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46 Seattle, Washington, United States
Seeking: Female 24 - 38
Looking for My Soulmate: She is... A kind heart and old soul. She is a giver who deeply cares about those around her. She often puts other's needs above her own, not because she's weak but because she's strong. When she sees people hurting, she's sometimes overwhelmed with compassion to the point of tears and has to help. She loves to laugh and her laughter is infectious. She can be silly, nerdy and goofy. She lives life with passion– loving, playing, laughing, and crying with Reckless Abandon. She is a happy soul and perrenial optimist. She's not naive but consciously chooses to forget the past, forgive wrongs done and see the world through rosy glasses. She's not perfect and doesn't expect those she loves to be either. She's not the insecure or jealous type. She understands love is unconditional and often a decision that we make –she knows we don't always feel like loving the one that we love, but we love them anyway. She believes that feelings come and go, but true love stays. She is very affectionate and often craves hugs, snuggles and kisses. She is very feminine, loves to dress-up and go-out to fancy restaurants but just as comfortable in an old-worn-out-pair of jeans, eating by a campfire and sleeping under the stars. She is fit, healthy, active and strives to be her best and she inspires the best in the man she loves. She's a modern girl with old fashioned values. She prefers men who are brave, big-hearted, honest, and kind. She still believes in chivalry, white knights and gallant troubadours. She is intelligent, inspirational and spiritual. She can be silly but she's not shallow and she cares about the deeper, more important and meaningful things. She longs for her life to count for something special and believes she was placed on this Earth for a significant purpose. If you've read this far, then by now you already know much about me...
51 Seattle, Washington, United States
Seeking: Female 42 - 60
Life is a barrel of laughs when you look back and realize how much dang fun I have had. I will not kid anyone that I have had an easy ride, but I guess truly it has been rich and full. I have mileage on this engine, but changed the oil and keep the maintenance up. I have had the pleasure of being in love, feeling loved, and being able to reciprocate in kind. I have had my heart broken, been cheated, lied, and betrayed and somehow have lived to discover the humanity or humility of life lessons and the value of who I want and deserve in my life. I am an accumulation as I am sure you are of many adventures and for some, I think they would tell you I am one adventure after another. I am amazed at the beauty of this stellar planet and dazzled to have seen so much of this earth and in awe that I have barely scratched the treasures hidden waiting to be found on this earth. People will tell you that I am a storyteller of adventures, places, and the people that have shaped and define my character of me. In the past 20 years, my cameras have captured many moments so that others can perhaps understand why I am fascinated by simple essences of life. I would like my special person to be the model to fill my lenses. Some of my friends find me Dr. Phil and I do have a fascination with relationships, and communication. The frustrating part is I am so much better working those issues out with my friends and learning more about me and the nice gals like you. How complex we are women and men, and how we seem to parallel each other as a species yet so many of us cannot conquer our passions to love. It is my experience that women and men do want to seek and need love, and need to have this experience in many ways to help complete our lives. Funny why are we passing in the night and rarely attempting to bump but faintly smile and keep on moving? I am in rediscovery mode again, more cautious, but still have a child heart as that is who I am and have discovered that I rather not date, but enjoy the experience of your company and the complexity of that interaction and understanding that the sum of time should equal the beat of my heart and if it does not then my heart is telling me something I need to listen to, as I hope yours will too. If dating at our age was simple why is it that I hear, feel, and have experienced how difficult reaching out to people can be. Is it not interesting, who we feel should be attracted to us and vice versa? I do know that dating now is a true paradigm change from when I was 20 something. Perhaps you may or may not be attracted to the physical side of me and that is OK we are taught to see beauty from a distance. I have learned to seek the truth from inside as true beauty doesn't fade in the light, or age holds true in laughter, is intense in truth and integrity, passionate to enjoy every breath of each day, shares, and grows. There are many of you that my eyes are attracted too, natural attraction has to be equally matched by a deep desire to have more, discover more of each other riches hidden for just that one person who has the courage to knock on my doors and ask the right questions to discover more of whom I am and vice-versa. Are you still with me? Lar Plus points: The conversation that inspires more conversation. Likes to travel. Camp. Explore. Take uncomfortable risk…zip line, skydive… etc. Have some vanity as I want to photo every last minute of that amazing relationship I am trying to keep the age group appropriate personal meetings. However, a cute pair of heels will get extra points. I believe flirting starts with a smile and continue through the day and night. I am also betting 90% will not read to here. So......yes this is outrageous. Say...SEX in hello.



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