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50 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 52 - 68
I am a stunning classy lady with an honest caring soul ,simple and good,nature, sincere, kind,friendly, if you are smart enough to understand that when you check the pictures. I am probably one of the most forgiving people in the world because life is far too short to hold grudgespositive energy and a good vibration, loyal, amicable ,patient,versatie,considerate,romantic,frank,elegant, smart,clean,creative,perceptive,responsible,diligent,open-minded occasional spontaneous,optimistic,easy to get along,etc. Well-educated, experienced a long Journey of life, what I have walked through made me a lady who l am. I'm not only an avid mountain climber,but also volunteered in those remote, In the leisure time,I do love reading,music very much. My passions are writing, traveling, and being successful in business with all the opportunities this brings. And I love my home,I do enjoy the peace at home, love nature too, go to the gym regularly. Iam very much striving to seek with a beginning of friendship,loved-marriage life where there always needs to be chemistry and attraction where there always needs to be chemistry and attraction. I can't be specific on who that person is-but I'm told I would know. That said: I would hope that he loves to travel, can appreciate little things in life,and has a sense of humor. I can only hope he looks bevond the immediate horizon like myselfand understands that the greatest rewards and wonders are things that cannot be seenor realized yet. I love this quote from Richard Bach:“Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life.”I’m seeking that.hoping my Mr.right with the same values. and kind ,caring,optimistic,romantic,sincere,intelligent, loves me with moral values,similar interest and serious intelligent about relationship. I am very expecting to the one he could offer encouragement,support ,and unconditional respect,love ,also wants to spoil me and I also wants to spoil him. I seek a life with a special partner that exists in a place of peace and harmony whereI would consider there existed a calm pond where both of us would be relaxed and develop an instinctive understanding of each other. A life where the work was shared so that time to 'have fun . ♥ Life is a cup of water you put a little sugar it is sweet; put a little salt it is salty! Well, although I am not perfectIam unique enough! I do wish I would meet you in the future soon,the Mr right of mine, 🌻🍎I believe in destiny and it has always provided me with a blessed life. So I'll leave it up to destiny to bring a caring and loving man into my life. you could find me out definitely with the God BLESSINGS. I believe in the so crowded world, only two persons with the same channel frequency can catch sight of the unknown grace in the depth of each other's heart♥
34 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 47
Hi! I’m Han who was born and grown up in Shanghai, which is the center of Science, Technology, Information and Finance. It also enjoys the reputation of Oriental Paris, opening, welcoming and embracing. I studied Ballet since I was 5 and I studied in Shanghai Far East Dance School, The University of Utah. Ballet Academy, Moscow Grand Theatre, Bolshoi Institute and Mystic Ballet. I am good at Jazz Dance, Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance and Ballet. And had over 200 performances in three years, I am the choreography and the leader of the dancing group. responsible for the designing of music, dance and costumes. I a big fan of music of classical, world, pop, R&b, dancing/electrical and pop music. I have full of creativity and exploration aspiration. And full of imagination and unique aesthetic sense, I am interested in Science fiction, action, detective, suspense, comics and romantic movies and drama, I love the actors Jonny Deep, Robert Downey Jr. and actress Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence. i love reading especially for world famous novels and literature, i also appreciate cooking and wine tasting, My favorite food is Lasagna,pizza and soul food. I love vegetables, Caribbean Seafood, and the dish from South African, European, Sushi, deli, organic food, Middle east, southwestern American food. I am quite sporty and i love table tennis, Squash, jogging, Softball,hang glider,Australian football, in-line skates, watching sporty games, motorcycle,Darts,Artistic Gymnastics, boating, Archery, volleyball, basketball, swimming and meditation, in my spare time, i do gardening, camping, BBQ, playing card games, Cross talk, beaches and parks. I have traveled to Russia, US, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Portugal and Netherlands. Dancing has made my life valuable but it is also time for me to have special one who can fulfill the empty part of my life.
