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44 Tempe, Arizona, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 35
Do not walk behind me, it may not guide you! Do not walk in front of me, it may not follow you! Walk by my side, together we'll find the way! A mature man who knows what he is looking for and what's not looking! I am unmarried and without children. I speak English, French and Spanish. I have traveled all over the world and lived in many countries for work fate destiny and also because i liked it! I am a person very logical, work in international business i am independent. Some things from me and my character! I like the simple life, luxury and wealth seem to me to pretend bobadas, life is very simple for me, if I am happy I don't need more! I have a new or best IPhone, car, motorcycle, etc. etc. doesn't make me a better person, nor more happy! I am just as happy taking a beer with the mechanics of the corner talking about oil engines and sitting in the wax, dressed in a suit and tie with executives in a hotel 5 stars taking Martini and speaking business. Both groups have their good and bad things i enjoy the two. I do not see television…. Never! But i love the cinema! I am not at home, I always want to be doing something... what-less being at home doing nothing. The routine is for people who don't have dreams! .. I love extreme sports and nature 3 My hobbies are sports rock climbing, scuba diving, and motorcycles. I went to Arizona to Peru in Moto as well was how i met Medellin! I am very open in mentality and i can't stand people who are closed or ignorant. Religion…. In a word, NO! It is just not for me and it never will be. I know that one day when humans we all have a higher level of education will cease to exist by itself! I hope to live long enough to see that free world of mental slavery caused by religion! I love to cook, and cooked well!, it is the only time that i like to be at home doing a feast for the friends cooking for everyone! :) The deny my partner a hug, sex or the word because they don't want to do something or do not want to change for me is called blackmail. The blackmail is a form of violence! I accept my partner as it is, if it is not how I like it shouldn't be with that person. I will not ask you to change and no, i will change unless by my own motivation. The jealousy is a feeling of mistrust, didn't react well before them, are an accusation of dishonesty and how any normal person, I don't like being accused of being dishonest. I always try to others as i would like to be treated. If I am not mistaken it to ask forgiveness and I will! No one is better than anyone, if there are bad people but are not born as well learn to be. How do you think?
44 Federal Way, Washington, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 50
Let’s talk about it... I mean really. I could write down anything that I think might be appealing to you and cater to your level of interest but Id rather we talk and we get a feel for each-others inner spirit. You can tell a lot about a person by talking to them. The sound of their voice, the rhythm and content of their conversation and if your attentive you will get a good feel of their true self. This much I will say...I’m a passionate man that is drawn towards passion not just from an intimate point of view but in life and everything you do in it. I mean if you’re going to be half assed about something you do why do it at all... On another note I am also a man that truly believes that a kiss is the most powerful form of intimacy...Like a fine wine I never open a bottle before its time... I'm a animal lover and have a protective nature and inner drive to be protective of those things which are most vulnerable in our society (children, elderly and animals). Love music, dancing, and live theatre and just about anything out doors (love nature). I would never ask for anything that I am not willing to do or give myself. So on that note I take great pride in taking care of myself and personal hygiene and drawn to a woman that does the same... I have a belief in God and have a loving fear and respect for him. I don't base a lot on man based religions but I am very spiritual. I have a gift to see a person's inner spirit. So if your intuition moves you, feel free to send me a note and let’s explore chemistry...
56 Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 99
Are you searching for that special "King" to join you "Queen", well look no more because here I come. "I Came, I Saw", You and I will "Conquer" you. I am seeking a WHITE PRINCESS to be my WHITE GODDESS. I am tired of hanging out by myself and sleeping alone at nights. Every time I hang out at clubs and bars, trying to meet women, all I can hear from them is, "Nice To Meet You" and nothing further. Well, I need a woman for more than that. Now, I need someone that I can call my own. Well, one of most memorable experience that happened about a couple of months ago, is taking a female that I met from the internet on our first date. Unfortunately the date went "sour" because on our first date, I bought her two drinks and she vomit the drinks all over me in the cab. This incidence is still fresh in the back of my mind. HA HA HA WHOA!!!!!! just a little sense of humor, it is so funny the way it happened. I am very family oriented and I will go all the way out to "please" my woman. Whether it is a "massage" from a hard day's stress, to "clean the house", to "cook the meals" or to "iron the clothes" or anything else, I stand by you "100%" percent. Now you hear me speaking my "heart" out to you "Queenie". You know what to do now, is not make this "OPPORTUNITY" pass you by, because "OPPORTUNITY" comes but once, and don't let this "GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY" pass you by. So what are you waiting for, "REPLY" to me now and "Believe me", YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID. PPPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAASSSSSEEEEEE NO DRUNKARD, TIME WASTER, DISEASE CARRIER, MANIZER, DRUG ADDICT, ABUSER, PHONY, HYPROCRITE, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR NEED NOT APPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!