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46 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 60
Hi, gentlemen (if you are) here! Before you show an interest in me, please view my profile carefully, where I write down something to characterize myself though it is hard to me. :) I am easy-going, sincere, confident, loyal but somewhat willful. As a mature lady having experienced a lot of grief at separation and joy in union, I know exactly what I want and would not like to lavish days as a young girl does. I am serious and have never played a game in love. I am a slow person who almost does everything very slowly and carefully. Sometimes I like to be lost in a sense of mental travelling with various fancies and conjectures and then become delighted or depressed for a while. I am also easy-going and love to smile. I always believe true love though it has become rare treasure in this world filled with human desires. Since I was born, there must have been someone who will be waiting for me until we find each other and spend our time together till death. If both of us fail, I even would rather live alone in the rest of my life. I came to this world alone and of course have no fear to leave alone. Why I come here is to find someone right to share the rest of my life with. Therefore the guy who doesn’t orient to serious relationship but one night stand or only comes for amusement, please turn away from me. After working almost all day in front of the computer, I feel very tired, so please understand if I am not that interested in sitting for a cyber chatting with you, which was my favorite ages ago. I don’t believe sheer cyber love at all, which I think poor and weak and will be gone with the wind when we both feel exhausted, which I regard as a result supposed to be. Nothing is confirmed before we meet face to face, which is the only thing that makes me believe the love between us based on virtual space is true. There is a long way for us to follow. If you are interested, you may start with a message or email, or we may video chat with each other later on. I was born in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China, where I had lived and studied before I came to Chongqing in 2004. I work in an automotive trim company as an English translator and interpreter. I can speak and read English, so you don’t need to write to me in Chinese with an inferior and derisible automatic translation. I’m not coming here to practice my oral or written English. Thousands of translation of specifications and documentation have been enough for me.
58 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 54 - 65
Many people say love and marriage are destiny . what is destiny ? everyone has ones different views about this . but I think it is a destiny that brings us to meet here among the vast sea of humanity . I had a failure marriage , but I never give up on happiness and love , when it gets dark every day , I feel loneness around me , which makes me feel life is meaningless . I always wish to meet my prince in my dream , but after all it is dream , not reality , I really want to meet someone special, we love each other, live happily and spend the rest of lives together happily , I am looking for someone like this , bringing happiness and laughter each other . life is short , in past years , there were many disasters in our world , many lives were lost . we are fortunate that we still survive, we have reasons to cherish our lives , and live happier , and work hard , and enjoy our lives , because life is short , life is given once to every one . we can not make time stop , or return to before , whoever you are , do you think so ? I would love to show me all , and who I am , but there is no enough room here , so I just can say who I am and what I am looking for here . I really hope we will have opportunity to know each other . I had happy childhood , a good job , and happy marriage and home before , until the day when we got divorced , everything was changed , I raised my child by myself , which made me strong , and confidence , of course , I did have much hardship and tears in many evenings . it is loneness, sadness and helpless. I never give up on hope and dreams , and confidence whatever it happens . I am a loyal , intelligent , faithful , trustworthy , and out going woman , I know it is very important to be happy , I am positive to face life , and work . I am devoted and I would love to try everything new . because no one knows if you can or not before you try , if you lose , there will not be any opportunity for you any more .
39 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 39 - 55
Love to laugh, easy-going personality, can get along well with people. Perhaps influenced by my father's mild personality, but my mother is strict and strict with me. She speaks directly and is busy with her work. Therefore, I feel that I lack love and care, and I especially hope that I can get more love and understanding from each other in the relationship between men and women. Of course, I can also feel the other person's feelings and respond in time. Whenever I see the elderly and children in need of help, I will give them a helping hand as soon as I can. When they get along with their partners, they also care about and appreciate their feelings. They are willing to listen to, support and accompany their partners when they encounter troubles and difficulties. Attention to detail and planning. In work and study, I will first make plans and goals and do a good job in time management. When there is a lot of transactional work, it is handled in four dimensions of urgency and importance. At work, pay special attention to customer satisfaction, key points of communication with the boss and the way to get along with subordinates. But on the thing that oneself affirmatory, more stubborn, no matter what attitude of others, never compromise on principle problem. I consider myself to be a trustworthy person and also a person who attaches great importance to feelings. No matter in work and life, as long as we can get the trust of each other, we will never disappoint. Can feel the sincerity of each other, even the smallest gift, will be happy.
