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45 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 60
Hi, gentlemen (if you are) here! Before you show an interest in me, please view my profile carefully, where I write down something to characterize myself though it is hard to me. :) I am easy-going, sincere, confident, loyal but somewhat willful. As a mature lady having experienced a lot of grief at separation and joy in union, I know exactly what I want and would not like to lavish days as a young girl does. I am serious and have never played a game in love. I am a slow person who almost does everything very slowly and carefully. Sometimes I like to be lost in a sense of mental travelling with various fancies and conjectures and then become delighted or depressed for a while. I am also easy-going and love to smile. I always believe true love though it has become rare treasure in this world filled with human desires. Since I was born, there must have been someone who will be waiting for me until we find each other and spend our time together till death. If both of us fail, I even would rather live alone in the rest of my life. I came to this world alone and of course have no fear to leave alone. Why I come here is to find someone right to share the rest of my life with. Therefore the guy who doesn’t orient to serious relationship but one night stand or only comes for amusement, please turn away from me. After working almost all day in front of the computer, I feel very tired, so please understand if I am not that interested in sitting for a cyber chatting with you, which was my favorite ages ago. I don’t believe sheer cyber love at all, which I think poor and weak and will be gone with the wind when we both feel exhausted, which I regard as a result supposed to be. Nothing is confirmed before we meet face to face, which is the only thing that makes me believe the love between us based on virtual space is true. There is a long way for us to follow. If you are interested, you may start with a message or email, or we may video chat with each other later on. I was born in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China, where I had lived and studied before I came to Chongqing in 2004. I work in an automotive trim company as an English translator and interpreter. I can speak and read English, so you don’t need to write to me in Chinese with an inferior and derisible automatic translation. I’m not coming here to practice my oral or written English. Thousands of translation of specifications and documentation have been enough for me.
43 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 34 - 45
It takes no time to say " I love you" but a life time to act. love is not just said, it should be done. love is not just about passion. for me , the ultimate stage of love is life-time companion, tolerance for our flaws, understanding, respect , supporting , and even compromising. I am a very simple woman who puts love over anything else. I think love can be expressed in many details: walking with him in a rain, having a simple meal cooked by ourselves, watching movies together, apreciating a beatiful view with him while traveling, holding and kissing each other on bed and having a nice chat before sleep. I am not perfect either. I am impulsive sometimes, and very sensitive. But my flaws make me vivid and adorable. I would cry like a baby when i got hurt by someone I love. I laugh very loud when I am happy. I would suddenly hold my man tight or even kiss him in public simply because I love him. I would do many small things for him, like cooking the food he likes(I love food , especially spicy food! I like to eat outside but also like to cook at home. ),walking through many streets to get him the medicine he needs ... I am very easygoing, understanding , caring. I love little animals and kids.I am very family-oriented. I don't need any expensive ring or car from him. I am very sure about what I need: a kiss, a hug, a sweet whisper, a rose... things that are much more difficult to get than money: his willingness to hold up the sky for me if the world is coming to an end, his courage to hold my hand when I am too old to walk, his smart eyes to appreciate my beauty when the time wrinkles my skin, his bravery to accept me as an imperfect little woman. I did my Master's degree in UK, and travelled some places in Europe. I like that place which is really blessed by God. I am living in Chongqing now, a city that is famous for its spicy food and people . I am proud of my culture but I also like and respect other customs. ..... I am waiting for you to discover more about me.
48 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 42 - 62
Only the gentle embrace of women is the home of men's power. I have always had a wish to have a man of love, respect and love, how good it should be! Sleep together at night, start up early and smile, prepare a rich and delicious breakfast for him, and share a great time from the morning. Then, looking at happiness in his face, giving back to me a warm embrace, a sweet kiss and a sentence that will never be heard enough, "I love your baby"! At sunset I watched the lights with his hand, or he laughed around my thin waist, and tired, hammered him back, and sleepless... Love is the key to the code of life. It is a continuous process. If you believe in the true love of man, please let the overused mind go back to simplicity and tranquility. You will understand that we all have a pure, young and young man's heart, looking forward to meeting with another clean soul in the world. Hope you are kind, sincere, tolerant, have a soft and benevolent heart, have a desire for happiness, and want to be appreciated, trusted and loved by your own woman. It is the beginning of a journey to wake up with a soul partner, and it is worth the soul's expectation and possession. I meet you, I will lift your lock, guide you to a glimpse of your heart, and in the pure joy of being free of impurities, not far from heaven, you will understand that love is a gift, that love is a gift, that it is a gift, that I will love you and your family, and that I hope you will do so, that we will love like a lover. Get along with friends and be pampered like children. Let us learn different cultures, enrich the spiritual world, travel together on vacation to see the world, take care of those who desire help in their lives, spread our love, and let us grow better in our intimate relationships and meet ourselves better. I have fruit in my Orchard, they are in mature trees, and they are troubled by the nectar rush. If you are my proud little prince, please enter my Orchard and let them put the sweet burden on your lips, and hope you enjoy the feeling of love and