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35 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 36 - 63
Hi, I'm Alexis! I'm an easy-going person with a kind and caring heart. I have a good personality and consider myself well-educated and intelligent, having graduated from a top university on the Dean's list with a master's degree. I'm also tall and attractive, and I'm an award-winning model on For Him magazine. I previously worked in 4A advertising agencies handling top brands, but I grew weary of it. I currently reside in China, yet I find myself connecting better with mindsets and values from English-speaking countries, which unfortunately narrows down my potential matches. I consider myself loyal, trustworthy, and a good communicator. I don't have any religion, I believe in doing good and being good. I admire people who have faith, but I prefer people who are not religious, as I find some of them a bit extreme with their beliefs. I am generous and always there for people around me, but that comes with disappointing experiences with friends I lent a large amount of money to deleting me or people breaking their promises. I am still learning and treasure genuine relationships. I guess I can only do my best with a clear conscience, knowing that I don't owe others; if others owe me, then it's their choice. I like to learn, and I can figure out pretty much everything myself, from applying for complex citizenship to going to court representing myself. I would like to have a Ph.D. degree some day. I'm seeking to make new friends, connect with mentors and potential co-founders, but ultimately, my greatest wish is to find my best friend, my protector, and my life partner to spend every day with. I enjoy cooking, writing journals, and building brands and websites. I have a deep love for dogs, and I like people who are kind to animals. I hope to have a dog of my own one day.
53 Weihai, Shandong, China
Seeking: Male 48 - 70
I am a woman who grew up in an intellectual family and cultural atmosphere. I am also a woman who continues to learn and grow through my own experiences. I have an international perspective and love the blending of Chinese and Western Cultures. My friends say that I am intellectually elegant, sincere and kind, emotionally stable, positive and optimal, love to laugh and communicate, easy to accept new things, and relaxed and happy to interact with. Of course, I prefer the small and beautiful moments in life, such as cooking, sports, reading, traveling, painting, loving music and movies, loving art, studying home decoration, etc. Now, I don’t have any burdens. I just want to be emotionally complete, get to know and stay with you, who is destined to be with you, spend the ordinary days of sunrise and dusk, and spend the rest of my life together. As a wife, you will know me as someone who is dedicated, family-oriented, tolerant, considerate, and pastorate about life. I am engaged in Sino-foreign exchanges and cooperation. I am fluid in English. I have visited dozens of countries and am familiar with Western culture. & nbsp; Yes, I want to meet you, I am looking for a soul mate, and want to develop the most intimate marriage with him. I also hope that he values this kind of Marriage as much as I do, and is willing to spend time with me. Take time to cultivate mutual feelings and work together to Create a warm, sweet and happy family. Do you want to know such a me? I use my whole body and mind to look forward to embarking on this wonderful journey of love with you.
43 Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Seeking: Male 39 - 56
41 Wuhan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 41 - 53
This is a person who loves life very much. Extremely positive. Having experienced a marriage and raised a child, I have found that I love my current life even more. I feel that this moment is the best age in my life. I hope to find you and let us experience my life and your beautiful life together. I am the person who can bring joys to our lives. I'm a cute, elegant easy-going, and well-educated Chinese lady who does not smoke, drink or gamble, and have a simple lifestyle. I have a decent job in China.I am a college lecturer, my students are from different countries, mainly from South Africa and I. help them to get to know Chinese cultures.English is my working language, I quite good at it, and I have lived overseas before .I am fond of different cultures I enjoy doing outdoor things (hiking, camping, cycling, just being out and about), slow travel in exotic location, check out new restaurant and cuisine around town. My colleagues said I am a very diligent hardworking lady; my friends said I am "simple and kind"; my students said I am "pastoral", and my son said I am "interesting and fun" I am a family oriented person.No matter how successful my career may be, my family is more important to me.The happiness in my eyes is that two people drink coffee together, cook together, go for walks together, travel together, A peaceful family life is the happiness in my eyes I have been single for 6 years now. I believe in love and there is someone in the world who is also looking for me . Perhaps the process is long and difficult, but one day we will find each other and start our happy life together. I'm sincerely only looking for a serious relationship which can lead to a marriage here, if you are not planning to get married and have a family ,pls don't contact me.
42 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male
【非诚勿扰】 (If you don't sincerely want to get married, please don't disturb me Kind-hearted and wise people will understand: do not have a utilitarian mentality to fall in love, that is pure love, which is what everyone wants. I find that the best way to love someone is not to change, but to help them reveal the best version of themselves.) I m a single woman,living in Chongqing, China, for more than 14 years, self employ running two small business on cosmetic area and the traditional Chinese medical science . One for on line sales and one for off line physical stores. I often think about a question: how can I survive if I parachute to another country? so,I have studied many skills,such as the traditional Chinese medical science ,Chongqing noodles making,handmade soap and so on. Three years of epidemic,I have developed the idea of going abroad. yeah, The world is so huge, I want to go see it! and I m 42 years old,and I m still young, isn't it?! and I m single,I haven't found my charming prince yet~Will it be you? so I m here~ I want to go to USA,Australia,Canada, New Zealand,Germany and so on. By the way,I have got a US visa. I hope to your country,and live with you,Living a different life and experiencing a different culture. I m very sincere,kind,pure,faithful. I hope you must be truth, patient,sincere,and faithful too. I am sunny,outgoing,but I don't like to talk about sexual subject on line,that’s "NOT" cool. You're making a nuisance of yourself if we don't fall in love each other, that will scare me! I am a good mother, and I will also be your good wife. What I want is a serious relationship and a happy marriage, not a game. I think the life is very short, we both need more courage. If you are also a sincere, emotionally stable, and single person, If you want to start a new and warm family, please contact me. We will restart our new life and build a happy family which has a cheerful atmosphere!



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