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65 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 61 - 99
I am a Chinese traditional virtues. Loyal, reliable, educated, clever, honest, health, no bad habits. I have the love and compassion, meekness, delicacy, enthusiasm and her husband loving family, I prefer to read, art, theater and learning new things. I also like cooking, music, dance ... I hope that the love and marriage. Photo , fleeting young heart not to fall during h x w x d following dyeing , the bfs in arduous trek , also missing many attractions easily risk not to abandon the pursuit really love , as a really loved me of female party , Thanksgiving hi-tech to let them than the identification , it would in that Department , fence with you want to , noye after holding hands , pairs on the balance sheet with a theory is no river , Lake 名山大川 , monuments , floor , Temple of a field desktop risk-, the flowing water , oceans. It is one of its appearance , the duel surrounding Gucheon sunrise at dinner , Bangladesh made love to nature and the heavenly gift. Each Other for the bubble to the old hoar head with Lotte Chou! Be able to appreciate the love white head , I would like to have a home , happiness 韾 Wen Men like paradise , the local mutual euphoric completed , who want is a 1 , the mood music Welcome to rejoice in each phase 亙 scrubs massage , enjoy each other's tenderness , Night Time , emitted by the central light and you as a kiss you cover good morning to you as a quilt , do a hearty breakfast , all your love in the new brilliant , 1 day to 1 sooner or later , build long-life 120 years old , Houston diverse mix of tea time reading books , continuous progress often embraced each balance sheet kiss the love of the case expression not intended , let us rejoice in the daily laughter enjoy Tilen , a definite are filled with joyful . surf to prevent Radio , arc to eat more when Hu Pu and dark fruits and vegetables , best placed next to the power of two basins cactus , Daily slower write head 鳳凰 two characters , Tin , Field , and prevent osteoporosis version wish you health , Have a nice day! I love you found a heart-to-heart, he can sing, augurs well for our health is only female appearance, very modern zoologists! We are like Liang Shanbo and Zhu Ying-just like love like the sea! He was born as a result of leukemia, i to save his life, I would like to give him a bone marrow transplant, because my marrow and he does not match, he subsequently AIDS WTO, so very sad separated. Later after being introduced to find a monstrously, Infidelity unfilial illiterate, tobacco and alcohol, 3 tea drinking alcohol on the issue of liquor mad call our 3 Madame nut, later I 2 of her daughters grow up, I divorced him, I, who have suffered so much from the world of all suffering! I want to get 1-bit culture cultured! Love! Sharing the tide over the Baekdu to old as the companion! True Love for the people to be drunk, love transferee of the outlaw. Love is the two individuals in 1 up and Modern Terminals, with sub-kai; love was selfless! There is a wise saying; a century to be the same funato millennium repair by throwing a total of sleep. In , a non-cherish , there are couples , insulation is no cause is a friend . I do not have any burden, I like the 2 people the happy life of the world, there are three grandsons grandchildren grandchildren well and not to do so. Cows and horses grandchildren If you do not think it appropriate do not write a letter, lest a waste of time.
68 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Male 64 - 99
I am a good nurse.romantic,loving,loyal,sympathetic,considerate and dependable I am well educated, intelligent, honest, healthy and have no bad habits. I am loving, gentle, considerate, romantic, passionate, respectful, loyal, faithful and love family, I enjoy the arts, reading, theater and learning new things. I also like cooking, music, dancing... I hope to meet a good man to fall in love with and to marry.. i is a very good President. Romantic, loyal and reliable, thoughtful well-educated, intelligent, honest, health, no bad habits. I have a loving, caring, gentle, caring, romantic, passion and love of family, I enjoy reading, art, theater and learn new things. I would also like cooking, music, dancing... I hope the 谈 and marriage ...... I have thick Road Yan Yee-寛 moral high, I 経 through the burning bone Ming heart of love, and 経 Li than lost her husband that tear apart the Heart Lung pain, my husband is seriously ill period, I saw that he had been tossing about the disease may not be able to withstand the extremely painful, I reported to the medical officer knelt down and he put my health transplant gave him to save his life, 囬 瞖 Sheng is feeling up to tears, I love him better than love myself that he loved me also so that we might be appropriate, deep sea, he live for ever in my heart! However, sin fund cannot be reset, I would like to find a heart to love her husband, Yan Oi to ever! I will love him as the love of my life! In these times of marriage to be jin checked, even unto the residual disease, cerebral palsy down on the bed to treat and not micro-not to 頋 said, I love the people, not to find his wife! My husband is a Taiwanese, sick sin fund buried in Taiwan during the Ching Ming Festival, I would like to give him the machine will burn incense there, I only only child care is an independent chengjia, one lonely and when there are wanted to cry, and in particular to the 晩, I am afraid that the door to pick up multiple times without the fear of 関, I female 皃 used to give me a 852 question and answer questions from the 瞹 I am very high construction! To my loneliness she could not understand. Work hard for more than half has in the past, the rest of the day need to live, enjoy the human joy, free from interference and control over their own paradise like a fairy tale world! A happy life! I would like to find a good