love, then join me in this deep love world! Only a woman`s embre; of tenderness is a man`s strength from I always wish to have a Company, the one to be loved as a huzhand, to be respected as a friend, and to be pampered as a Child. That is fantatic. Sleeping, cudling up to each other as the night falling, waking up together with smile in our eyes as The sun rises, preparing a delicous homemade breakfast, sharing the beautiful morning time, that is How every single day beginning. Then I will see the happiness spreading on his face, and receive a warm Bug with a sweet kiss and a neever-ended “I love you, baby”. I wish to see the sunset with my hand in Is, or just take a walk with my lender waist in his arm, bursting into laughter. I will massage His back when he fell tired, lull him in a dream when he feel sleepy. Love is the key to one`s life Love is constant. If you also believe in the true love, please release the stress mind, return to Calm and calm, you will see we both have such a childlike heart, you will find there is another Innocent soul waiting to be meet and loved. Hope you are a kind, honored, forgiving, warm-hearted Reliable man , desired to be loved, respected and cared by your woman. There will be a love voyage Where we meet our soul date, which is worthy of a wholesale expectation. I will someday meet you And lead you to see your inner heart, to step into a pure happy, then you will see love is a Gift, worthy for us to gain and share. I will love you and your family from the bottom of my heart, Guess you will too. Hope to love like a couple, to get on as friends, to be cared as a children Hope to experience the different culture, to expand our mental world, to travel around the World in our spare time, to care the ones around in our life, to spread our love, to gain a better Growth in our relationship, and to be a better us. The fruit matures in my orchard, hanging on the Branch, getting vexed for the overflow of nectar. If you are my pride, you are welcome to Step into my orchard with sweet burden unloaded on your lips.Hope you enjoy the feeling with my Love.Then take my hands,let us step into the sullful world
32 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 21 - 34
I really like the word share with you: In life, between people and the Met, may be the only one, so we want to make sure that every encounter with people. Phase one - will want to make it a point that would like to have friends who's eyes, I read as follows: You should be forthright, amoral character, like in the crowd, creating a happy, calm down and go to a world of his own to, in some cases, self-centered, but it should be for the other person is good enough when your friends! I was a cry of the female students also love, laugh, live, and in general to be able to bring to you a very happy and give you a laugh, and cry, it is because I am more emotional, it is very easy because of a movie, or one of the things that moved to tears. And a friend at a time when it is active, it will mobilize climate, that a person, it will be very quiet. Like lovely things, and prefer a more simple, and don't like feeling of pretending, and does not like complicated things, and do not like green peppers, ginger and carrots, like it is like, and do not like is not like it, and there is no reason, will not change. If you are the one that I would like to he, then, you will die, and I live on the Hello! If you are just as I don't like the type, I am sorry to say that from the outside, you can help me as well! Although sometimes it is childish, immature, and although sometimes it is not too realistic though, although not enough caring, but it is absolutely true, absolutely true, and I have been trying to do my own! Slowly and mature.
Find True love寻找真爱
50 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 43 - 66
💋 I want to see the world hand in hand with you, I have been in chongqing for a better living environment and the comfortable life also have a good serious career, I am looking for a fluent, english, american, australian, canadian that countries such as taiwan and singapore, chinese, or other places of outstanding, elegant, knowledgeable, interesting, romantic, like music, loving sincere gentleman, I hope the two countries as main residences, the rest of the time together hand in hand to see the beauty of the world tasted the food. I will ask the video at the first time, so don't waste each other's time if you are not sincere or unqualified. I hope we can go to the remote management companies Around the world and have a happy trip in the future. my daughter is 22 years old, a graduate student at once, and now I want to plan our future life together with you the happy life I still believe in love, I am eager to marry love 🌹 to choose what kind of partner is to choose a kind of what kind of way of life (I don't desire to life of luxury, only hope that a loving hug and kiss you, every day with each other in the eye vision flowed out the deep feeling of attachment. the second half of life (let us waste time on beautiful things, hand in hand with each other, thousands of mountains and Love, rivers, more and more until the end of life. if you can read my heart, I will be sincere to you, with my whole world to love you. 💋 want and you holding hands around the world in Chongqing, I already have a good living environment and comfortable living, there is also a good cause, I am seriously looking for a fluency in English, American, Canadian, Canadian, Chinese, or Singapore, Taiwan's best, 儒, knowledgeable, fun, romantic, like music, with an understanding of love and sincere men, I hope that the two countries as the principal residence, along with the rest of the time holding hands looking around the world, taste the cuisine across the world. I will be the first to request the video, so it is not sincere or substandard conditions not to waste their time and hope that in the future we can go to the edge of the world easy remote management company side happy. My daughter had a 22-year-old graduate school right away, I would now like to and to plan our future happiness in life, I still believe in love, I want to marry a true love 🌹 optional what kind of companion is to choose what kind of life I'm not thirsty's extravagant living, and can only hope every day Are you passionate hug and kiss each other, with the view of the look of the flowing out of the deep feelings most treasured possession. In the second half of life, let us waste time better, together with each other, and 千 love until the end of life. If you can read my heart, and I will be true to you in my world to love you.
44 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 45 - 55



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