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36 - 70 of 100
47 Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 55 - 62
Looking for love and a long-term relationship that can lead to marriage. I lived in Canada for almost 4 years, and also lived for about 6 years in the US (studied in Massachusetts, interned in DC, and worked in NYC). I studied Education Program. I was a teacher, and later an Education Program Manager in China for some years. Now I work in China for a company that does international trade. I am honest, kind, compassionate, simple, easy-going, well-educated, and romantic in heart. Never married with no kids. Hardworking and a bit shy. I am very intelligent. I love reading about history and current news. I am very familiar with current international events, and I have formed my own opinions rather than blindly accepting media reports and common propaganda. I carefully analyze what I hear and read and sometimes I doubt what I am told to believe. I am fluent in English. I was an atheist before 2003. I started to attend Bible Studies in 2003 when I moved to Canada, and later on in Massachusetts. The Bible Studies lasted a few years, on and off, which somewhat changed my mind. Now I believe there is God in the universe. I believe in karma and destiny. However, I do still have questions and doubts in my mind. I am just not sure which God I should worship. I am acceptable to both Christianity and Buddhism, but I do have doubts about both religions. I am not a person with great confidence, mostly due to my family and cultural background. Brought up in a very traditional and strict Chinese family with traditional beliefs that girls were supposed to be quiet, disciplined, and well-behaved, I received lots of disciplining and critiques from parents in my childhood, which I have never felt too happy with. Sometimes I feel myself very insecure. I am aware of my weaknesses, and try to overcome them. However, it is not too easy. It was just the way I grew up with, and it is a part of me. Most of my family members (sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces, and nephews) are now living in the US (New York City, Florida, and Texas), and I also hope to move to the US someday. I would love to find someone in the US for love, mostly importantly, and also to be closer to my family members. If it is possible, I hope to be in the US for a visit sometime this year. In my leisure time, I love watching movies. Love animals. I have had 2 cats in the past few years, and I love them dearly. I also enjoy hiking and traveling and seeing different places. I don't hate cooking, but I am never a good cook. I normally cook very simple meals. Hoping to share life with someone who is honest, responsible, trust-worthy, intelligent, and easy-going. He needs to be someone I enjoy having conversations with, which I value the most. I would like to start with friendship first, and after a while, if we both enjoy talking to each other and both feel the chemistry, compatibility, and trust, I would love it to lead to something more meaningful. Please read my profile closely to see if we match before contacting me. Thank you. PS. For the 3 pics I have posted, the first two were from 2015. The third one was from last summer.
41 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 37 - 70
I could be your sweet, kind, considerate, thoughtful huckleberry if you are my Mr right. Happy is one in my top list, my belief is that only happy wife can bring happiness to husband, only happy mom can bring happiness to children. Body shape management is one in my top list, I like running, swimming, boating, golf, yoga. If you like sports, I would love to do exercise together. It is also good way to start a sweet relationship, right? Ambitious and continuous study is one in my top list, these two are key factors to guarantee me to achieve higher and higher level. Volunteering for my local Humane Society is one of my passion, and I'd love to find someone who cares about this, too. Humor is lubricant of daily life, my no-joking gene father always expects my call because I always bring a funny beginning in the call, like "Do you know who is calling you, please guess" or "This is your daughter calling you, but do you know which daughter?". I transmit my humor to my kid, now he is more funny than me and tells me lots of jokes. Beside humor cells, I have different mathematics and engineering/high-tech background, it is amazing that humor and engineering are getting along with each other very well in my mind, and they are best friends. I like all kinds of readings, e.g. history, mathematics, physics, semiconductor, engineering, mechanics, manufacturing, car, optics, finance, education, movie,medical, business, marketing, art, management... I accumulate these step by step, time by time. My favorite thing while I take plane is reading magazines and newspapers.
