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44 Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 42 - 55
Occupation: Laborer / Manufacturing
My home town Panyu is a beautiful place located in the central and southern China's Guangdong province. It belongs to subtropical maritime monsoon climate with characteristic agriculture, developed industry and commerce. It’s also a trade port of the past dynasties. Weather here is like spring all year round. Rich in aquatic products, Panyu is known as “the place of fish and rice”. It’s also one of the birthplaces of the Lingnan culture and Guangdong music, which makes it enjoy the high reputation for “home of the culture”. My family lives at the foot of the beautiful Lotus Mountain famous for the Sea Goddess of Mercy. Standing on the Lianhua Lionrock and looking at the rolling water of the Pearl River, all worries are gone. With constant praises from tourists, Panyu cuisine has lots of delicious dishes like Fresh Chicken, Milk Bang into Ginger Juice, Sauteed Chicken with Pepper in Crock, Marinated Port Stomach and Steamed Fish Mouth. Scenic spots such as the Guangdong Science Center, Chime-long Tourist Resort, Treasure Ink Park, South Han Dynasty Tombs, the Crocodile Park etc.. No wonder people will say “best cuisine in Guangzhou and nice traveling place in Panyu”. I am a girl who smiles a lot in daily life and always hopes to use smile to bring warmth and happiness to people around. Friends give me the nickname “healing girl” ha ha! I inherited my parents’ honest, industrious and thrifty virtue as a Cantonese. I treat people with a sincere heart and always discover the beauty in life. I am a tender considerate fair lady seeking for the right man to cherish and love me. Catch one's heart, never be apart.
28 Jiangmen, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 20 - 30
Occupation: Laborer / Manufacturing
Good fantasy, like waiting earnestly River, a "Water, water in a better mood. Appearance: 5, correct, long hair, and the double-eyelid, and slender, and materials, and Don t, born to a beautiful, even though it is not to become eyesores, but not for city, and is one of those walking in the street there is no coming back for more of the usual and normal for a woman. wide of the brain, crooked close about the eyebrows, is a little to the eyes. Often self-mockery: "small spot" and "enrichment is essential. often jokingly: In my case will never be possible that literati paintings of the romantic, and moving in love, love. Advantages: lively and cheerful, and hearted, pure passion. Cons: tinkering, careless, hasty temper, lamb, 3 minute heat. I believe in: Everything heaven worthy conscience. A: What you do not want to, do not do to others. favorite motto: The person rose to the left. For this reason, when people in need of help, often to the competitiveness. I think that helping someone else to make them happy. Hard work, strong optimism and enthusiasm to my advantage, and recalcitrance, carelessness is my shortcomings. personality characteristics: childish, lively and cheerful, sincere, and to the righteous, romantic more than enough reality, Joy-to-color, do not hide, do not, and will not do so. and city government, and significantly, by joking, sensitive self-esteem. Love Love Love laugh love playing the love movement, frank and others to get along with each other, they do not want to see others face, in the hope that peaceful relationship with others, not seeing, relaxing enjoyment of life. To be alive is not easy, and a few 10 a short span, why do we care about slinging? For this reason all things tolerance, patience, magnanimity, and is no longer a quest for wealth and reputation, and so, as the property and travel fatigue, and hope the entranced, not to the lead, and not to love the tired, but, after all, where the, still, do not hold the love of the temptation to love the Magic, the love of the slave. This, however, will also realize there are many: the leading edge, the natural, do not insist, is not proud, is not suppressed, casual a go with the feeling. Like in the rain walk, like natural scenery, I hate monotony no vigor and vitality, and thinking of jumping, don't like step-by-step approach of life and work. as reading, listening to music, sports to enjoy life, but mini-her music, parting of the poetry, and premonition of the autumn leaves, decay of dead grass, are sufficient to cause my sad my tenderness. Quiet when a person does not want to Do Not Disturb, alone in bed imaginary, or quietly reading a book, and lively people of the time, the more the happy; happy that play when you forget it, sad, cry so much that they days unconscious, dark, depression, crazy campaign, until exhausted; for their love and love of the people who wished they could do a little digging pulmonary, dumped me all of their own hate and was very cold; assist the weak not afraid of strong, soft is not fearing; ideological thinking and behavior conservative, emphasis on traditional morality; good fantasy no patience, lamb, but once you make your own finds, it would have been quite persistent, do not hit the wall not illusions. Enjoy unlimited happiness and joy of life. Never had tears, cry if you want to explicitly that he wept and cried, after washing her face, and hint of makeup, as if nothing happened. The sad letter when the Hu, the stump down between my joys. Depression when not singing the song, the exterior weakness, and heart strong." The others to my evaluation. It is no wonder that people often say, it is really a no heart no Lung of the eldest sister. Oh Haha, easier to change rivers, Byung-difficult to move. Used a simple life. Poor governance, a financial, attached great importance to the family atmosphere, I believe a good family a happy harbor, and it is not good for families as a hell on earth. Love cooking does not love food, love to eat the fruit, love buy books buy music CD and small ornaments, and do not love brush shoe money socks, I hate hypocrisy, and is not designed and rainy weather, loves to wear comfortable lightweight, sports wear, personality slightly masculine, gentle, quick tempered and sentimental, typical of the love. ­ loves excitement and love quiet, lively and the people, the more the better, and the more the better, and he was a shaking, not drunk; quiet time, alone, quietly, holding a book, relaxing in bed, sleepless night. Is not the time to conduct assessments fortune-telling, it is strange that the fortune-teller is alarming: Exterior weakness strong hearts, men and women personal. It may be because their own hearts to appreciate the reasonable liver righteous gall, it would be natural to expect their heroism of mourning. There are many different segments of the age of the friends, and friends can be divided into different types. You can have their own things which are most intimate telling friends of friends, you can eat and drink of the wine and meat friends, like their friends. The perfect mood to different friends, regardless of which type you are able to in a particular scenario to my own feelings have been greatly relaxed. The most favorite romantic scene: a sad song, and their loved ones in drizzle, the soft leaves, and lead to the quiet slow; Rain window lattice of the grayest weather, look at the moving love story or with your loved one to enjoy the beautiful love story. My life motto: Now, focus on the future, and should not indulge in that no regrets, don't have the Don't be afraid to casual, go with the feeling.
Carina Liing
42 Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 50
Occupation: Laborer / Manufacturing
35 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 25 - 37
Occupation: Laborer / Manufacturing
49 Dalian, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Male 42 - 58
Occupation: Laborer / Manufacturing



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