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71 - 100 of 100
34 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 28 - 48
43 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 34 - 44
I do business director in this company.i traveling to few country before,because my work ,need me To traveling before.like Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, Mongolia, Laos, Cambodia, Russia, Vietnam, Australia.and it's give me more fun and knowledge, and also hard to find Mr. Right for myself.cause Difficult to stay in one place so long.so now i change my job, and stay in Tianjin of China now.i'm An optimistic person, i believe people is all good.but the reality is cruel.i love life, and try to Enjoy my life.try to know new friends and bring happy like sunshine to friends and myself.i have a Lot of hobby.i wish i could find friends to do communication between the soul.i don't like low class People.I'm a perfectionist.so i want to find the appearance and intrinsic have almost perfect Quality and taste of the people.would rather single,don't just grab a anyone person. My Mr. Right Have to have rich connotation, rich knowledge and insight.almost same hobby with me, and the feeling Of saw one eye is very important.both feel good in frist feeling,that's good starting.I am ISFJ Personality type.yi never hurt any people, and don't want to get hurt too.friendship and marriage is Very holy for me, there must not be any lie, game and any trick in our serious relationship turning to The future.Because i am a very sensitive and emotional lady.I am here to look for and meet with Wise white guy to build a warm family.please do not write me if you are not west white guy. I'm A chineese,spectacail,bring happy for friend......... If you want know me .please send e-mail for me. I feeling life not fair for me, i didn't find my Mr. Right.Why??? I know life is not easy for people, I don't want to waste anyone time, I just wish the One come to me is real honor to start our relationship....if u real want to be a Serious-relationship until to marry,come to me,u will know u did right choice.
53 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 38 - 50
Just for marry with soulmate before 2022.06 in here.then close this profile if your quality and goal isn't so pure and Respected, dont disturb me. Rate of true love is 1/2.5 million according research conclusions. I insist on principle Of soulmate for half of life, i ever refused massive suits. You must be a white gentleman who outstanding quality with Stable and nobel soul. [My traits] 1. I never been married and take the initiative to be single.Need sense of security And belonging and tradtional marriage, I'm Chinese. 2. High-quality talents with concise, rational, emotional Broad and subtle, Ever been CEO/VP/V Dean/Chief of editor in enterprises, university, news media.In spare time, I'm an independent Strategic planner and corporate/government consultant. 3. My hobbies are writing, reading, spirituality, etc. Photography, Costume design,stamp collecting,outdoor sports,tourism, 4 . I thank God and parents give me generic, energetic soul especially long Curly black hair is my treasure. (But since political persecution, some of my hair has turned little gray) 5. I like different national cultural backgrounds. Learning ability, theoretical construction and scientific Research ability should enable me to make new achievements & contribute to humanity in future multinational Marriage. 6.I has senior quality of world citizen.I have done many public charity depths, including going deep into the Sichuan earthquake disaster area to provide disaster relief to the victims and triple volunteers; In the process of suffering fm terror, hell like persecution, serious physical and mental illness, economic hardship And safeguarding rights, I still love justice, draft legislative proposals on the protection of human rights and Promoted it to the State Council. 7. Be mentally prepared and plan to get married before 2022.06. [Your traits] 1. Nobel Morality, calm and low-key personality, mental health, justice, unity of knowledge and action, high sense of Responsibility; 2. Logical/rational thinking, broad and subtle pattern, international vision, high savvy; 3. Know how to love and be loved, your original family ethics and emotions are high quality, spirit of charity/public Welfare is great; 4. White, handsome, good temperature, health, Fitness, love to read, sports, travel, Music,gentlemanly demeanor, above 178CM; 5. Master or doctoral degree; 6. You are best never married, aged 40-53 yrs old; 7. If you have own company, I will help your foundation to develop by leaps and bounds while fulfilling my talent Mission; 8.your quality must be wisdom,simple,nobel,outstanding manually gentleman who can be my soulmate & protector/hero 9.Be mentally prepared and plan to get married before 2022.06. [Tips] we need high-quality matching by high quality & Effective communication to confirm our lifelong partner of rest life by logical steps — Analyze our both's matching degree, confirm on video, plan how to Meet, discuss how to be together and how to handle Transnational marriage procedures and establish family in a real environment and scene. If your goals are chootic or Lack of concentration, you are casual and irresponsible behavior that waste time and energy online will be low and lost Responsibility and love to self and others.so no disturb me.thx. Without a simple and efficient level of communication, true love of wisdom, motivation people cannot have results and real happiness. So please be sure to present a sound introduction, multiple photos, a brief analysis of how well we fit, Then we make a video call to confirm each other's real state, if the one-month communication does not reach the agreed how to meet offline, get along, plan to get married, and so on. I am sorry for the precious time and effort we have put in. By middle age, people will be less and less for the rest of their lives, only a sound brain, a noble morality, Only by actual action can we have love and happiness. I hope that the future husband will not only be my soul mate, but also my protector, hero, outstanding man!
48 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 37 - 44
47 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 40 - 53
I look almost 5-10 years younger (although some people might say Asians don't age, in fact, they do, as only a few of them don't age that fast), so I am more attracted to guys around my age or younger. I am a positive, cheerful and versatile girl with adorable personality. A family-oriented mature woman who enjoys movies, music, art and crafts. Professional, creative and intelligent and well-educated. I got my Master's degree from Australia, where I gained a lot of confidence in my career. I have been independent in each aspect of my life and keen to art works and visiting museums. I have a great sense of fashion. I can dress gorgeously without overspending on luxury brands. Love travel but would like to go with someone who shares the same quality. Love cooking and appreciate various cuisines. I go to studio classes 4-5 times a week at my fitness center so that I stay fit and energetic. I like to give either whole body massage or just a facial, because I am well trained to do so and I know how to please a man on the right spot. I am a certified language teacher and I have been working in the international education field for nearly two decades with various educational institutions, such as kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, university ( including undergraduate and graduate students) and adult language school. If you ever consider about learning some Chinese, talk to me. Now I am changing my career direction to a more abroader sphere. I am from a very academia family. All of my family are originally from Beijing and living in Beijing. My dad is a senior medical science researcher, retired from national military medical lab with a high military rank. My mom retired as an attending doctor specializing in Chinese acupuncture. Both of them are over eighty years old. I have an elder brother and a twin sister. All of my siblings and their spouses are highly educated (at least a Master's Degree from overseas). So I hope you at least have a Bachelor's Degree. My twin sister (she's got a Master's degree and her ex-husband got a Ph. D. in Molecular genetics and biochemistry from the U.S.). She and her American born daughter are now Canadian citizens and living in Canada permanently. My brother got his Ph. D years ago and he is a parnter of his firm. His wife got her Masters in the U.S. years ago and she is a teacher. Their daughter just finished high school in Canada and will go to university in Toronto soon. My life here in Beijing is nice and I am not strongly interested in relocation to any other countries yet, unless I find my perfect match, maybe I will consider it. I have very little need in material life and I am more into constructive and inspiring communication. What I want mostly is just to enjoy a warm and cozy family life. Outside my regular job, I also join a charity group and go on trips to rural areas to do some charity work from time to time. I have traveled to some countries like the U.S.A.(10times), Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan(2times), Hong Kong (10 times), Canada(10times),France(2 times), Germany(2 times), Italy, Austria(2 times) and Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, and Czech. (not only business trips, but also real sightseeing) So it will be really awesome that I can be with someone traveling again to many more places together. My past relationships are pretty brief, and I don't have any emotional baggages. For the new relationship, I am a clean slate and I am more than willing to be committed to it.