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44 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 36 - 46
Only a woman tender embrace is the home of man power. I've had a desire, if there was a man integrated with my respect as a father, love him as a husband , spoil him as as a son, that would be fantastic! ln the night,we sleep in each other's arms ;in the morning, we look at each other and smile. I prepare a cup of fresh milk for him,squeeze the toothpaste for him, looking at his brushing his teeth,shaving, showering.I look at his happiness on the face, he gives me a warm hug, then a sweet kiss. On the Sunset, we go to see the sunset with embracing his arm or his taking my slender waist. I massage on his back while he is tired. I coax him to sleep while he feels sleepy, the wind whispers in his ears. Love is the key to open our life ,this is a continuous process. If you still believe that there is true love, please put out the use of excess mind, to get your complete tranquility and relaxation, you will understand that we have a pure heart, and look forward to another clean soul whispering with you in the world. I hope you kind, tolerant, with a tender and kind heart.he desires his woman to cherish him and love him. It is a wake-up with truly and wholeheartedly. It is the heart expectation which is worthy it. Because your heart is soft, the flowers open for you. I have met, I'll release your binding, makes you watching your heart. By not far from the paradise place, you walk into that pure joy without impurities you will see that love is a gift, how to get and how to give. My Orchard is bearing well ,they have noise and excitement in mature trees, they have trouble with their dripping with fruit honey , if you are my proud little Prince, please come to my Orchard, and their burden on the unloading of your sweet lips. The touch with the relax Cry and smile , is the softest heart. Hope you enjoy the feel filling with love , if you like, please come with me into the deep feeling of the world! Collision of the soul comes from many different sides, but the most indispensable part is to make that full love and tolerance.Gifts from the God are full of the luggage, I would be the sweet burden. ...for the game players for life, do not disturb ! 只有女人温柔的怀抱才是男人力量的家。我从小就有一个愿望,要是有一个敬之如父、爱之如夫、宠之如子的男人那该有多好!夜晚相拥而睡,早起相视而笑。为他备一杯香浓的牛奶,为他挤好牙膏,看着他刷牙、刮胡子、冲澡。然后看着幸福在他脸上洋溢,回馈给我一个暖暖的拥抱,香甜的吻。夕阳下,挽着他看霞光,或者被他揽着我纤细的腰嘻笑而行。累了给他捶捶背,困了哄他入睡,风儿一般在他耳边密语。爱是开启生命秘密的钥匙,这是个持续不断的过程,如果你还相信人间有真爱,请放掉平时使用过剩的头脑,达到完全的宁静和放松,你就会明白,我们都有一颗单纯的心,期待着和这个世界上另一颗洁净的灵魂耳语。希望您善良、宽容,有一颗柔弱而仁慈的心灵,有渴望、想被自己的女人珍惜和爱护,那是真心实意的唤醒,是值得的心灵期许。因为您的心灵柔软,花儿为你开放着。我遇见的,我要解除你的束缚,让你瞥见自己的内心,在离天堂不远的地方,走进那没有杂质的纯然喜悦,你会明白,爱是礼物,懂得放下,也要懂得送出。我的果园中,果实累累,它们在成熟的枝头喧闹,因蜜汁欲滴而烦恼着,如果你是我骄傲的小王子,请走进我的果园,让她们把甜蜜的负担缷上你的双唇。能哭能笑的感动,才是最柔软的心灵。同样希望你乐于享受这份被爱充盈的感觉,那就和我一起进入这样的深情世界吧!灵魂的碰撞来自许多,但最不可或缺的,是全然的投入爱与包容,上帝送来的礼物塞满行襄,我愿是那甜蜜的负担....