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Max is from United States

Max (39)

Looking for you in Beijing Carson City, Nevada, United States
Seeking: Female 22 - 39 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

Easy going American looking to meet someone special. I travel to China often and have come to love and respect its rich culture. I am have a hard time meeting single women. Currently I am very interested to meet someone who lives near Beijing.


Wally is from United States

Wally (54)

Looking For Someone To Retire Wit... Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 69 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

About me... huh? This is tough for me but here are a few adjectives I would use to describe me: outgoing, humorous, progressive, conscientious, generous, straightforward, loving, intelligent... (and lots more). I'm hard working and ambitious. Love trying new and interesting things. What's life without some adventure?


Paul is from United States

Paul (67)

Strong, confident, good man San Diego, California, United States
Seeking: Female 37 - 51 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

I stay healthy by working out, staying intellectually active, and yoga meditation. am a strong and loving man who loves to love. I am kind, gentle to women, tender and smiling. Nothing upsets me. I am even tempered and mature...but I am also playful, and even naughty at times.


Robert is from United States

Robert (66)

Soulmates Reunited Woodbury, Minnesota, United States
Seeking: Female 34 - 60 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

I am a gentleman with a kind heart who is looking for a woman who still has an open heart to love and being loved. I seek my soulmate and life partner. I am calm, easy going, honest, and I appreciate people who love to laugh and look at life optimistically. I stay active, fit, healthy, and love nature and being outdoors. I am hardworking and have had a successful career as a professional in a creative discipline. I'm positive, affectionate, caring, faithful, balanced, and financially secure. I act with compassion, and value my integrity. Honesty, understanding, respect, and loyalty are qualities I value in a relationship. My photos are all current as of this year 2018.


Jaisun is from United States

Jaisun (37)

Looking to see what's out there San Antonio, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 22 - 38 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

A little about myself I love that a man I like to draw and paint a little poetry I also like to work out I like to take walks Park I love animals I like to play video games and I like to work out and I am a little bit of a Aventuras I'm a nerd so I d


Brad is from United States

Brad (46)

Looking for a relationship Houston, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 26 - 46 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

I am serious about finding that special woman to enter my life. I am ready to settle down and start this chapter, but I want to make sure I find someone who is really ready to do the same. I would love to go on romantic dinner dates, followed by shows at the theater. Also I enjoy going to the occasional baseball game, having daily jogs in the park and working out at the local gym. I do not smoke or have pets, nor have any tattoos. I am a little shy and quiet, but I am very attentive to the needs of my partner. I want to make her always feel like the queen she is . . .


Jeff  is from United States

Jeff (48)

Looking for the one and only! Carson City, Nevada, United States
Seeking: Female 24 - 42 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

I own my own business and my kids are grown and moved out, im ready to explore, fall in love and spoil the right one with my time and affection! If you’re looking for a great guy who has an amazing sense of humor, and it’s always in a positive mood.. please contact me!


David is from United States

David (66)

I live in Chiang Mai Houston, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 39 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

I am American. For many years I worked as a finance executive in the USA. Now I live in Chiang Mai. I am very healthy and have traveled most of Southeast Asia already with only a backpack. I am funny, kind, generous and loyal. I make good friends wherever I go. I don't like fighting and arguing. I want to travel many places and I would like a wife to be with me. I like to cook and I am very easy to get along with.


Paul is from United States

Paul (56)

You had me at hello Lacey, Washington, United States
Seeking: Female 35 - 99 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

I am a loyal die hard romantic. Passionate and opinionated but always value your opinions too. I am avery committed team player in my relationships. I am a giver and know how to treat a lady. But I am also a one woman man. I love to cook and enjoy wine tasting and a good fire in the fireplace. When I love I give everything. I never want to leave you at home but to do everything together.

Carlos is from United States

Carlos (63)

Carlos * Yuma, Arizona, United States
Seeking: Female 34 - 53 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

