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42 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 49
It is the fate ,that you find me from tens of thousands of women Only a woman gentle embrace is the warmest home to a man I am have the wish from my childhood. To have a wonderful husband who worth me respect, love and spoil. I love reading &sports; love traveling and delicious food; love music, dance and the movies as well; Also I am interested in the study of traditional Chinese medicine, pave the way to pursuit a healthy lifestyle. The real me has the true beauty and unique temperament. I am smart, free and easy,liberating ,generous. I am an independent, strong, confident woman to pursuit continuous improvement. I will try to be the nourishment of your soul , we will be the lifelong friends for life to support and assist each other to achieve and fulfill ours’ life missions. I will strive to be a gentle, funny woman who can understand my partner and be responsible for our family. I will devote myself to create a warm and happy family atmosphere for us. You will be definitely impressed by my warm smile, the generous mind, and intellectual beauty. If you could pick up me the precious pearl, I will not let you disappointed. The appearance is easy to be old, the inner heart will be the eternal beauty. To find a lifelong partner, is to find a llifelong friend When you are suffering, there is a person who can comfort you; when you are happy, a person can celebrate and share together with you ; when you are lonely, the person will silently accompany you Everyone comes to the world has their own mission, we are together is not only the relationship between men and women, we aim to achieve and fulfil ours’ missions.
37 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 55
I believe that the gentle, beautiful, compassionate woman exudes charm from inside the woman, soft hugs is man ' s home. I am a beautiful outside and inside wonderful woman, I focus on managing real happiness, and peaceful inner wisdom. I am loyal to a serious relationship, I ' m a humorous funny lady, outgoing and easygoing. I can make people laugh a lot happily. I have a hot sincere heart, I love life and the nature, I am positive to life and have much energy and passion for life, I am loyal and faithful to my loved person and my family. I am looking for a man whom I respect him as my father, I love him as my husband, and I spoil him As my boy. We are together to nourish each other, success each other, and bring each other the best side, we love each other deeply and sincerely, and be honest and loyal to accompany each other the whole life . We hold each other to sleep at night, and smile to each other in the morning, I will make him nice coffee, squeeze toothpaste for him, watch him brush the teeth and shave, lovely I smile to him with my sweet loving feelings, and he holds me tight, kiss my lips ... I sincerely hope to be your companion and your soul mate, your best friend and trustworthy best friend, and be the person to take you inside look fine and the real happiness. I am eager to be your life partner, lover, best friend and teacher life, your soul guide, to become our family happy soul support, because 80 per cent of the level of happiness in a family decides by woman, what kind of woman you marry, what kind of life you will have. I am willing to sail the boat love for you. I AM very confident that I have the ability to make myself happy, and to make the man love I happy, and to make our family very happy! I hope to be your spiritual dependence and soul charger, to be the source of your steady flow of wellbeing power. I hope you are a kind and tolerant person with a gentle soft heart, and you are pursuing happiness the same as me, and you want to be cherished and loved by your woman to be moved when looking at the woman you love, please believe that you deserve it! I want to see your warm smile, like beautiful flowers in the spring. I meet you, I will unlock the shackles of your heart to guide you to see your inner self, talk with your soul, follow Up your heart, LOVE is the blessing . Please bring your sincere heart, come to me, come to my heart, I will hold you with my arms gently, make you feel the love. I hope you also enjoy the feeling of being loved, a man ' s heart is softened by a woman, a beautiful woman makes you feel good and wise woman nourishes your soul, you will find that I am the exact woman that you have been looking for, Am I your Ms . Gold ... When two hearts beat together, when two souls shake together, let s create our beautiful life together ... Woman, the glorious helper I, am looking forward to fall in love with my hero ... I am serious to look for a serious relationship and a life partner, please do not disturb if you are not sincere and genuine, thanks! I believe that gentle, beautiful, and empathetic woman from the inside out, with charm, a woman gentle embrace of the men of power. I am a beautiful appearance, heart more beautiful woman, with a special focus on their true happiness in their hearts and the great wisdom, and I would love a loyal, very humorous, bright and cheerful personality and lively, and I have to laugh. I have a hot sincere heart, love life, love nature, optimism, enthusiasm, and for their love and family loyalty exclusively. I am eager to have a respectful manner such as the parent, and a love for one of his favorite, and as one of the men on my side, and nourish each other, one another's achievements with each other, with the other one of the best, truly a deep love for one another, and loyalty, to join hands in a lifetime. That evening and night, in the early days, depending on the smile, as he washed the cup aroma of coffee, as he squeezed the toothpaste, I looked at him, brushing the hair, I am with the love interest he smiled, and looked at his face, happy atmosphere, and back to me a warm embrace, sweet kiss. A look at sunrise, and a look at sunset, and I am a bird according to the people of the nestled in his kindness in his shoulder, he had a package I slim waist laugh. tired to His law enforcement law enforcement, poor singing him asleep, sweet honey in his ear the words, wind the smell filled with sweet. I sincerely hope that you become the unaccompanied, and soul of your friends, your most intimate friends, and you have the most credible person to become able to build your people. I aspire to become your lover, lover, and best friend, and the teacher, and our family well-being of the soul pillars, because a family of the well-being of 80% of the woman. I am willing to give you support the love of sailing. Married men what kind of woman, on behalf of his upcoming live what kind of a life, and I firmly believe that I was able to make their own well-being, the ability to let my lover and our family happiness! I hope that you become a psychological dependence and the soul of the charger, as you have an endless supply of well-being the source of our strength. I hope that your kindness, tolerance, and a soft and kind heart, and well-being of the same hungry for, and you want to be your own woman treasure and cherish, and you want to wake up each day is your love for the woman who was touched and, believe me, You Deserve! I want to see your warm smile, laughing drunk spring. I met you, it is necessary to lift your heart to lead you a glimpse into his heart, and his soul dialog, follow your own Heart, Love, gift, you with a sincere heart, near my heart, my gentle, dual-arm with you, and I hope that you will be happy to enjoy this is love filling the feeling, and I will go to the fond of the world ... men of the heart is the woman Sophie, and a beautiful woman's eye, wisdom of a woman nourish others of the soul, you will find that I am that you have been looking for. Ms Gold ... two hearts blend of two of the soul confided, and let us work together to, completely, love and tolerance, and create our common Life is Beautiful ... woman, and glory of the help! I look forward to working with my hero mad love life ... I am a sincere sincere looking for a lifetime companion, the game of life do not cause nuisance, thank you!
