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32 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 47
Star sign: Scorpio
Hi! I’m Han who was born and grown up in Shanghai, which is the center of Science, Technology, Information and Finance. It also enjoys the reputation of Oriental Paris, opening, welcoming and embracing. I studied Ballet since I was 5 and I studied in Shanghai Far East Dance School, The University of Utah. Ballet Academy, Moscow Grand Theatre, Bolshoi Institute and Mystic Ballet. I am good at Jazz Dance, Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance and Ballet. And had over 200 performances in three years, I am the choreography and the leader of the dancing group. responsible for the designing of music, dance and costumes. I a big fan of music of classical, world, pop, R&b, dancing/electrical and pop music. I have full of creativity and exploration aspiration. And full of imagination and unique aesthetic sense, I am interested in Science fiction, action, detective, suspense, comics and romantic movies and drama, I love the actors Jonny Deep, Robert Downey Jr. and actress Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence. i love reading especially for world famous novels and literature, i also appreciate cooking and wine tasting, My favorite food is Lasagna,pizza and soul food. I love vegetables, Caribbean Seafood, and the dish from South African, European, Sushi, deli, organic food, Middle east, southwestern American food. I am quite sporty and i love table tennis, Squash, jogging, Softball,hang glider,Australian football, in-line skates, watching sporty games, motorcycle,Darts,Artistic Gymnastics, boating, Archery, volleyball, basketball, swimming and meditation, in my spare time, i do gardening, camping, BBQ, playing card games, Cross talk, beaches and parks. I have traveled to Russia, US, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Portugal and Netherlands. Dancing has made my life valuable but it is also time for me to have special one who can fulfill the empty part of my life.
33 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 36
Star sign: Scorpio
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