hi, im retro ..old fashioned..i like to hold the door open for my girl..give you my jacket if your always happy when i wake up to a new day.I cant ever remember feeling lonely. I love life. and all of the adventures of favorite part of meeting a new girlfriend is that first sweet kiss that just.feels so right..I really enjoy dating and going out .no arguments, pick a way to communicate like an adult..Its not important that we like all the same things cant possibly love me just by reading my profile so just remember this. friends first ..then tomorrow he he he My family heritage and ancestry is a royal Viking linage.I am a King looking for my Princess..You could be my beautiful Chinese Queen..When we meet I will win your heart and love.I can be very charming.I love Chinese women your so beautiful.ambitious.intelligent.full of passion, grace and charm.and yes sexy.I enjoy the spicy hot women and the spicy hot food .you can be a little naughty spicy and full of life let your little girl in you come out to play..Dream big and live a life incredible together..Im not in China yet but Im arranging a vacation..I love women..I have been single for many years.I like to date and go out with all of you beautiful girls..But its time to settle down .I like fun and teasing and funny and gazing..intimate moments..great food that you and I have cooked together with a little naughty kitchen time..Sexy time before we make love...Romantic just us together time after lovemaking..use your imagination about all the things you like to do making love together and i like it just as much or more than you can imagine...Hold those sweet sexy thoughts and contact me soon..Remember friends first....Then lovers and Marriage if we share the chemistry..Then we live our Dreams with happiness forever..... 嗨,我复古..老式..我喜欢为我的女孩敞开大门......如果你感冒了我给你的夹克...当我醒来新的一天时,我总是很高兴。我不记得感到寂寞。我热爱生活。生活中的所有冒险经历......我最喜欢与新女友见面的一点就是第一个甜蜜的吻,只是感觉如此正确。我真的很喜欢约会和外出。没有争论,选择像成年人一样交流的方式。我们喜欢所有相同的东西并不重要..你只能通过阅读我的个人资料来爱我,所以请记住这一点。朋友第一..然后明天恋人..他和他他他的家庭遗产和祖先是皇家维京人的行为。我是一个寻找我公主的国王..你可能是我美丽的中国女王......当我们见面时我会赢得你的我可以非常有魅力。我非常喜欢中国女人这么美丽。我很聪明。聪明,充满激情,优雅和魅力。还有性感。我喜欢辣辣的女人和辛辣的热食。你可以成为一个小顽皮的辛辣和充满生机让你的小女孩出来玩。梦见大,生活在一起令人难以置信。我不在中国,但我安排度假......我喜欢女人......我一直都是单身很多年。我喜欢约会,和你们所有美丽的女孩一起出去。但是时间安顿下来。我喜欢有趣和戏弄,有趣和亲吻..恍惚......融合......明星凝视......亲密的时刻。我和你一起煮熟的食物和一点顽皮的厨房时间。在我们做爱之前的时间......浪漫只是我们在做爱之后的时间。用你想象的关于你喜欢做的所有事情一起做爱,我喜欢和你想象的一样多或多...保持那些甜美的性感想法并尽快与我联系。先记住朋友......然后恋人和婚姻,如果我们分享化学。然后我们永远幸福地生活我们的梦想..... Hāi, wǒ fùgǔ.. Lǎoshì.. Wǒ xǐhuān wèi wǒ de nǚhái chǎngkāi dàmén...... Rúguǒ nǐ gǎnmàole wǒ gěi nǐ de jiákè... Dāng wǒ xǐng lái xīn de yītiān shí, wǒ zǒng shì hěn gāoxìng. Wǒ bù jìdé gǎndào jìmò. Wǒ rè'ài shēnghuó. Shēnghuó zhōng de suǒyǒu màoxiǎn jīnglì...... Wǒ zuì xǐhuān yǔ xīn nǚyǒu jiànmiàn de yīdiǎn jiùshì dì yīgè tiánmì de wěn, zhǐshì gǎnjué rúcǐ zhèngquè. Wǒ zhēn de hěn xǐhuān yuēhuì hé wàichū. Méiyǒu zhēnglùn, xuǎnzé xiàng chéngnián rén yīyàng jiāoliú de fāngshì. Wǒmen xǐhuān suǒyǒu xiāngtóng de dōngxī bìng bù chóng yào.. Nǐ zhǐ néng tōngguò yuèdú wǒ de gèrén zīliào lái ài wǒ, suǒyǐ qǐng jì zhù zhè yīdiǎn. Péngyǒu dì yī.. Ránhòu míngtiān liànrén.. Tā hé tā tā tā de jiātíng yíchǎn hé zǔxiān shi huángjiā wéi jīng rén de xíngwéi. Wǒ shì yīgè xúnzhǎo wǒ gōngzhǔ de guówáng.. Nǐ kěnéng shì wǒ měilì de zhōngguó nǚwáng...... Dāng wǒmen jiànmiàn shí wǒ huì yíngdé nǐ de wǒ kěyǐ fēicháng yǒu mèilì. Wǒ fēicháng xǐhuān zhōngguó nǚrén zhème měilì. Wǒ hěn cōngmíng. Cōngmíng, chōngmǎn jīqíng, yōuyǎ hé mèilì. Hái yǒu xìnggǎn. Wǒ xǐhuān là là de nǚrén hé xīnlà de rè shí. Nǐ kěyǐ chéngwéi yī gè xiǎo wánpí de xīnlà hé chōngmǎn shēngjī ràng nǐ de xiǎo nǚhái chūlái wán. Mèng jiàn dà, shēnghuó zài yīqǐ lìng rén nányǐ zhìxìn. Wǒ bùzài zhōngguó, dàn wǒ ānpái dùjià...... Wǒ xǐhuān nǚrén...... Wǒ yīzhí dōu shì dānshēn hěnduō nián. Wǒ xǐhuān yuēhuì, hé nǐmen suǒyǒu měilì de nǚhái yīqǐ chūqù. Dànshì shíjiān āndùn xiàlái. Wǒ xǐhuān yǒuqù hé xìnòng, yǒuqù hé qīnwěn.. Huǎnghū...... Rónghé...... Míngxīng níngshì...... Qīnmì de shíkè. Wǒ hé nǐ yīqǐ zhǔ shú de shíwù hé yīdiǎn wánpí de chúfáng shíjiān. Zài wǒmen zuò'ài zhīqián de shíjiān...... Làngmàn zhǐshì wǒmen zài zuò'ài zhīhòu de shíjiān. Yòng nǐ xiǎngxiàng de guānyú nǐ xǐhuān zuò de suǒyǒu shìqíng yīqǐ zuò'ài, wǒ xǐhuān hé nǐ xiǎngxiàng de yīyàng duō huò duō... Bǎochí nàxiē tiánměi dì xìnggǎn xiǎngfǎ bìng jǐnkuài yǔ wǒ liánxì. Xiān jì zhù péngyǒu...... Ránhòu liànrén hé hūnyīn, rúguǒ wǒmen fēnxiǎng huàxué. Ránhòu wǒmen yǒngyuǎn xìngfú dì shēnghuó wǒmen de mèngxiǎng.....


