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High School

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42 Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Male 41 - 52
Education: High School
65 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 61 - 99
Education: High School
I am a Chinese traditional virtues. Loyal, reliable, educated, clever, honest, health, no bad habits. I have the love and compassion, meekness, delicacy, enthusiasm and her husband loving family, I prefer to read, art, theater and learning new things. I also like cooking, music, dance ... I hope that the love and marriage. Photo , fleeting young heart not to fall during h x w x d following dyeing , the bfs in arduous trek , also missing many attractions easily risk not to abandon the pursuit really love , as a really loved me of female party , Thanksgiving hi-tech to let them than the identification , it would in that Department , fence with you want to , noye after holding hands , pairs on the balance sheet with a theory is no river , Lake 名山大川 , monuments , floor , Temple of a field desktop risk-, the flowing water , oceans. It is one of its appearance , the duel surrounding Gucheon sunrise at dinner , Bangladesh made love to nature and the heavenly gift. Each Other for the bubble to the old hoar head with Lotte Chou! Be able to appreciate the love white head , I would like to have a home , happiness 韾 Wen Men like paradise , the local mutual euphoric completed , who want is a 1 , the mood music Welcome to rejoice in each phase 亙 scrubs massage , enjoy each other's tenderness , Night Time , emitted by the central light and you as a kiss you cover good morning to you as a quilt , do a hearty breakfast , all your love in the new brilliant , 1 day to 1 sooner or later , build long-life 120 years old , Houston diverse mix of tea time reading books , continuous progress often embraced each balance sheet kiss the love of the case expression not intended , let us rejoice in the daily laughter enjoy Tilen , a definite are filled with joyful . surf to prevent Radio , arc to eat more when Hu Pu and dark fruits and vegetables , best placed next to the power of two basins cactus , Daily slower write head 鳳凰 two characters , Tin , Field , and prevent osteoporosis version wish you health , Have a nice day! I love you found a heart-to-heart, he can sing, augurs well for our health is only female appearance, very modern zoologists! We are like Liang Shanbo and Zhu Ying-just like love like the sea! He was born as a result of leukemia, i to save his life, I would like to give him a bone marrow transplant, because my marrow and he does not match, he subsequently AIDS WTO, so very sad separated. Later after being introduced to find a monstrously, Infidelity unfilial illiterate, tobacco and alcohol, 3 tea drinking alcohol on the issue of liquor mad call our 3 Madame nut, later I 2 of her daughters grow up, I divorced him, I, who have suffered so much from the world of all suffering! I want to get 1-bit culture cultured! Love! Sharing the tide over the Baekdu to old as the companion! True Love for the people to be drunk, love transferee of the outlaw. Love is the two individuals in 1 up and Modern Terminals, with sub-kai; love was selfless! There is a wise saying; a century to be the same funato millennium repair by throwing a total of sleep. In , a non-cherish , there are couples , insulation is no cause is a friend . I do not have any burden, I like the 2 people the happy life of the world, there are three grandsons grandchildren grandchildren well and not to do so. Cows and horses grandchildren If you do not think it appropriate do not write a letter, lest a waste of time.
43 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 48
Education: High School
Guten Tag! Wie Geht es Ihnen? Ich komme aus China ,my German language hasn’t been good, it’s a start ,do you want to help me ? Wo ein Wille ist, ist auch ein Weg. I am also an internatational Mandarin teacher with qualification in spare time, Chinese language and culture is beautiful and unique which influence many countries , if I can make you more like this , that is my pleasure . Let’s learn each other . I sing and read a beautiful chinese poem 《独上西楼》,but couldn’t be shared here , if you are interested , I can share with you . I've an Elegant, Warm heart, ...I like doing our Chinese "Kung fu" , I have a strange habit washing bowls which my friends love very much :-),... I'm well-mannered, clean and have healthy life .....sth I can read you from your eyes since I'm a witch:-) ,I'd like to know you starting from friends since a good friendship is always the good base for everything… I also wish could find a special one ,I wait for this one with my patience even if one day my face is with wrinkle.. if couldn't find this one , it might be my destiny, I still thankful to what the life give to me and cherish all what I am owning . I treat family members and good friends very well.. Let's listen and trust, life is filled with different colors ,if you're the one I’m waiting , I’d like to paint with you for our unique picture , learn and respect each other , accept each other’s shortcoming as a whole part ,just because it is you ,...If you are the one, I’d like to company you along the life road to meet with not only the happiness, but also thorns together and not give up easily. When we happy, let’s celebration , When you fall down , I give you my hand to help pick you up , Danke!
42 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 37 - 49
Education: High School



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