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45 Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Seeking: Female 24 - 42
I am not here as plaything for you and friends...I am serious to find Life Companion with daughter. If you are age 18-22, you will be treated like my daughter (loved, admired, proud, teaching you, play with you love games), you will be my 'arm candy' (girl of delicious sweet, only for me); if you are age 23-30, you will be like Little Sister (mei mei) to me (I will love you, teach you, proud of you, explore with you, play love games, enjoy life); if you are age 31-45, you are good for me for relations (you are very successful, ready for settle down, have daughter, good life, want serious) then I will love you as equal partner, explore with you, teach your daughter, be dear friend to you. I am New on here, so best way to contact me is email (willsachak @ gmail.com), Instagram (williamtsachak), phone text (00 1 520 414 2861), or 微信 Wēixìn/WeChat (my name). 😊😉 I am Primary Elementary Teacher of children in Kindergarten to 6th Grade (6-12 years), for 13 years now. I am educated with 3 University Degrees. I am divorced with no children :( but I am awesome uncle to 8 nieces and nephews! If you have child, i would be great for them as a honorable teacher, father, or positive citizen! I am very close to my family and friends. I have a Spaniel Dog named Zack. Personality: Wood Rabbit Aries zodiac AB blood, Friendly, Honest, Honorable, Faithful, Intelligent, Sense of Humor, Thoughful, Caring, Close to Family, Passionate for Life, Enthusiastic, Loving and Tender Heart, Strong Spirit, Stubborn. Interview: In Free Time: Outdoor Activities (hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, traveling, exploring, Nature Parks;, Museums, Zoos, galleries, Live Theater (Chinese Kabuki?), Military Battlefields and Castles, Cemetaries (to honor fallen people). Favorite Books: Reading many books from Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, or William Shakespeare, History books, Language books, Fiction books. Sports: American Football, Baseball, Softball, and Soccer. Fun Hobbies: Cooking; Singing Kareoke; Needlepoint Embroidery Crafts; Drawing. Favorite colors and flowers: Fire Orange, Forest Green, Royal Purple, Sun Yellow, Earth Brown; Pink Carnation, Lilac, Daisy, Daffodil flowers. Favorite Music: 1950-1990 Classic Rock (old American), Gospel Church, Folk/World Music. Television: History, Documentaries, Old Movies, Home Improvment, Local News, WWE Wrestling, Aliens Ghosts and Supernatural Myths. Favorite foods: all cultural cuisine, but no vegan! In Chinese cooking, I like Hot and Spicy soup, Tempura Shrimp, Hibachi Grill, Frog Legs, and Crab Rangoon. My Friends Call Me: Will; Kawasu/Qingwa (Pond Frog); Striker (One Who Has Quick Mind); Goofy Goober (I can be very silly dork most of time); Tomboner (use imagination) 😉 In Ten Years: hopefully with good woman with daughter (personal), Professor at University or Museum Curator (professional). Want To Visit: Entire World with my Life Partner!!! 😀 I would like to come to China and experience your great culture and history! Favorite Season: Autumn/Fall Favorite Holiday: Halloween Favorite Movies: History Documentaries, Horror, Action/War, Disney Animation. Favorite School Subjects: History and Anthropology. First Kiss: 7 years old (I was passionate for girls even at young age! Lol) Wanted To Be: as child I wanted to be expert explorer like Indiana Jones (Professor, Historian, Anthropologist, Archaeologist)! Favorite Dish To Make: Red Beet Stew, Cabbage Stew, BBQ Grilled foods, Pickled Vegetables. On Desert Island: Survival Knife, DuckTape, Life Partner. Don't Like: Liars, Cheaters, Dishonesty, Injustice. Bad Points of Me: Very Stubborn, Perfection Attitude, Joking/Laughing at Serious Times. I am looking for other half in life...Life Partner. Soomeone to share simple experiences in life, like a hike in the mountains, relax on beach, antique shopping, playing with kids on playground, teaching youth our knowledge, sharing family fun times.... My frame is of average build (163cm, 64kg). I am cute and attractive but Not 'Hollywood' muscleman or movie star. I wear eyeglasses to see (but more attractive without) lol. I like to dress professional at work with shirt and tie with slacks, but on weekends I wear nice polo shirt and Levi jeans. I am an Air Force Veteran who was wounded in Afghanistan in 2005, so i have to use walking cane for journeys...you can be my personal walking stick if you want (the school children love to be my cane!) 😀 I can be very much mischief in bedroom...with passion and much tickling and laughter! Lol I give wonderful massages! I am Certified Master Chef! I can sing Kareoke on stage, or sing with voice in concerts or holidays. In business, I can be very serious; but prefer to have gentle personality with many smiles, hugs, encouragement, and fun learning (ask my students!!!) Lol 🌞🍭🌈🐸🐞🐢
54 Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 20



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