Frank is from United States

Frank (43)

I'm Looking For You!!! Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 45 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

It's difficult for me to describe myself on my own words, but I can tell you what my co-workers and friends say about my character. I am someone hard working man, sweet, caring, calm spirited, thoughtful, someone that takes the initiative and get things done, funny (or at least with a good sense of humor). I do know that I work hard all the time, I don't do drugs (I never have had), I don't hang around bars (but I like to go out and have a nice/decent meal), I like movies, music of all sorts, a good glass of wine. I like to work on my spiritual development with God (work is in progress all the time). I do know that when I love a woman, I have eyes for her and her alone. My heart is committed to YOU until the end of your days.

Vincent is from United States

Vincent (64)

Looking for a relationship Naples, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 40 - 65 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

I am looking for my one and only true love and a committed long term relationship. I am honest, trust worthy and would do anything for the love of my life. Please note that I made a mistake on my profile and could not change it I am74 not 64 but my pictures are current.


Dennis is from United States

Dennis (59)

The Passionate One Beaumont, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 50 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

I am very sorry I did not write this when I first signed up. You may have believed I was ready right now, to visit China. Unfortunately I am not ready. I do now want to begin an email correspondence until I am close to being able to leave. I believe you want the same. There is business for me to do before I think of traveling or visiting. 1] I have to sell my home. 2] I am in search of a great location of where to live. It may not be here in the U.S.


Steven is from United States

Steven (39)

DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE FAKE... Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 30 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

I am an American who enjoys working out, spending time outdoors, seeing new places, cooking, having fun. I am a personal trainer and work in National Park in United States. I am romantic and desire a sensual chinese lady who is compassionate and loving like myself who is looking for lifetime husband.


James v is from United States

James v (56)

Good man looking for serious rela... Chicago, Illinois, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 45 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

I am a single (never married) teacher who has no children. I am a science teacher in Chicago and have a good life. I am healthy for my age and exercise regularly and do not smoke or drink. I have been very devoted to career in my adult life and ready to have someone with me now. I love children and still open to having a family.


Bru is from United States

Bru (57)

adventurer - exciting - financial... Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Seeking: Female 23 - 38 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

I'm a single father of twin 16 year old boys who live with me 50% of the time. I'm an engineer and build lots of exciting things. We travel all over the country. We laugh constantly, joke around, explore, and seek world adventure. We need a stable fun loving woman to share our lives.


Lamont is from United States

Lamont (46)

Searching For My Soulful Song Port Huron, Michigan, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 71 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

I am a retired combat veteran who is also a musician who plays several instruments. I am also an Alpha Male so if you think this will be a problem it will probably not work out. I like working out at the gym, traveling, food and wine tasting. I like Mexican and all Hispanic dishes and am willing to try any exotic dish at least once. I like sporting events, outdoor concerts, picnics, billiards, bowling, and pretty much anything that can be interesting.

Robert is from United States

Robert (55)

Looking to Settle down soon Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
Seeking: Female 49 - 87 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

I am very open minded, passionate, optimistic, dedicated and free-spirited man who tries always to be mindful of my words and how they affect others. The most important thing in my life is religious beliefs, moral values & respect for people around me.


carl is from United States

carl (60)

Jesus is number one in my life Gresham, Oregon, United States
Seeking: Female 28 - 36 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

I enjoy my life and the people in it. I'm doing new things. I enjoy reading. traveling. Playing cribbage. Watching movies. Riding my motorcycle. I enjoy driving my car I can drive forever. I enjoyed jumping rope for my exercise. The Lord has taught me to love I have so much love I want to share it with my bride and Family


Lamar is from United States

Lamar (39)

Sweet & Humble 😊 Carlsbad, New Mexico, United States
Seeking: Female 22 - 38 for Romance / Dating
Appearance: Attractive

I'm sweet, humble, funny, respectful, honest and laid back. I serve Jesus Christ and as a Christian that enables me to be a greater person than what I am. I want to find a humble and sweet hearted woman, so that I can treat her like a Queen and she can be my one and only. A Man is not fully complete unless he has a good woman by his side ☺

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