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42 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 27 - 42
59 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 65
59 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 40
56 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
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42 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 50
48 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 50
49 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 45
67 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
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68 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
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67 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 45
60 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 29 - 46
71 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 50
28 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
Hello darling ladies! My favorite girls are Indian asian, East Asian, Native American, and middle eastern but I can be persuaded to date another race of girl if she has the right look... YES I WANT a Extra racial marriage I think these types of girls are HOT!!! after you read this you can look me up on facebook under the name "Jacob Kilgore" I am the one with the flannel shirt with the red curtin behind me. If you want more conformation it is me. Look for the white feathered and red and black feathered ducks! I love ducks! Their cute and fuzzy and they wag their tail and smile when they get SUPER EXCITED when you have bread! LOL! Just message me on messenger if you have time please! Anyway... I am a single man with a need to find love. I will start with the following statement... I am a religious man a Christian of the church of Christ as such I have a special insight about the religion of others, Jesus taught us to be loving and accepting of our brothers and sisters and not to judge. I can tell you one thing from this knowledge, I accept this in my future wife's and my relationship. Why you might ask there is so much difference between our faiths? My answer to that is this... Is there really? A Islamic philosopher once said this and even though I am not Islam myself I am Christian I take his words to heart. In the beginning all knowledge that man even had was God. All religions are based on that knowledge. So no matter if you're Christian, Islam, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, Confucius, or even Pagan all religions are based off that one single primal, immortal, truth... God. That said you should know some things about me first, I am baptized and I took a vow to the lord LONG BEFORE I MET YOU and I am loyal to him first, to not purposefully sin, I am chaste as a result and not willing or capable to have sex before marriage. My vows come first Just as my vows to you will be a VERY, VERY, ETREMELY, close second and will always be so, marriage after the relationship with God is the most important they in any existence and mans first, finest, and might I say most beautiful gift. Jesus even told us to love our spouse as much as we love him and that love is INFINITE! That being said... I'm as red blooded as the next man is and when the church bells silence and we get home... I'll show what a red blooded man who's been holding it in for years is like! I LOVE TICKLING! And she needs to be comfortable with being tickled especially on her feet... A woman's laughter is the sound of passion and erotic love/lust to me but mostly I do it because I LOVE HER and I love to here the sound of her laugh and giggle whether she is ok with fun tickling to start of a night of romantic lust or if she gets erotic by some light tickle torture it is fine with me but note I will NEVER GO SO FAR AS TO DO IT TO WERE IT STOPS BEING FUN AND LUSTFUL FOR HER OR DO IT WHEN SHE IS MAD/ANGRY! I am a nice tickler and I want it to be fun for both of us! Oh and if it means being tickled back... GO AHEAD and experiment, try me baby ;) Also it must be said before anything else that I may be a little kinky but most of all I LOVE ROMANCE and have a passion for romance. Let me start with this Do you like poems? GOOD! Because when the passion starts to swell in my veins and I get instant inspiration there is no stopping my pencil as I write words of the most passionate love on paper, If you would date me I will read you some of my best work! Including my best two ("Who is my princess?", and "my most precious Jewel")! You like stories too? Well you got that also! I write stories in my most favorite universes! Most are works in progress, But I've completed a couple including ("The legions of Lustra", and a untitled Cthulhu Mythos Tale of two strangers trapped in a half dimension with only the two of them in existence)! But one of the most passionate things that I love to do is give my beloved gifts! Get used to it baby! I am going to spoil you till you rot! You know that egg that you leave out side in the beginning of June to the end of August? That is how spoiled rotten you will be! I'm not a rich man but I can tell you that the vast majority of the money I make will go to your wildest material fantasies! I love how a woman face lights up when you give her a gift! And the joy she feel when you give her something special! From a simple offering to make dinner for her, to a sexy chaeta skin night gown when she's 50 to make her feel young and beautiful again! Get used to it babe I'm going to spoil you even when your 200 :D! Speaking of spoiling she needs to like even love to be touched! Women's skin is SO MUCH more sensitive them a man's is and I like that! I love hugs, kisses, caresses, and being doted upon by her but most of all I love doing it TO her. She needs to love to be hugged it's how I feel close to another, bear hugs especially! Kissing is fun to me even if it is just one way kissing! I LIKE KISSING GAMES! be ready to be kissed and doted upon by me! Kissing her hand is important to me I love to make her smile, blush, laugh and giggle with delight! Do you like massages? Then you should know I found some lotion and I am looking up on the internet how to give a GREAT MASSAGE! By the way if