49 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 42 - 62
Only the gentle arms of women are men's power. I have always had a desire to have a man who loves, is dear, is like a friend, and is like a child. How good it is! Sleep with each other at night, wake up early and laugh, prepare a rich and delicious breakfast and share with him a great time to start the morning. And then I looked at happiness in his face, giving me a warm embrace, a sweet kiss and the words that never heard enough, "I love your baby"! I took his hand at sunset to look at the light, or he was walking around my thin waist, tired to give him his back, and sleepy him. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Love is the key to the code of life. It's a continuous process. If you also believe in the true love of the world, let down your overused mind and return to simplicity and tranquility, you will understand that we all have a young and young girl's heart, looking forward to meeting with another clean soul in the world. I hope you are kind, sincere, tolerant, have a soft, benevolent heart, have a desire for happiness, and want to be appreciated, trusted and loved by your own woman. It is the beginning of a journey to awaken your soul-mate encounter, and it is worth the expectation and possession of your heart. I meet you, and I will release you, lead you to a glimpse of your inner heart, and walk in the pure joy of being free of impurities, not far from heaven, you will understand that love is a gift, that love is a gift, that I will know that love is a gift, and that I will love you and your family, and I hope you will do so, that we will love like a lover. Get along like friends and be pampered like children. Let us learn different cultures, enrich the spiritual world, travel together on holidays to see the world, care for those who desire life and need help, spread our love, grow up better in intimate relationships and meet better ourselves. My orchards are full of fruit, they are booming in mature branches and annoyed by honey droplets. If you are a proud little prince, please walk into my orchards and let them put the sweet burden on your lips. Hope you enjoy the feeling of being loved, enter this emotional world with me! Only a woman`s embrace of tenderness is a man`s strength from I always wish to have a company, the One to be loved as a huzhand, to be respected as a friend, and to be pampered as a child. That is Fantastic. Sleeping, cudling up to each other as the night falls, waking up together with small in Our eyes as the sun rises, preparing a delicious homemade breakfast, sharing the beautiful morning Time, that is how every single day begins. Then I will see the happiness spreading on his face, and Receive a warm bug with a sweet kiss and a better-ended “I love you, baby”. I wish to see the sunset With my hand in his, or just take a walk with my defender waist in his arm, burning into Laughter. I. Will massacre his back when he fell tired, lull him in a dream when he feel sleepy. Love is the key To one`s life. Love is constant. If you also believe in the true love, please release the stressed Mind, return to calm and peace, you will see we both have such a childlike heart, you will find There is another innocent soul waiting to be meet and loved. Hope you are a kind, honor, giving Arm-hearing reliable man , desired to be loved, respected and cared by your woman. There will be a Love voyage where we meet our soul mate, which is worthy of a wholeighted expectation. I will Say meet you and lead you to see your inner heart, to step into a pure happiness, then you will See love is a gift, worthy for us to gain and share. I will love you and your family from the bottom Of my heart, guess you will too. Hope to love like a couple, to get on as friends, to be cared as a Children. Hope to experience the different culture, to expand our mental world, to travel around The world in our spare time, to care the ones around in our life, to spread our love, to gain a Better growth in our relationship, and to be a better us. The fruit matures in my orchard, hanging On the branch, getting vexed for the overflow of tar. If you are my pride Prince, you are Welcomed to step into my orchard with sweet burden unloaded on your lips.Hope you enjoy the feeling With my love.Then take my hands,let us step into the beautiful word.
34 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 25 - 36
I am a girl who is fragile and sensitive but not careful but not firm, but not stingy I stubborn, and am looking for someone who sincerely believes in LOVE relationship, not just to maintain a relationship Even . I hope to go further, and am confident I . To become a passionate, gentle and beautiful friend girlfriend, virtuous wife is in English so vivid, but we are not just romantic get along more. The following is an objective information, please accept: I can do is just simple display, the adjective to quantify them to show a more accurate my information. personality elements are as follows: bold contrast ( 15 % ), humor ( 15 %) and uninhibited (10 per cent (10 per cent) and exercise caution, good men (10 per cent) and gentle (10 per cent) and honest (10 per cent) and sagacious) (10 per cent (10 per cent), strong ( 100 %) ) Total and stupid (10 per cent) and pessimistic ( 15 %) ( 10 %) and reticent, and pride (5 per cent) and disliked animals (15 per cent (15 per cent), and irritability (10 per cent), hypocrisy conceited (10 per cent) and cowardly (10 per cent), and ( 100 %) - the total worship science, love to read) science fiction. There is no fixed habits in life, there is no requirement for material values, and more stable. The above information is not intended to highlight a unique or anything, I just could not be used for other, more sincere approach to self-introduction. Those statements were made by rhetoric aside, Kam sentence language how much would be impractical.
33 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 21 - 34
I really like the word share with you: In life, between people and the Met, may be the only one, so we want to make sure that every encounter with people. Phase one - will want to make it a point that would like to have friends who's eyes, I read as follows: You should be forthright, amoral character, like in the crowd, creating a happy, calm down and go to a world of his own to, in some cases, self-centered, but it should be for the other person is good enough when your friends! I was a cry of the female students also love, laugh, live, and in general to be able to bring to you a very happy and give you a laugh, and cry, it is because I am more emotional, it is very easy because of a movie, or one of the things that moved to tears. And a friend at a time when it is active, it will mobilize climate, that a person, it will be very quiet. Like lovely things, and prefer a more simple, and don't like feeling of pretending, and does not like complicated things, and do not like green peppers, ginger and carrots, like it is like, and do not like is not like it, and there is no reason, will not change. If you are the one that I would like to he, then, you will die, and I live on the Hello! If you are just as I don't like the type, I am sorry to say that from the outside, you can help me as well! Although sometimes it is childish, immature, and although sometimes it is not too realistic though, although not enough caring, but it is absolutely true, absolutely true, and I have been trying to do my own! Slowly and mature.



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