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42 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male
【非诚勿扰】 (If you don't sincerely want to get married, please don't disturb me Kind-hearted and wise people will understand: do not have a utilitarian mentality to fall in love, that is pure love, which is what everyone wants. I find that the best way to love someone is not to change, but to help them reveal the best version of themselves.) I m a single woman,living in Chongqing, China, for more than 14 years, self employ running two small business on cosmetic area and the traditional Chinese medical science . One for on line sales and one for off line physical stores. I often think about a question: how can I survive if I parachute to another country? so,I have studied many skills,such as the traditional Chinese medical science ,Chongqing noodles making,handmade soap and so on. Three years of epidemic,I have developed the idea of going abroad. yeah, The world is so huge, I want to go see it! and I m 42 years old,and I m still young, isn't it?! and I m single,I haven't found my charming prince yet~Will it be you? so I m here~ I want to go to USA,Australia,Canada, New Zealand,Germany and so on. By the way,I have got a US visa. I hope to your country,and live with you,Living a different life and experiencing a different culture. I m very sincere,kind,pure,faithful. I hope you must be truth, patient,sincere,and faithful too. I am sunny,outgoing,but I don't like to talk about sexual subject on line,that’s "NOT" cool. You're making a nuisance of yourself if we don't fall in love each other, that will scare me! I am a good mother, and I will also be your good wife. What I want is a serious relationship and a happy marriage, not a game. I think the life is very short, we both need more courage. If you are also a sincere, emotionally stable, and single person, If you want to start a new and warm family, please contact me. We will restart our new life and build a happy family which has a cheerful atmosphere!
47 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 42 - 65
Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my document! My name is Vanessa, and I come from Chongqing, a beautiful city in China. The landscape here nourishes me and makes me Gentle, kind, elegant, dignified and strong! I will read some books about Chinese traditional culture, psychology, women's growth, children's education English and so on in my spare time. I will dance with the music inversely. I will go for a walk or walk healthily in the Morning or after dinner. I will learn a dish carefully according to the recipient. Healthy diet and proper exercise keep me Healthy and in good shape! I also love everything God created! Although I have experienced setbacks in life, I still have a kind heart and a vibrant smile, the ability to live Independently and some qualities. I like learning! And has accounting, beauty, Chinese medicine, insurance, tour guides Psychological counselling and other professional certificates! I have been a full-time tour guide for 12 years, and I have been an accountant in a state-owned enterprise for 11 years. At Present, I do emotional and psychological consulting online. At this moment, I look forward to the person who loves me Coming into my life soon and having a good love with me. I want to join hands with him and add some happy flavor to the plain Life. Let's have a romantic and true love of "you know my heart, I understand your feelings". I hope I can open my eyes Tomorrow and see your letter to me. Thank God for giving me a smart and lovely daughter. She is eleven years old this year. She is a little angel! He won the third prize of Chongqing Olympic Mathematics Competition and the bronze prize of the 139th ICAA International Children's Calligraphy and Painting Competition. She has art painting and Latin dance.. My Daughter is also very talented in speaking. She participated in speech competitions and achieved excellent results My daughter's father died of illness when she was one year old. My daughter has never experienced the greatness and Loftiness of fatherly love! I hope you (my lover) Who love us can find us soon. Ha ha... Are you eager to form a home full of daughter and daughter with my daughter and me? Although I don't know where you are now? But I believe you have appeared countless times in my dreams. I hope we can come as promised! Because our hearts are already together, calling each other's names!
46 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 45 - 63
When they were not close to each other, they remembered the mountains of the water, and the sea and the fields of the sea. For the future there is no specific positioning, choose a city to be old, meet a person to white head, love is the place to be home. After half a life, still believe in love, believe for the rest of life there must be a fellow person worth waiting, and look forward to the second half of the game for you to be more wonderful. I have been in the real estate sales and decoration industry for many years, and I am good at communication and communication, and I look quiet, calm and tough, Comprehensible and fun. Be clear, not overly vocal, not fond of quarrels, and want to use communication to resolve conflicts and differences. Enjoy a quiet home while resting, reading books, drinking tea, making rooms, Make a meal, occasionally meet friends, party, climb, Self drive... all the action is perfect, the holiness of the Virgin is perfect, and the bliss of the B-type blood. Flexible. Life is always busy and full, and it is my most important leisure time to accompany my daughter to do what she likes. I like to listen to rain and stay in the air, I like to drive on rainy days and drive on unmanned roads with no purpose. When the wheels run over the ground and brushing, the wipers are rocking regularly, leaving a blank in the head, except for the sound of falling rain. It's a quiet neighborhood, enjoy a moment of silence, roam around, talk to yourself... like planting flowers and grass. Cook a pot of old tea and read a good book. I like to make my own clothes and unleash unlimited creativity. I like to study food and try to be beautiful and beautiful.
52 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 57 - 65
My name is Man and I am from Chongqing, China. Thank you for reading my documentation. Not long Ago this new coronavirous swept through China, and I witnessed the impermanence of too many lives. I. Know how wonderful it is to live healthy! I want to Cherish the present and bravely accept love and be loved. I am very grateful for my luck! I am a manager of a state-owned enterprise and have just retire. I like music and singling, and I. Like to bring joy to my family with singing. I like taking pictures, but my friends are surprised To say that my real person looks more beautiful than the photo. Do you want to see the real me? My weight has been maintained at about 53 kg, which is definitively related to my normal rest time, Healthy eating habits and Hobbies for sports (Viking, yoga, walking, traveling). I like to sit in a clean and tidy room, place a light Lily Fragrance, read a book, and learn new knowledge. When the inspiration camp, I also sang a beautiful And beautiful song to organize my travel diary and photography photos. If you like it too, I will Share it with you in the future. Of course, when I am tied, I will go to a full-body massacre or Spa to relax myself, or to have tea with a good friend. Talk about my heart, but when you are Around, I may cry on your shoulders, will you hug me? I love my family and treat your family well, and I will give the same love. I don't need luxury Goods, but I like a colorful and romantic life. There is also a sense of ceremony, I will prepare Some small surprise for you. I will try my best to help those who really need help. Okay, do you Know me? I dare to love, I am a bit gentle, I am a bit naughty, I am a bit humorous, I am a beautiful smiling Oriental girl! Will you accept imperfect me?