you wonder how soft my hands are for a massage... My hands are like marshmellows and you will LOVE them messaging your head, back, arms, legs, and feet... You are going to relax in heaven with my hands on you my future wife! Disclaimer I am still training and looking up online how to do it properly! LOL! P.P.S I would NEVER in a million year take advantage of an aphrodisiac lotion by putting it on you... Shhh... Lol :D Caressing is important to me it shows a form of love that says "you're still attractive to me!" even when we get old and our hearts are not capable of having sex I can still caress you as a way of saying "I can't but I want to SOOO badly!". One of my most romantic fanticies is this... It is simple but sweet. I want my wife's head to lay on my chest and just sit there with her head in my arms and just talk... Just let her tell me EVERYTHING that is on her mind and just let me listen to her story... Another romantic fantasy of mine is for her to just lay on top of me... I get STRESSED very easy but I have a weighted blanket at home to help me cope... If she would lay on top of me no sex just lay on top of me that would make my day... physical contact is everything to me it stimulates the brain even if it is not sexual but HIGHLY ROMANTIC! Also I want a younger girl... And no it is not for some sexist reason or whatever so please do not think that... Instead it is because of this... I have had to deal with ALOT of death in my life and I know that my wife being younger isn't going to garentee that she will live longer but I at least want to scratch that worry off the list of worry that she will die before me... If I lose my wife before I die I will go INSANE so I at least want to check that worry off the list... I know it sounds selfish to want to die before she does but I don't know if I could emotionally handle it and by all reconing I would die not far behind her anyway I would be so heartbroken I just would not eat and just stare into space and say a prayer every night that went like this... "Please father let me die so I can be with my wife in heaven together forever... Plus I'm the oldest in my family and I'm not giving up that title to anyone! lol! I am a loyal man perhaps dumbly so. I never get hooked on multiple women if you would be my wife I am incapable of looking at any women except you, My dad taught me that! I love to play games! Board games, Video games, Roleplaying games you name it I probably love to play it! I would like to make it a nightly routine to play at least one game even if it is only once a week it would be great to have someone to play with at night when we get home from work to just chill with! And it's ok if you're not good at them "I'm not either" I would just love someone to be my best gaming pal to be with! another thing I love to do is read. I love reading and if you want me to I'll read you a story every night before you go to sleep romance, horror, or anything in between I'll read it as sweetly as I can while you drift off to snooze land before kissing you on the head to go to sleep myself. As much as I love Video games I dislike just TV and while I'd love to go to a drive in movie theater with you TV is just not my thing in general as a go to thing to do though I would put aside my own feeling to do what she want to do. Speaking of doing what she want to do my role in the relationship is one of the servant. Jesus taught us that the most valuable position in any house hold is the servant role. Basically it is always my turn to take out the trash, clean the dishes, fix the food "I can learn how to cook", do the laundry, and your job is to reward me with a passionate kiss at the end and whisper a thank you in my ear to let me know I'm loved! Like I said before I want to dote on you my dear with that in mind I would like to say this. I would love to brush your hair! Hair is beautiful to me "except in food". Lol. I read one of the reasons women go to barber shops and solons it to get treated and fussed over. So why not have the most important person in your life fuss over you? Keeping you pretty is one of my top priorities! I want to keep your apperance as young and as lovely for as long as I can! So I plan on doing the following to you. Brush your hair, Bathe you, Clothe you by taking me to the store and giving me ideas of what you like, This must be said before anything else. And I know that I'm going to scare off many women by saying this. I am physically and emotionally incapable of having children. First thing you should know about me is this, if there is one relationship I have envy for it is the relationship between a mother and a child. To put it simply I would feel replaced even more so with the child than if you got another lover! P.S Don't do that either. I have had a vasectomy. Also on the subject while all of my bodily functions work perfectly one thing you should know is I don't have any sperm count and so am incapable of having children I can be your life long companion, give you the most beautiful night of your life and still not be able to get you pregnant. I still am normal just don't have any sperm count, sex still works normally though so you put me in a room with my wife ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN just like any other marital relationship. So don't think the curtin is going to go down in the middle of act one! LOL! Now if you want a niece or nephew my sister's married and she want's kids and like you I'm going to spoil them rotten, But you will always come first my love! Well that about wraps it up here I could put more down but if you want to know more just ask me I'm an open book! :D
60 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 29 - 47
41 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 34 - 43
46 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 28
50 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 27 - 43
51 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 41
46 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 24 - 34
35 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 25
46 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Seeking: Female 24 - 40



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