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40 Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 48
I am a pretty easygoing and friendly girl always wearing a sunshine smile, and I love to make people laugh and to laugh a lot. I have a passion for life, nature, beauty, art, love... I am actually a great listener and my friends often come to me to find a little silver lining for them, even sometimes I could be too blunt, honest and frank:) Well I am always down to explore new places and meet new people. I love traveling, going outdoors, experimenting in a kitchen, trying new restaurants or just going to a bookstore and reading there. I am very involved in what I am really interested in. Currently I am learning playing the Guzheng (a Chinese traditional instrument) gracefully in my spare time, as shown in my profile photos. Very importantly, I believe in love. I am living for today but always searching for more-pleasure, depth, and simplicity. Still, I tend to have a very positive outlook on life, am family-oriented and love kids, yet I already have one nine-year-old little boy, who is one of the most important people throughout my whole life. Then again, I am passionate and dedicated to my educational work. I often take a child-like approach which could not to be confused with childish yet can be seen as maintaining a sense of innocence, optimism, creativity, and wonder. As is known for everyone in actual life people play different roles at different times, I am competent enough to play each role in my life perfectly. Back to the story, in me there are many Chinese traditional virtues like smile, modesty, integrity, confidence, emotional maturity and complete personality. I currently live in Xi’an named as the most happiness city in China, but I don’t want to be alone any more. So I would like to meet someone where things click in a delightful and meaningful way, someone I would enjoy learning new things and having some laughs with, also someone who is funny, thoughtful, loyal and supportive to start a natural, sincere and long-lasting relationship heading hopefully to forever love eventually. Anyways I am ready for adventure and game to have fun, as long as you’re willing to try new things and see the world.
36 Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Seeking: Male 28 - 38
In their own simple interpretation: work, it is a industrious of the industry, there is a wisdom and understand that it is bold, and the focus of each switch back to is to make every effort to return in good faith, and great results , and it is in life, one heart, And the woman there is a Yin benefit and gentle, know that cuisine cooked scrambled to a fraction of the most beloved people washing their clothes all tastes, will be to make every possible effort to iron out the shop just to buy a flat just like food, health, know how the theory, know that spring and summer, autumn and winter clothing store one of the easiest ways to find advantages, one is not more than 20 years old and younger, and the Xi'an is not hard, and a lovely, bright and cheerful girl. The Western women do not lack courage, Oriental woman who does not lose his gentle, sex is not love, old and angry, and it is feared that a clear distinction between public and private too fast . . is not the best, but it will be to do everything we can to deal with all the shortcomings, the harmonious . in life will be very sticky, and the one you love and want to share In the life of the sweet and sour sour allows your loved one is not very much, looks good, and the audience could not too much money, good enough, and allow no Yao Ming . so high, you can occasionally able to tolerate the tantrums . I occasionally angry, especially the people who endured the personality! The attitude toward love If: You do not leave me.I will by your side until the end of feeling life is not serious, please bypass! Like his predecessor break up or divorce, but have not yet come out feeling before, or if you have to have a fear of marriage, I'm sorry, I am not a doctor, you will not heal the wound. I just want a normal life, normal marriage.
54 Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Seeking: Male 45 - 65
There are always some beautiful pictures in my mind: waking up every day being around by my beloved, walking hand in hand along the path with shade on our idle time, cuddling with each other on the couch for some nice movies or Tvs at nights…. I think that is the happiest family life in the world, and I am strive to seek such kind of life. Are you the one who has an identical opinion? If yes, come to me, stop searching for others, I am sure I am the only one you are seeking. Life is like a cup of tea, need to taste slowly. Life is a trickle, and only clear water could nourish your heart. Work to live, but lost life itself, people will be a machine. Life is because of love, life without love, people will be a dead-alive person. The sun shines every corner of the world and warms the heart of each person, so there is no reason not to love. Love is understanding, love is inclusive, love is giving, love is sacrifice, and love is permanent. Time to introduce myself: I am a senor engineer with a strong sense of family in my heart. As I raise my daughter by myself, I am independent and know how to love. I think I am a woman who is deserved to be loved and also know how to love my man. What I need is a man that I can lie on. When I feel sad, he can console me. When I am tired, he can lend his shoulder to me. I hope to find my life partner soon and build a new family. After you read my profile, you will know that I have my own stories to tell and I would love to share everything with my love. If you are interested on me, please don’t hesitate to contact me!
43 Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 48
' I m a romantic, easy-going and kind-hearted girl I . Do cooking, and traveling, like listening to music and singing and playing badminton I dancing like kid . . I believe and love the life and the true love I expect my dream prince will come I . We hope can understand and appreciate each other, he is healthy, open-minded and considerate man and he also I is a simple, honest soul, and enjoy the girls with the United States as the people who love life, Darkie ., like children! True love, there is a need to accommodate each other, understanding, mutual treasure. I have a emotional experience, therefore, it is now more carefully. I believe in love, once it was determined that love is very committed to it. Marriage is love. I believe that the fruits will be the time when the person will surely come, it is doomed in fields that hangs around the courthouse . It is beautiful! Before the arrival in love is gratuitous 95/2000 95/2000 95/2000 elderly parents after marriage, the relatively less time commuting between home and his friends had in peacetime . play ball, listening to music, traveling during the holidays. . . There are vacant domestic chores, Laurence Olivier treadmill praising soup I think it is very happy! I bless you can find here talking hands. The Road Back to the person who can work together with his beloved ...... I hope that he would like to have a heart of love, there is a large realm, the feelings and the people ( 1140-1207 ), is a broad, physical and mental health, love life, because I was so.
37 Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Seeking: Male 25 - 37



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