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39 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 48
Smoke: Occasionally smoke
About me....hnmm..i find myself generally sweet temper("Lollipops cant be too bitter :) ") ,caring,out -going, passionate ,independant,fun-loving one with sincere faith ,I am fond of many things in life : music----that's a really a healing one when i want to cheer up but no one is around there...hahaha...one of my favourite bands--Coldplay and one of favourite singers--Teressa Deng ,movies and singing (they said I have a nightingale voice but i feel i am just "bathroomsinger" grade..but i participate in regular chorus though...)make tea art and special interest in Chinese traditional calligraphy , cantonese opera gives me a peace of mind in leisure time and i play well chinese traditional "Guzheng", fond of Chinese ,french and indian cuisine....hmmm...yummy...swimming, reading ,traveling been to US,England,France,Singapore,Malaysia,Denmark...etc...).I like cuddling ,caressing,kissing my love...hmmm....Now working as an interpreter of french for children's book in a publishing house . I appreciate the obvious or hidden beauties in life and in people around and believe in subtle magic with people in the universe . I hope (God and Energies of the Universe—Help me with this ,pls…) i could have the chance to find some one who is willing to take the time and patience to know more about each other and enjoy life with me wherever in this world ahead and build a solid family together.I know i am not a perfect one ,yet at least i am improving every day .I know i am no longer a very very young chic though i do still hold a young curious heart towards the world...hoho...but i really looking forward to a more enduring and longterm stable relationship . Love Motto : The Heart Sees Better Than The Eyes. I make a profile here because i think I STILL BELIEVE IN LOVE and always wanted to establish a family with someone that i love and care for .
28 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 20 - 31
Smoke: Occasionally smoke
The Before adventure in the university. I was just me, Katherine, Katherine Lo . I was going to name myself Carol because the pronunciation of it is similar to my name Chinese however I Katherine think is more fit my characteristic. I was born in 1993, in this year one of my favourite band Beyond ' s main singer died and so does a famous Hollywood film star Audrey Hepburn . . I always feel this is a shame that I can not living in the same era with them. It ' s always the same dream, I am working hard and playing harder in the city, a concrete jungle, melting pot where dreams are made of and I to belong there, Central Direct is mine. But I then wake Up to the same old Katharine in ShenZhen . A twenty years old girl who born in China and moved to New Zealand at my age of five It . was in 2001, I came back to china from New Zealand The . 9 - 11 event and SARS were all the rage in this year. I am trying to figure out who I am with the help of my family, my best friend. I follow my heart to chase my dream football and spent a year in Vietnam to practice my football but I gave my football dream up when there was a healthy problem came up, now I football play time by time. When I was thirteen years old, I went to studies in Hong Kong for a semester and that had changed me a lot, I had met some people who I can call the Genius there and had made a good friendship with them, and they made me realize that we are study for knowledge, and a way to solve the problem we face and to practice our ability to think but not a high mark or to change our diploma or knowledge that we learn into a practical money ventures After . All these years, and after every city and every country I ' ve traveled through, I felt like stroke marking on the wall like "Robinson Crusoe". But the last stroke should be marked at our own home, It ' s also for leaving the people you are so familiar with . Those experience have made me become more independent and also good at saying goodbye with each other. Growing up in a multi-culture environment, I can say I am open minded to all kind of culture and it is easy for me to accept different kind of people and things. Talking about the song, the progame TV and the book that I like to think I I am a little bit old school . I fond of british pop and rap . The smashing pumkings Radiohead, and muse are always my favourite band and they have lead me to made up a band of my own in high school. I like to watch old Hong Kong film in those nights of insomnia My . favourite author is Oscar Wilde I and surely will not falling in love with a man who doesn' t know Oscar Wilde, cause I expect him to be sweet with me. What is my hobby? am What I usually do in my leisue time? Mostly I like to go clubbing and share a funny, crazy time with the inner circle friend, I will hold party time by time, and that is not because I am a party queen but because I like to design the invitation and cook the food for party and share it with my friends. I like to play the video game, and smoke a little bit to drink a little bit, make some bets with friends, skateboarding, doing gem, and playing music with the band ' s member, cause I find the secret of romance is doing something very man or maybe we can say everyone likes something bad they can get used to, and life is just too dull and common . Though I believe that things will Not always goes as people plan, however I do get something in my mind which I I hope can finally catch up before my 24. I am going to major in pre-school educational in University of Auckland I . am going to run a public business relationship. I will go camping at the Avenue of Stars in Tsin Sha Tsui, Hong Kong . I will develop the Civil Rights Movement in China . Figuring I who am and finding my voice is not going to be easy I but am pretty sure it is going to be a lot of fun. I realized this is my life I and am not going to have any regret.



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