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31 Pensacola, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 33
Have children: No
I am very nice and respectful and need someone the same. Soy una persona muy activa y carinosa Habla bastante bien espanol pero mi nivel no es tan alto. Me encanta hablar en espanol y no tengo miedo. I am very affectionate and work hard to be a good provider. I want a partner who is very affectionate, sensual, who wants to touch and be touched. I am athletic, go to the gym, yoga, swim, bike weightlifting and sports and as a result have a high sex drive, and you should too. I want a partner who can keep up with me. I like to give and receive messages, this is a favorite activity of mine to pleasure and be pleasured My main love language is touch and words of affirmation. I am messy, dirty and smelly (but shower daily) because of the activities I do. I am like a kid in a man's body. I like to be taken care of, but I do not take criticism well. If you get upset when someone leaves or misplaces things, I do that- so maybe I'm not for you. If you are light hearted and don't mind repeating yourself and are kind, I am too. I lose things, forget things, and if you can accept that we might work. Must have sexy underwear, smell good and stay in shape. Likes: dancing for hours at a time, staying active, making smoothies, touching hair, candles, romance, bossa nova, massage, travel. Somewhat religious but doesnt judge other people and doesn't hate gay people Dislikes: people who stare at smartphones. Criticism. Low sex drive. Someone who gets upset easily. Desire someone willing to take care of most things domestic, especially cooking and cleaning, and will be a good mother. I am happy to clean. But you will be the boss of the home, so I will follow your lead. If you would go out dancing with just me without friends as a date - I like that. I don't like picky people that complain and nag. I need someone positive like me.
44 Bismarck, North Dakota, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 45
Have children: No
I am a sexy handsome romantic older Italian/American guy, very sweet and thoughtful, well educated and cultured with a good science job, clean, healthy, well mannered looking for sex ,love and life companionship with my beautiful Asian dream girl! is that you sweetie?? we will share many beautiful times together - darling , all my love is here waiting for you with a nice diamond ring I am saving for you so talk to me soon ( : lol I would love for you to cook your favorite dish for me , I'm sure I will enjoy it ! I love spicy Asian food! and I will treat you to some of my favorite Italian recipes as well darling, kiss, I want to take you to all the cool places in my city to be seen by everyone with you holding your hands with my arm around your waist smiling and kissing with you and also very much I want to guide you to all the beautiful natural areas of lakes, rivers, prairies and mountains here for camping, fishing, boating, birdwatching, sightseeing, relaxation and enjoyment of nature, at night we can make passionate romantic love under the bright stars above at our secret campsite darling ... and I really like your sexy letters you send to me! My dear sweethearts you can also write to me for free to my email here for better contact: dates4franco@gmail.com or on my face book page for Franco Palermo - I can also tell you my phone number and get your phone number there so we can talk live - all my love is waiting for you! I live in beautiful North Dakota - we can have a very happy life here together darling sweetheart - will you visit me here and let me catch you and keep you? I will hold you very tight and never let you go! hehe LOL Franco
52 Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 99
Have children: No
28 State College, Pennsylvania, United States
Seeking: Female 19 - 25
Have children: No
I am the boy's family and give you information about the boy: he was a 25-year-old monkey (1992), exciting, and long, 1.78 m to 1.83 m looks like. The typical 读 personality, kind, exercise strict self-discipline wider than the question. Born in a family of intellectuals, 公 and temper, but with a noble (not money, but the spirit of play). His 2-year-old, it recognizes the 2500 Field, child care let others tell stories on stage, he is reading. His 4-year-old would play mahjong, but he did not participate in any form of gambling. He was on his 3-year-old compared to a 4-year-old students, age is small and mature. In the junior high school games, will be able to run the 3000-meter course. High school students in the future is the organizer, there is a slight talent. There are also modern peer modern behavior and awareness. In addition to the professional on his must-read, the expo group (English and Chinese philosophy, art, social and fiction). He is now in the United States, around 2018, the graduate school is very busy and free time loves to play basketball, football, shopping to cooking. (University) of the concert went to listen to a football game to watch a football match to buy votes, he would organize students to villagers on the TV. The disadvantage is that the treatment of emotional one 心. He expressed the hope that the future life of the romantic 诗 painting, Chinese landscape painting, love and vegetables, rice, cooking oil and salt sauce vinegar tea and 酸 salt and joy and sorrow of life. His 15-year-old on their own college, the 20-year-old on their own independent living in the United States, and they are doing very good cuisine. He would like the United States, equality, freedom and the rule of law (Rule of Law), and the future is developed in the United States. The money he had, of course, a lot of good, but in no way do chicken beep dog training. Gentleman's love of money from the road. The money for the sole purpose of life, not in order to high-he was one, and so on. Living life to do a few things on the social significance, and even a little grass, or want to add a little green earth. The other half is beautiful, so ashamed, no plastic, no make-up. Clean water out of the hibiscus, natural self-雕, wisdom, Spirit (love reading and AURA), body slimming (have to wear a 旗 China's body), one should not be too low, it is not difficult to listen to the sound, there is literature and art (including music, art, etc.), must also have a knowledge of life. Family cohesion, physical and mental health, family, colleagues, and the community, younger than his great 2 to 3-year-old, little to no less than 8 years old can. Plain speaking is going up to the room (they cannot feed themselves, there is a culture that is covered with a colleague social harmony), next to the kitchen (he is not on your side, you can cook their own food). Outlook on life, and values, money, ethics, aesthetics should be consistent. In short, there is love, love is not a problem. He was a high IQ, are common during a fellow; he had a good scientific mind (IQ), it is good for the people of the world (eq); his Yen value (I do not like this, but it is very popular) is very high, but he had to focus more on their own cultural ethics. He at first sight like little fresh meat (i particularly resent this word), but the fine 端 he has the edge in the corner of the men. He is a man, but he was not the male chauvinism. In the home, democracy, equality, freedom, tolerance, love, that is to say, the Chinese Yan Yi Lai Chi, namely, Mr. Desai) was their home fans. He left his grandmother's family style is "called to suffer, not face heat." His grandfather left home fans is "to facilitate, and have easy access. He is a civilian population, would be happy to live in a world landscape. He called for "Long live the money to bypass, there is a special work status to bypass", "Only the bread would be to go to. This person is not me, he lines?



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