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33 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 36
Occupation: Retail / Food services
* Does not accept any forms of about * is steaming a male votes or rather than her husband was to find a ge partners to her own at the same angle of view the world and deep feeling of the Baekdu I regard themselves as the day into the color like flowers like grass like cooking like long trust like exclusive not quarrel with someone including interpersonal and games like books like coffee and tea are fond of resort-style upkeeping of travel that did not love the driving his remarks to the moment the steering wheel will know also likes those speed will be a classical instruments will be one foreign language school in a foreign language will be made of the warmth of home looks like a will work would also be living drops the girl with confidence and patterns of men experience you know about the body is not a micro-obesity is really thick but I would be happy to be your to work into the health of the most elegant looks like a bit of flexible meat in fact, this is also because tired want kindness and also want to be kindness and profound feelings could be scorpion long-cherished wish of the front half of the rate of life is to do a brief history of the small plants scientific horticulture and international marketing cau and the Netherlands were to be too academic experience actually look at the bottom line is the university of life is good and bad mood based on certain people in Beijing but not 9,996 while her grandmother is old Beijing does not mind with the other half to any place both within and outside the big cities and small cities as long as it would be better if I am happy families from northern grandfather is all types of agents do not have a deep house the fate is also a kind of upbringing good now live in the CBD of more than half a single lap slightly elite but humanity predecessor marvel of good against their own good are involved light
42 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 34 - 45
Occupation: Retail / Food services
Hi, all! I am a single mum taking care of 3-year-old twin girls . Their father asked for divorce as early as they were just five-month old As . a matter of fact, due to work changes, we started to work and live in different locations on the date we registered to marry Now . My parents help me take care of twin girls and my family is filled with peace and joy and grace, good for you, I am a single mother of a twin daughters. The child's father in their 5 months of time filed the divorce, in fact, as a result of mobility, We from the marriage day has been off-site. Now, my parents helped me with their children, the family was filled with joy, with a warm welcome and harmony. I ' m a passionate and positive lady, fond of seafood, journey and movies. With warm heart, I have lots of friends around me. I like travel, and especially love beach and sea. I personality positive, warm and generous, charitable, and friends. I like to eat seafood, watch movies, and travel, and in particular beach and sea. As for work, I ' ve been working for a foreign company for over a decade since graduation. In early years, I worked for Store Management, such that I ' ve worked and lived in many cities of China . In 2005, I worked in USA for one year and returned to China Shanghai for two years, and then appointed to home office located in Shenzhen in 2009. In work, I trouble my brain much, but in life I turn to sort of thoughtless; I feel comfortable about both of me. I would like to find someone here who would spend the rest of life with me. In the work, and from the university, I was in a foreign work, has been in place for more than 10 years. Some years ago, I was doing the store management, and therefore the domestic many cities have to be too. 2005 the company sent me to the United States after working for a year, and, after returning to work in Shanghai two years, and then in 2009 transferred to its headquarters in Shenzhen, have been working since then. The time to work, I would like to reflect on a lot in life, it is simple, no matter what, I feel at ease. I hope to be able to find and I have toiled under the companion.
51 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Male 45 - 65
Occupation: Retail / Food services
You are good! My Chinese name is Zhou xiao fen, from the beautiful land of abundance Sichuan Chengdu, born in 1969 on 11 November, I was a sincere and kind-hearted, hard-working, personality and straightforward optimistic positive woman, I like sports, likes to travel, likes to make it energy friends also love cooking, Sichuan cuisine is spicy dishes in my hand, and I will package dumplings and noodles, January 1999, and the ex-husband because of the Character out of divorce, custody of their son grow up alone. During this period, I am engaged in the catering industry 8 years later due to health reasons, to engage in health services, the Institute of Chinese medicine is also on the meridian therapy, nutrition and health care, and won the award for the advanced health management division of the certificate to help countless people suffering from ailments afflicted recover health, I love my job. I am now ready for the future and happiness to look forward to and I love life, like sports, like wellness, and listen to me, and I am willing to join hands to tide over the future well-being happy every day you are in my life a hello! My chinese name is zhuoxiaofen, from the beautiful land of abundance, chengdu, sichuan province, was born on november 11, 1969, I am a sincere, kind, industrious, forthright optimistic woman, I like sports, like travelling, like becoming friends with the positive energy also like cooking, sichuan food is my potato dish, I will also make dumplings, do pasta, I and husband divorce due to personality in january, 1999, raising son grow up alone. during this period, I engaged in catering industry for 8 years, and later due to health reasons, turned to a career in health (palasy meridian therapy, learned as well as health nutrition health care knowledge, and get the advanced health management division" certificate issued by the state, helped Millions of people suffering from illnesses back to health (I very love my job. I am now ready for a happy and beautiful tomorrow, and I look forward to your presence in my life as I love life like sports, like health preservation, and appreciate me
30 Jinan, Shandong, China
Seeking: Male 23 - 35
Occupation: Retail / Food services
Personality sensitive, apathy, and extreme, personality preferences, within their brains are very heavy, and are good at disguising himself, and revenge. Responsive, animal reflex nerve developed. There is only the passion, and extreme and tears in order to feel their presence. Able to withstand life, unfortunately the baptism and test. will feel or make people feel love and sex of great attraction. The "Cold War" the scorpion female wizards, feelings of private desire and jealousy is very strong. If you love the outfit, will produce extreme revenge. When related to their personal interests or a violent conflict, you have the most powerful weapon is disguised themselves and not sensibilities. You extreme, cold of the characteristics and persistence of personality will give the people around a deep impression. Scorpio woman in love is a risk, however, have some fear of death men who want to provoke her. scorpions of love are offensive, but if you want to know how you want to tour the destruction and the secret, or give up the idea! The "suspected" and "extreme" as a way of life that is not likely to be missing, and there is an extreme desire, you will want to know about each other in the manual, so that you can rest assured. So, as you live, it is best not to leave any bad records, otherwise you would be more suspicious of one another of the reasons. In addition, 10 million don't be teasing, your revenge mentality, which is no longer as that! love and marriage: Will Select a life-long pursuits, and sincere pragmatic, life of men. Scorpio does not loved to talk, personality eccentric, it is difficult to access, is because you have not yet truly went to her inner feelings. Do not happy is deliberately hide themselves, will be their own closed in only its own space environment. health and disease: the infectious disease and the bacterial resistance is stronger, as long as basic physical maintenance, you can avoid the disease. It should be noted reproductive system and exhaust system, as well as diseases of the digestive system. Residential: residential, light should be furnished in a bright and convenient and less windows to avoid direct light exposure. From the location, it should be located at the Lakeside or river nearby, quiet and clean, elegant, it is a good idea keep away from the bustling street. doors and windows should be toward the west-southwest to, residential walls are white and dark red colors. If you no longer have a tree-lined courtyard, it can be on one of the options.



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