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41 Qingdao, Shandong, China
Seeking: Male 39 - 55
I am Yu .My real name.I am serious about finding my love and soulmate, the one with whom I will build a beautiful family and marriage, spend the rest of my life, and grow old together 1, I always enjoy the nature. Swimming operating [kaiyō] and running are my favorite sports. I have a healthy lifestyle and strong family values since I have good and transitional family education 2, I am a "water baby" who loves doing things by the water and likes walking by the beach. The ocean is not far from my home. I. run along one beautiful long river almost every morning and there is a nice lake close to my home in my community. I also love walking along it after dinner. I often do this by myself when I am alone. And that my lover kisses me in the rain ocean, river, one shower or bathtub is a romantic and special thing for me.I love doing these simple but romantic things with my sweetheart..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 3, I have experienced a lot of pain and hurt in my heart. But I still believe that there is a beautiful and precious love in the big and noisy world no matter how old I am or no matter what happened. As it happens between my mom and dad. I still believe my future husband and lover is out there looking for me too. 4, I like and keep learning new things, like the English language, gardening, financial technology analysis, psychology, photography, cooking, and so on. I have done it for many years 5, I was born in November 1978 and live in an amazing seaside city in Asia 6, My mom and daddy have one super long, stable, and nice marriage which is more than 55 years. For me the marriage is still the best way to cherish and love each other .So those who have never believed in marriage or would not believe it any more and would not get married, please do not contact me. Marriage to me means family, and relationships to me means just only relationships 7, I can speak English well and I am used to different culture in the world. 8, I have been divorced for about 6 years and I am ready for love .I take care of myself well. I am here for the one .the only one .the forever one.I know you are also looking for me in another place of this noise and big world .I believe you can find me and get me. So if you feel we match our "Seeking", don't hesitate to write one "longer message" to me because too simple and cruel messages like only "Hi or Hello, Now you are so pretty or How are you? "Are so easy to drown in a sea of messages which I receive:) ððar there is no "long-term relationship" in your search target or no real picture of you through your profile, sorry Then, your messages to me will even never be opened by me no matter who you are or where you are from. Because our goals are completely different.
35 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 36 - 63
Hi, I'm Alexis! I'm an easy-going person with a kind and caring heart. I have a good personality and consider myself well-educated and intelligent, having graduated from a top university on the Dean's list with a master's degree. I'm also tall and attractive, and I'm an award-winning model on For Him magazine. I previously worked in 4A advertising agencies handling top brands, but I grew weary of it. I currently reside in China, yet I find myself connecting better with mindsets and values from English-speaking countries, which unfortunately narrows down my potential matches. I consider myself loyal, trustworthy, and a good communicator. I don't have any religion, I believe in doing good and being good. I admire people who have faith, but I prefer people who are not religious, as I find some of them a bit extreme with their beliefs. I am generous and always there for people around me, but that comes with disappointing experiences with friends I lent a large amount of money to deleting me or people breaking their promises. I am still learning and treasure genuine relationships. I guess I can only do my best with a clear conscience, knowing that I don't owe others; if others owe me, then it's their choice. I like to learn, and I can figure out pretty much everything myself, from applying for complex citizenship to going to court representing myself. I would like to have a Ph.D. degree some day. I'm seeking to make new friends, connect with mentors and potential co-founders, but ultimately, my greatest wish is to find my best friend, my protector, and my life partner to spend every day with. I enjoy cooking, writing journals, and building brands and websites. I have a deep love for dogs, and I like people who are kind to animals. I hope to have a dog of my own one day.