33 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 26 - 35
Dear you, It is my great luck if you are reading my profile now:) I am not a hunter but serious to find someone who I love . to be honest , it is hard to find a both Interesting and grounded soul around me...those who have intelligence are not interesting enough and Those who are interested tend never to settle down. So I have to resort to CLC to seek for someone Who is true to me, sincere to love, and passport toward life. I introduce myself a little bit I'm Jessie from China. I was 6 years in Zurich Switzerland finishing my master's degree in Financial Engaging and working afterwards. I moved back to China last year to join a startup to seek for all The potentials in Asian market. My job is an options trader and deal with mathematics everyday. And I am on the transition to a management position although I am particularly young relative to my Pals. I work hard and stay diligent and humble so that people feel comfortable with me and are Willing to give me instructions. Everyone is a teacher for me and I have a lot to learn. I love my Job and I love my life more. My Hobbies are ranging across reading,trekking,climbing ,dancing...I. Go to Gym everyday to keep fit except when I have business trips. I have been to most countries in Europe and have also traveled around north Africa as well as Asian countries like Nepal , India , Bengal, etc. I travel alone to impoverished countries to take hardships and digest them in my inner Heart so that I can become a strong and tender lady at the same time. I like also to stay on the Beaches thinking nothing but to get sunshine and winds so that I can be a fair of the real nature And enjoy all luxury moments that are granted. It is always enjoyable and exciting when I can meet People in the way and talk with them so that I can be wiser and earn extra experiences/ views Toward life. I never hesitate taking risks where necessary or sometimes just for fun but also Remind myself to think it through whether it could be out of my control. I keep donating to a Children's Foundation although I do not earn much, but the compassion and sense of giving keep me in A comforable state and push me forward. People say to me often: Jessie, by talking with you, I feel you are far beyond your age, full of sunshine and have endless Energies! Right, that's me! I am always glad to be your long-term friend and I am a good listener . time is worth of gold ,so Plz be true and sincere and be serious to build a friendship with me. And I hope we can start being Friends and who knows, maybe I can find my true love here. :)) I am really not good at maintaining Several relationships at the same time. So thank you. Best regards, Jessie
49 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 37 - 60
I have a kindness and goodness of heart, pure and innocent by nature. I am optimistic & active with virtue of curiousness, always eager to learn news things. People can easily feel comfortable with me. You will believe it when you see me I and am sure you like what you see. I am fond of many things, including Yoga, traveling, swimming, music, reading, badminton, horse riding and any other interesting sports, love all the things related to the beauty . Love dogs, horses, and loins all beautiful and intelligent animals. I think the same belief and Value points, kindness and upright are the bases of the happiness and are the most important things, others like the concept of being well-matched In social and economic status and outlook on life is not that important. I believe that people meet each other together because of some kind fate; lovers love each other is still some kind of fate; I also believe that people should try for cannily and cultivate the happiness by themselves and love is a lifelong course we need to learn. Ueber mich und meine Einstellung zum Glu ck ... Ich bin ein offener gutherziger optimistischer und Mensch . Ich neugrig Bin fu R neue Wissen und neue Sachen, dafuer Bin ICH auch lernbereit . Meine Hobbys sind: Musik hoeren, Lesen reisen sowie . In meiner Freizeit treibe ICH gern wie Sport Badminton, schwimmen und viele andere gesunde Sporttypen . Zur Entspannung mache ICH oefter Joga . Ich mag alle schoene Sache wie zum Beispiel die wunderschoene Natur, Landschaft usw. Ich mag auch wie Tiere Hund, Pferd aber auch Loewer . Sie sind alle fu R mich sehr intelligente Tiere . Ich glaube, dass DAS sich begegnen und verlieben sich DAS ist Schicksal . Aber ICH Bin auch der Meinung, dass man eigene fuers Glueck anstreben und verantwortlich sein sollte. Zudem muss man DAS Glueck auch MIT Weisheit fuehren . Liebe ist vielleicht ein grosser Kurs, von dem wir lebenslang was lernen koennen.
53 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 48 - 67
Hi! I am Ying, a woman no longer young but live beautifully with confidence. I love singing, dancing, reading, jogging, yoga, traveling, walking and cooking! My specialty are Shanghai cuisines, Henan Cuisine and Hunan dishes! Especially when i am cooking for my love! I can be quite and can be active in my daily life! I can travel outside for activities and can be quite at home to listen some of my favorite songs, i have passion for life and i enjoy cleanliness, i studied medical in kaifeng university, currently i am working in a community elderly nursing station as medical and nursing work. I will do some surgery for my elderly patients, and my job responsibility is to look after patients, draw blood, measure blood pressure, and blood sugar, operate various instrument, massage! I was born in Henan Province which is famous for Shaolin Temple and Longmen Grottoes! If you are interested in martial art! I guess you will know! And now i am living in Shanghai which the Paris in Oriental World! And I love experiencing the natural beauty by traveling and spending my vacation. I am also a big fan of soft music and electronic music. My favorite movies are romantic and positive types! I hope to have a partner who will dedicate his love to his and family, love caring, and inclusive! Hard working and has positive attitude towards life! Keeping optimistic attitude towards life is the secret to keep young in both my appearance and spirit! And i hope will be the good taster of my food! Haha!
39 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 34 - 45
It will be hard to tell what kind of man Im seeking for … but I ll tell you who I am as I know myself … pls send me message after read those below if interested… 1. I m well educated, majoring animation when In Uni .. and I study and worked in the UK before.. so that I know the western society well.. 2. I have a kid, 6 years old now … and I can take good care of him and give him high edu without any help… I m not here for seeking economy support but only for pure love … 3. Iv been worked and making a very good salary before … but I am self- employed since this year as I need more of time for myself and my kid … as well as I don’t like to work for boss any more … Im pretty sure of my business skills … so I m quite enjoy what I m doing for work so far … 4. I do a lot of exercise 3-4 times a week , I m eager to do more in gym when I have more time, maybe next year I can spend 2 hours in the gym … I like to keep my figure as good as ten years before … that would be my purpose for the next 10 or 20 years…. 5. I like fashion, not fancy with shopping actually.. but I do have lots of clothes … I choose wrong major when in the uni, I should be learning fashion design so that I could be a fashion designer which always were my dream job … 6. I have many close friends, Im good at communicating .. and im understandable as well.. like to give more than take in life … 7. as Im charging a team when in the company , so that men always feel I should be strict to own man …. Actually, the fact is I m quite a soft woman and like to follow instead of control… 8. I m quite family oriented … loyal …caring …fun to talk … easy going but a deepthinker … always stay in optimistic … Last but not least …I believe a good communication would always the most important thing between high quality couples … I would like to find a man who are good in communication as well as family oriented …



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