45 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 43 - 54
I am from Chongqing, a beautiful mountain town in China. I have received higher education and I am single. I like to face My life with a smile. I am cheering and gentle. The biggest advantage is to be consider and kind.… I am a plastic Surgeon. In my spare time, I use it to learn how to keep in good health and draw pictures. I also like to make by hand. Chinese Kung fu tea art, flower arrangement art, and Chinese cooking. I want to enrich my life by studying. I like Traveling and sports. Traveling makes me feel the scenery and freshness that nature has given me. Running and dancing Are my must-do exercises every week. I like quietness, I like Chinese classical music, modern music, and singing Outside of work, which makes me feel particularly relaxed. Now I want to have a love relationship for the purpose of Marriage. I hope I can find an equally sincere you here, an ordinary and happy company for a lifetime! Are you a man who understands life and loves? You take my hand for a walk, watch a movie, I always believe in love. I am looking for a husband who loves me, and hope is you. Hi! Hello there! You somewhere in the world! I'm glad you like my resume. Hope to communicate with each other in the future so that we can learn more about each other? I am also looking for an honor and compassion man here. Hee, will this man be you? I am also an honor, compassion, happy, optimal, intelligent, Capable, kind, gentle, and virtual woman. What kind of woman do you like to look for as your future wife? My dream is when I find my soul mate for the rest of my life. After we had dinner, we held hands together and talked and Laughed at different places such as the seaside, the woods and so on to watch the beautiful scenery all the way. I think Walking is also a very cheap and good fitness exercise. It allows us to communicate better in a very pleasant Environment and make our bodies healthier and hapier! Do you like this kind of walk? I travel to different places with my partner, we can appreciate their places of interest, learn about culture, History, geography, cultural relations and events, taste local snacks and dishes, and more importantly increase the Relationship between partners I believe that on the other side of the world, there is always someone who can cross the Ocean and come to my side, and have the fate to spend the rest of my life with me come on! I am waiting for your arrival in the beautiful mountain city of Chongqing, China
45 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 41 - 59
Hello. My name is Hong from China a beautiful mountain city chongqing mountain ring of water Landscape, environment and special climate, gave birth to the eegant and self-confidence, lived and Lovely I love to laugh and special personality, mentality sunshine, calm in the face of all life Traveled rip, I engaged in marketing for many years, but still take care of the home in perfect Ordered, family harmony, god gave me a son is very lovely and sensible, 14 years old this year. I am A sharing home, like to share good lifestyle with people, more willing to help others, I like Outdoor activities and travel, my soul is romantic and full of freedom. I believe that I will meet The soul mate in my life, who will make me heart. I have been waiting here, where are you? Hello, my name is Hong from Chongqing, China's beautiful mountain city. The landscape, environment and special climate of the surrounding mountains give me a feeling of elegance and self-confidence. Lively, lovely and particularly funny character, with a sunny mind and a frank face to all the bits and bits of life. I have been marketing for many years, but still keep my home in good shape and family in good harmony. God gave me a son who was so sweet and understanding, 14 years old. I am a sharing family and I like to share a good lifestyle with people, and I am more willing to help. I love the outdoors and the travel. My soul is romantic and full of freedom. I am a believer in love, and I am sure I will meet a soul partner in my life that makes me feel so much. I am waiting here, where are you?
55 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 50 - 61
Hello! I come from Chongqing, China. I am like a painting, a dream, a water trap, and a july mountain. I was born in the beautiful Wu Shan of Chongqing, where the doctor's family is beautiful. This is the small Three Gorges, the peak of the Goddess, which is famous for many Chinese and foreign people. I have a daughter who has his own stable work and happy family: Us Living in the beautiful city of Chongqing in a fashionable metropolis, I have, with my dedication and love, turned around to work as a doctor in a pet hospital, saving countless innocent lives and having the title of white-clothes angel. The water and soil of one side, and the life experience that followed, made me feel warm and polite, and I was a man-in-person meddler, a man-in-person meddler, and a man-in-person-in-person-in-person-in-person-in-person-in-person-in I like to listen to music, play piano, sing and dance, and enjoy tea and cooking. When I am happy, I will also have friends playing ball, hiking and swimming. I pay attention to time and time. I like to transcend myself, keep the sun and healthy mind, love life, love friends and relatives and love friends! Self introduction, hello! I come from chongqing, China, jiang picturesque, like a dream sail, bound water jam, tender Feelings, I was born in a doctor file family beautiful chongqing wushan, here is the ancient smell So far the Chinese and foreign famous small, Goddess peak, is where a lot of men of letters, I have A daughter has married have their own stable job and a happy family: We all live in beautiful fashion metropolis of chongqing, I in line with their own dedication and Love turned to be engaged in the pet hospital doctors work, saved countless innocent little life With the title of white angels. One side water and soil nourishes one side person, and the later Life experience makes my character gentle and graceful, both inside and outside the person Concurrently repair, to good if water is my standard all the time. In my spare time I like listening To music, playing the piano, singing and dancing, do cooking tea, interest will be on about friends Play, mountain climbing, swimming, I pay attention to, advancing with The Times like to go beyond Yourself, maintain a healthy sunshine state of mind, love life love relatives and friends love Friendship.



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