I believe in love. I don't care if I'm not your first, if 'Destined to be your Last' :) My 'Deep Core Beliefs' are being 100% Self-Reliant, especially after living in various countries away from Britain: i.e. America (mainly southern California), Eastern European countries ("Privet, Kahk Dela? :) ... Khorosho" :) ...) to even mind-blowing Australia (love mainly the 'Gold Coast' beaches, the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney). 'Most' tasks 'Are' possible, when we "really Focus our minds". I had to be the "Captain of My Own Ship and the Commander of My Own Destiny", which manifested itself into being a highly confident leader (of myself when required) and people who I work with. Positive Universal Energy takes care of the rest. I also 'Deeply Believe' in "The Golden Rule" of Treating Others as You Wish to Be Treated. Show people "What They Deserve" and in return they reciprocate accordingly. In addition to residing abroad, exploring assorted regions of our World as well made me appreciate many diverse situations and feelings; Compassion and Empathy being just two. I really enjoy: 1. 'Beaches with Golden White Sand' (hence, my other property ...when not living in London... is right next to 'One' in the South-West) and 2. Taking intuitive "leaps of faith" which just 'Feel Right', as the end results always seem to be of a positive nature. "Continued Positive Energy" ... Cheers and Good Health, Mark :) (any smokers; or drug users; without photos: alas, sorry, No response!)
25 Shefford, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 18 - 21
Firstly, I want to say sorry to anybody who has taken the time to message me, if I’ve not responded. The truth is that I never anticipated so many people being interested in me, and I just don’t have the time to reply to every message I get! I’m flattered though. Because of that, I’ve been mostly ignoring messages and just reading what people have written about themselves on their profiles. I’ve read that on dating websites 90% of decisions to message other people are based on a person’s profile pictures. In other words, they judge a book by its cover. I’m shallow to an extent, it’s an inevitability of being human. But I find kindness, intelligence, and a thirst for fun so much more attractive. Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. ***** We are all searching for happiness. I am no exception. Yet society constrains us with rules and expectations, we are moulded into the citizens of the system. We distract ourselves from the mundane every day, and convince ourselves we are happy. But I am not happy with that. I have this desire burning inside me, to break the chains holding us back - chains that only exist in our minds. I am not a sheep. I will not be a slave to society. I will live freely. So, if you dare take a leap of faith, run through the wilderness with me, feel the air sting your cheeks, climb mountains your hand in mine, breathe the salt of the sea with me, lay under a blanket of stars, chase fireflies in the night with me, watch the sun rise from every corner of the earth, scrunch the sand between your toes with me… find out who you really are with me. ***** In my short time here on Earth, I've done many things I'm proud of and many I'm not. Dwelling on mistakes can send even the strongest of us on the downward spiral. Of that I've been guilty before. But those ghosts which haunt us also push us on. ***** I've not long started studying to become a chartered tax accountant. I'm working full time at an accountancy firm to gain the experience, and of course earn a living. But my passions extend far beyond my job; I love physics, mathematics, computing and philosophy. After I become qualified, I plan to take a physics degree in my own time and develop myself as a programmer. Perhaps it sounds like I haven't decided on one career. And you'd be right, but who ever said we must live a static life hmmm? ^.^