47 Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Seeking: Male 44 - 57
Hello, this is Joy. I'm now in the US and I will stay here for at least three years. I came from XI'an, an ancient city almost right in the center of China. I'm a Christian, so I picked up Joy as My English name. I'm enjoying joy and peace in God and hope someday I could bring joy to others. I. Would describe myself as easy-going, funny, adventurous and pasture. I have a good sense of humor That's not always apparent at first. But if you get to know me more, you can find I can make you Laugh. I'm pastinate about food. I like BBQ, cornlogs and mob brisket and I also like making Various flights of beef jerky as snacks for myself and my friends. I've experienced ups and downs in Life, but I stay positive and always look at the bright side of things. I'm well-educated. I'd Taught English in a university in China for almost two decades. I'm interested in having Conversations with people from different cultural backgrounds. But I also believe that we should Learn by experiencing. So far, I've traveled in five countries. I'm glad that I had the experience Of standing at the top of Alps in Switzerland and that of sitting by the camfire and eating grilled Fish by the Mississippi river in the United States. Now, the top one on my bucket list is Alaska. Do You want to go with me to watch the northern light?   I enjoy going outside to breathe the fresh air and keep connections with nature. So, I go jogging Early in the mornings almost every day and go watching football with friends. But I don't know Anything about baseball. Maybe you can go with me and explain the rules to me? Winks. I also enjoy staying at home, watching TV or cooking a delicious dish. But I also enjoy Hanging out with friends, keeping connections with people. Hopefully this pandemic can go away soon Would love to find a gentleman who is God-fearing, who is nice, caring and funny and who always look At the bright side of things, and who wants children. Yeah, I must admit that I was reminded how Hard it is for a woman in her 40s to give birth to children. I don't worry about this because I. Believe God has His plan, even if I don't know what He has prepared for me
36 Wuhan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 43
Big smile first, thanks for reading my profile. I am Debbie, a happy and caring lady with big eyes And big smile who is from the beautiful City Wuhan. If you watch news, you will know what happened To my city and my family this year. But life never made me down. I lost my husband because he got Cancer. We met with each other in 2014, and married in 2015, then my son was born. 10 days we got Married, he got the headache, and the doctor make a definite diagnosis that he got the brain cancer He asked me to divorced with him, and then go to find another man. But i kept my word when we Married, and be with him until the last second in his life. He got the chemotherapy twice, and then Left this world in Nov, 2018. And he encourage me to find my life partner when he left me. So my Son lost his father in very young age. I can still work and he is a very nice boy because of my Parents-in-law, they helped a lot. And they sport me to move on and find my own happiness. I think Carefully and made my decision to come here. My friend says that I am a sunny girl who can always Bring sunshine to others even if it is a rainy day. Yes, I am happy and always wear a big smile on My face. My best friend who is living and working in Las Vegas, when it is safe to travel, I will go Visit her with my son. I consider myself to be happy, kind, easy-going, optimal, intelligent and Also well-educated... I once majored in English in a very good university in China. And now my work Also provides me a lot of chances to practice English. Since I was in high school, I have been Interested in English and also western culture. That gave me a reason to major in English for Further study then. And when I graduated, I also did translation job before. We will have no problem To communicate. I like reading I think books are the best friend for everyone. We can get unless Power from them. And I like writing too. Sometimes I write novels; May you will be my first reader? I am very active in sports. I like swimming, ping pang, tennis, skiing, and also outdoor. Do you Like traveling? One of my biggest wishes is to see the winners of the world with my love. I believe there is true Love in this world. I always tell myself, no matter where you are and when you will come into my Life. I believe that fate will send you to me. Just want someone who enjoys life as I do; Who wants to laugh with me, to walk thought all the ups and turns in life with me. If you are the Right person, please do not let me wait for too long. I am waiting for you.
40 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 36 - 49
43 Zhongshan, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 39 - 55
Before text to me , please read my self-introduction . I am a Chinese dy, if you can not speak Chinese, don't worth, we Can communicate well via English. I have been single almost 10 years after divided (no kids ) . if you are single same as me many years, you would know how low of this way for seeing love and how eager we are for love! So I entirely seek a serious relationship here. You have to be patient, if you are not ready for long distance love Please don't other me , I don't want after months even years communication then, it only waste time .you can Not be handsome ,but your warm smile entirely will be atractive , you don't need be rich , but if you have an abundant Spirituals world and funny shoulder, child temper , and's the best , I really far hot-temper guide. If you have good sense of Humor , we can enjoy fun every day , except chemical action , the long-term and high quality relationship must be best Friend and playmate,so if we have some mutuual hobbies and interests,that would be nice, I like excercise , diance, Drawing, reading, never lose curiosity and the spin of exploration like traveling , I am dynamic, outgoing, and Tenacious personen, love lagh, Fune, this is only from some asect , so I also have the ly's common character , black sense of security , sensor . Your love , carrying , responsibility will ring capability, that will underpin our feeds . as long as I see your Purity and feel your true offerings , I will return back all of my love, patieence, golf, enthusiasm. "Love is a Hundred years of lonelinux, until you meet the person who will unerving protect and guard you. At that moment, all The bitterness have a way home." I am waiting for you , my true lov
52 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 48 - 60
Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God. Have a blessed day and enjoy your morning coffee. Do you want to date an Asian lady who can speak GOOD ENGLISH to be your future wife? wink~ Do you wanna meet me soon? I live in Windsor, Canada and I have a ten-year multiple visa to the United States.. One of my best friends found her husband from this site. Amazing, right? So I think I can find my Mr.Right here also.: ) Do you like my sweet, sunny and sexy photos? My name is Deyu, De means moral, yu means jade, do you like my name? My English name is Jane and I am from Shenzhen, China. I am a very sweet, kind, easy-going, tolerant, considerate and romantic woman. I love to help people to remove inner trouble, confusion and sadness, and I can gain a sense of accomplishment. I am a happy woman, do you believe happy wife makes happy life? My career is successful, but what i want most is to have a true love to spend the rest of my life with, we can share everything openly. Is that what you want, too? It is hard to say which is right or which is wrong. I seek for compromise from love and marriage. We will cherish each other, and enjoy the companion of each other for the rest of our lives, do you agree? I have all the Chinese women' s good traditional virtues and values.wink~ That means I can take good care of myself, you and our family. You can enjoy my delicious food when you come back home from work. If I see you are unhappy, I will accompany with you quietly, and give you attention and offer the support you need ,allow you to adjust by your own way. About money and love, I think money is the foundation of a good life,BUT MONEY CAN NOT BUY LOVE! Right? Oh, to tell you more, I like hiking, riding bicycle, dancing, reading, listening to music and traveling. What about your hobbies, dear? If you are into me, please write back and let's come to meet for real soon, okay? Sincerely yours, Deyu
58 Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Seeking: Male 52 - 62