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37 Los Angeles, California, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 33
I am a sociologist of international migration who doing research for University of California at Los Angeles on how to increase opportunities for Chinese to go abroad. I really love Chinese food and would like to discover new restaurants with delicious food. I also used to work as a professor of Oral English and American Culture at Beijing Foreign Studies University and I love learning Chinese so I would like to find someone who wants to learn English and teach me some Chinese. Lastly, I also have 1200 hours of training in Chinese medicine acupressure therapy and many forms of Asian massage (e.g. thai massage, Hawaiian massage, shiatsu, and tui na) and I have been practicing and teaching for 10 years, and I enjoy giving my dates long massages. I manage my money quite well and so I have been able to travel through 141 countries. But now I find traveling lonely, and now I am looking for a woman who is also curious about other cultures and would like to join me in exploring the rest of the world. 我是谁做研究的加州大学洛杉矶分校就如何增加对中国的出国机会,国际移民的社会学家。我真的很喜欢中国菜,想发现有美味的食物新餐厅。我也曾经工作作为英语口语和美国文化的教授北京外国语大学,我爱中国学习,所以我想找到一个人谁想要学习英语,并教我一些中国。最后,我也有在中国medicine指压疗法1200小时的培训和多种形式的亚洲按摩(如泰式按摩,夏威夷按摩,指压和推拿)和我一直在练习,教了10年,我喜欢给我的日期长的按摩。管理我的钱得很好,所以我一直能够通过141个国家旅行。但是现在我发现寂寞的旅行,现在我正在寻找一个女人谁也好奇其他文化,并想和我一起探索世界的其余部分。
54 Los Angeles, California, United States
Seeking: Female 40 - 50
37 Los Angeles, California, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 55
“Dreaming of Happiness” Hi, my name is Jeff. I’m an Information Technology Consultant living in beautiful sunny Los Angeles, California. I love reading books, sharing a delicious dinner with friends and traveling around the world. Are you an amazing woman? My dream is for us to smile when we think about each other and enjoy great memories together. I love joyful conversation with lots of laughter. I’d love to share a tasty meal or drink a glass of wine together. I am friendly, and kindness is very important to me. I like making someone feel special and cherished. Time is more important than money. I believe you can always make more money, but you will never get more time. I am a confident ambitious nerd. I love to learn. I studied Economics and Psychology (analyzing your life will require a small $ donation) in undergrad and loved it. Afterwards, I got my MBA at UCLA and now am working on my second master’s degree too. I am very career focused so I can get very busy but will always make time for my woman. I work as a consultant in information technology and travel regularly for business. I consider myself a true modern gentleman and at the end of the day, I’d love to find a woman that inspires me. I am passionate about travel. I love being exposed to new cultures and nothing is better than traveling to other countries. I was born in Los Angeles and my parents are Spanish from Latin America so I speak fluent Spanish too. My passport is my most precious memento because of all the dear memories it has allowed me to experience. Here are a few random highlights that have happened to me traveling: - Received red carpet treatment by pretending to be a reporter for a newspaper in Medellin, Colombia - Walked 15 kilometers of freeway at 2am after being abandoned by an evil taxi in Ensenada, Mexico - Zip lined over the Amazon River scared and screaming in Mindo, Ecuador - Tricked into eating chicken heart on the mean streets of Bangkok, Thailand - Escaped a soccer riot with a crazy Englishman and a Canadian in San Jose, Costa Rica - Became a delicious meal for mosquitos while kayaking in a bio bay in San Juan, Puerto Rico - Crashed a wedding as a groomsman in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia - Escaping a stray Doberman attack dog by jumping through a guard shack window in Goa, India - Forced to exercise in a Zumba workout class in Escalon, El Salvador - Took shots of vodka in a hostel with the Japanese Peace Corps in Panama City, Panama - Forced to study cosmetic makeup business trends in Asia in Seoul, South Korea - On the ground floor during the election of President Rodrigo Duterte in Makati, Philippines - Danced at a Full Moon beach party with 10,000 crazy Europeans in Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand - Rode a dune buggy and sand surfed the desert around an oasis in Ica, Peru - Forced to participate in karaoke singing of the Pokémon theme song in Quito, Ecuador - Losing a burpee/pushup competition during the Star Wars movie premiere in New Delhi, India



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