32 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 47
Hi! I’m Han who was born and grown up in Shanghai, which is the center of Science, Technology, Information and Finance. It also enjoys the reputation of Oriental Paris, opening, welcoming and embracing. I studied Ballet since I was 5 and I studied in Shanghai Far East Dance School, The University of Utah. Ballet Academy, Moscow Grand Theatre, Bolshoi Institute and Mystic Ballet. I am good at Jazz Dance, Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance and Ballet. And had over 200 performances in three years, I am the choreography and the leader of the dancing group. responsible for the designing of music, dance and costumes. I a big fan of music of classical, world, pop, R&b, dancing/electrical and pop music. I have full of creativity and exploration aspiration. And full of imagination and unique aesthetic sense, I am interested in Science fiction, action, detective, suspense, comics and romantic movies and drama, I love the actors Jonny Deep, Robert Downey Jr. and actress Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence. i love reading especially for world famous novels and literature, i also appreciate cooking and wine tasting, My favorite food is Lasagna,pizza and soul food. I love vegetables, Caribbean Seafood, and the dish from South African, European, Sushi, deli, organic food, Middle east, southwestern American food. I am quite sporty and i love table tennis, Squash, jogging, Softball,hang glider,Australian football, in-line skates, watching sporty games, motorcycle,Darts,Artistic Gymnastics, boating, Archery, volleyball, basketball, swimming and meditation, in my spare time, i do gardening, camping, BBQ, playing card games, Cross talk, beaches and parks. I have traveled to Russia, US, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Portugal and Netherlands. Dancing has made my life valuable but it is also time for me to have special one who can fulfill the empty part of my life.
32 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 26 - 35
Dear you, It is my great luck if you are reading my profile now:) I am not a hunter but serious to find someone who I love . to be honest , it is hard to find a both Interesting and grounded soul around me...those who have intelligence are not interesting enough and Those who are interested tend never to settle down. So I have to resort to CLC to seek for someone Who is true to me, sincere to love, and passport toward life. I introduce myself a little bit I'm Jessie from China. I was 6 years in Zurich Switzerland finishing my master's degree in Financial Engaging and working afterwards. I moved back to China last year to join a startup to seek for all The potentials in Asian market. My job is an options trader and deal with mathematics everyday. And I am on the transition to a management position although I am particularly young relative to my Pals. I work hard and stay diligent and humble so that people feel comfortable with me and are Willing to give me instructions. Everyone is a teacher for me and I have a lot to learn. I love my Job and I love my life more. My Hobbies are ranging across reading,trekking,climbing ,dancing...I. Go to Gym everyday to keep fit except when I have business trips. I have been to most countries in Europe and have also traveled around north Africa as well as Asian countries like Nepal , India , Bengal, etc. I travel alone to impoverished countries to take hardships and digest them in my inner Heart so that I can become a strong and tender lady at the same time. I like also to stay on the Beaches thinking nothing but to get sunshine and winds so that I can be a fair of the real nature And enjoy all luxury moments that are granted. It is always enjoyable and exciting when I can meet People in the way and talk with them so that I can be wiser and earn extra experiences/ views Toward life. I never hesitate taking risks where necessary or sometimes just for fun but also Remind myself to think it through whether it could be out of my control. I keep donating to a Children's Foundation although I do not earn much, but the compassion and sense of giving keep me in A comforable state and push me forward. People say to me often: Jessie, by talking with you, I feel you are far beyond your age, full of sunshine and have endless Energies! Right, that's me! I am always glad to be your long-term friend and I am a good listener . time is worth of gold ,so Plz be true and sincere and be serious to build a friendship with me. And I hope we can start being Friends and who knows, maybe I can find my true love here. :)) I am really not good at maintaining Several relationships at the same time. So thank you. Best regards, Jessie



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