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60 Anshan, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Male 52 - 65
47 Anshan, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Male 46 - 65
I am from china liaoning Anshan. I am from china liaoning anshan. mos is China's third largest city in Liaoning Province. Mos is China's excellent tourism city, has one of the world's first Jade Buddha, Asia's famous hot springs, National Attractions Chin Hill, also known as the capital of the Po-yu and the steel in it. China's anshan is the third largest city in liaoning province with a total area of  square kilometers and a population of 3.47 million, anshan is excellent tourist city in china, has the world's first asian famous jade buddha, hot springs, the national qianshan mountain, also known as the treasure jade, and country of iron and steel. () contact this year, four distinct seasons, temperature. Here all the year random, a comfortable temperature. I love it, love my motherland and my home, and I love the I of this piece of land. I love it, love my motherland, love my hometown, love me feed my this piece of land. I am a good-natured. meek. 直. rational if a little romance for the girls. I am a kind, gentle, candid. if rational girl with some romantic emotional appeal. broad interest, in addition to the focus on hard work, leisure time like driving with family to enjoy nature. The interest is extensive, in addition to concentrate on work hard every day, in my spare time likes to drive a vehicle is the family together to enjoy the nature. I like to read and listen to music online movies cooking swimming, also love to fashion but not off, occasionally with friends. I like reading books listening to music watching movies online cooking swimming, also love fashion but not free from vulgarity, occasionally with friends on weekends. I accidentally enter the platform web site, to look in to another company, seeking to belong to me the happiness! Accidentally entered the platform website, I hope here to find another partner, look for to belong to my share of the happiness! My heart is the ideal does he have known each other here? My heart is in the ideal whether he is predestined friends the acquaintance here? Love · · · · · · · · I believe that there will be a 'True Love'. Love is...... I believe here will find the true love".
50 Anshan, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Male 42 - 62
How are you? Nice to meet you here. I thought it might be hard to meet in the ocean of people but fortunately you have read my profile and indeed i hope it is not a boring one. Friends around me call me Yanyan but i have an English name Cindy which i gave myself. I am working as an assistant of the sales manager and before that i kept working hard in different areas as well. I was told to be affectionate, family oriented, tender and helpful in life. I like working but i enjoy life as well. Especially when i have someone to share with. As we all know, life is hard and one person’s life is harder. So i wish to have a real man to share my life with, together with him, we can enjoy the sunrise and sunset, the turn of the tide, warmth of each other and enjoy the details in life till hte end of time together. I have a lovely daughter called Susan and every so often, she is the best one in academic achievements in her class. I am proud of her for that. Together with her, we have went for travel, up to the mountain and down to the sea, enjoyed the delicious food and watch movies together. The most happy and romantic thing i have imagined is that i am cooking in the kitchen and my husband and our children are watching TV in the living room. When i look back at them through the window, they are playing and laughing together. If these kinds of simple happiness and romance was what you have been eager for, we may be a good friend and a possible future partner for each other. Do you think so?
57 Anshan, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Male 48 - 65
I am serious about looking for a marriage partner. I am divorced and live in NE China. I do not want to marry another Chinese man and so I am using this method to try and find a truly honest and loving husband.I am a hard working lady, who will be faithful, loving and loyal. I know that there will be lifestyle and cultural differences but I am willing to adapt to suit. I like living in China but would relocate. My son lives with his father. NB. (Updating my profile) PS. Finding a husband this way has some risks so would you mind reading the note below. Thank you again. Some things that I, and my friends have concerns about, before going to far and falling in love, and that is, to make sure we, and you, have peace of mind at an early stage, and we can work on building a happy, trusting, loving relationship together without worries of something undisclosed arising when we have fallen in love with each other. It has happened too often in the past, and we have been hurt, and maybe you have too , so we just want to remove any problems at the beginning, not when it is too late. We have agreed to include this note in our early contacts with others to overcome problems we have had in the past. If you do not agree it is unlikely that a relationship leading to marriage can develop in a satisfactory way. 1. We are all happy to remain living in China, but, if we ever went to your country we need to be assured that you will not be arrested on our arrival, so we would like to see a police report stating that there are no outstanding issues that may cause this. We worry about arriving in a new country and being left all alone. We would like to see this document early in our relationship and certainly before actually meeting. 2. The second thing is, ensuring that you are not married to someone else. Chinese families worry very much about this. A Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage or a similar document showing that you are free and able to marry will put us and our families minds at ease. We know that you also will have concerns, and these should be discussed at an early stage so that our relationship can develop in a trusting way, and we are happy to provide the same documents to you if you so wish. The other difficulties are, cultural and language, and possibly immigration problems which we need to work through together. If we understand each others concerns at an early stage, we can work through them together. If a problem seems too big for us to overcome then we should not progress further so avoiding hurt and heartbreak. We have put this together with the help of our English Teacher and thank you for reading and considering it.



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