husband, a warm, at the end holding hands together, no doctrine is the river lake, 名 Tai Chuan, monuments, floor-temples, Tin Park wind light, small bridges, flowing water , oceans rebuilt rebuilt the side view of the 名 巅 See 晩-ha, and to love nature and if thou knewest the gift of heaven, having known each other for 沬, the head of the old, and Lotte. My husband when he was seriously ill during which period the Taipei wing of the hospital, I have no interest in the micro-not to 頋, he gave him to feed bread to Sin-side down and the urine is what I should do the responsibilities that underpin medical practitioner, I have to boast a good wife! With tears in his eyes, he grasped my hand to a medical practitioner, said I unto him! Like his mother he was reluctant to leave me! At the time of his death, it is my sad duty to 絶, want to die as a result of 遝 did not dare, there are old, there are small. In the midst of the bitter there are three points I did eat very much. The risk of the Life Risk rain allows me to understand the true love and life was a precious! I hope I have not 耒's companion your smile is always on! A Smile is the natural vitamin! True Love and allow yourself to be in love with Cisco to the bone. Love is two people together not disposed of, not the child's hand, and the son of the old Kai; love is selfless! It is said; a hundred years of repair to the boat to the millennium for a total of 抌 sleep. This acquaintance is not easy to cherish, insulation is a husband and wife, no insulation is a friend. "honesty I put above all else, i can be loving,compassionate honest. gentle completely trustworthy etc. and in marriage until death do us part I was gentle and caring, reliable, honest. Looking for a reliable, honest caring man to life companion! I am looking for a soul mate and good friend, a person should have the "integrity above all and I am caring, compassionate honesty. Meekness is completely trustworthy, in marriage, until the death of us apart! I am a very good President. Loyal and reliable, thoughtful well-educated, intelligent, honest, health, no bad habits. I am very filial piety, love, caring, gentle, caring, romantic, love of family, I enjoy reading, art, theater and learn new things. I would also like cooking, Music... I hope the 谈 and married... I hope that the future companion's thick! True Love knows no boundaries! Regardless of age! There are no high and low the practice, I studied medicine, professor told us that everyone's life is equal valuable! True Love is sacred and inviolable human rights! As long as the character! To be able to Having known each other for bubbles 白! We can for the day with a pawn of the cliff, my beloved husband at the relentless disease, and that allows me to withstand unanticipated to such a big hit, their suffering is unless the personal experience of anyone's wildest imagination. Leave me a sorrow to Absolute 腸 was interrupted! I think we would be talking about them, because I am also a very loyal to true love, I would like to once again be able to receive a copy of the engraved in the heart of the true feelings that were sitting in eternal love! I was a bit true to love people! Not an ordinary secular, only child has chengjia. In the United States. This article really worth lt`s seeine go: Lo So three voluntary: love and desire for knowledge and to pursue human suffering must not contain sympathy why am I alive? (Uk undertaking representation in Literature Award in db(A), so what I have lived for? Why am I still alive? Three simple but overwhelmingly passions, strong, have governed the love, mylife: longing for the search for knowledge, and unbearable suffering of mankind. forthe pity these passions, like great winds, have blown mehither and thither, in a wayward course, over a great ocean of anguish,reaching to the very verge of despair. love desire for knowledge, and to pursue human suffering cannot contain the sympathy of my life is dominated by the pure, strong three feelings. These feelings as fitful giant wind, blowing blowing in my tumultuous career, sometimes even blowing through deep suffering, 直 desperate edge. I have sought love, first, because it brings ecstasy - ecstasy sogreat that I would often have sacrificed all the rest of life for a few hoursof this joy. I have sought it, next, because it relieves loneliness--thatterrible loneliness in which one shivering consciousness looks over the rim ofthe world into the cold unfathomable lifeless abyss. I have sought it finally,because in the union of love I have seen, in a mystic miniature, theprefiguring vision of the heaven that saints and poets have imagined. this iswhat I sought, and though it might seem too good for human life this iswhat--at last--i have found. I search for love, there are three main reasons for this. First, sometimes I love to bring about ecstasy, Ecstasy was so strong as to cause I tend to experience several hours of love and joy and would rather sacrifice all other life. Secondly, the love of solitude -- in our terrible lonely person's shivering, and sometimes by the world's edge, a cold inanimate bottomless abyss. Finally, in the context of love, and I saw the sages and Poets dream of paradise, that is what I pursue in life. Although it is normal human life may be too great, but this is exactly what I love through to the final. With equal passion I have sought knowledge. I have wished tounderstand the hearts of men. I have wished to know why the stars shine. and ihave tried to apprehend the pythagorean power by which number holds sway abovethe flux. A little of this, but not much, I have achieved. I have the same feelings to seek knowledge, I am eager to learn about the human. Also eager to know why stars, and at the same time, I would also like to understand pythagoras's power. Love and knowledge, so far as they were possible, led upwardtoward the heavens. but always pity brought me back to the earth. echoes of criesof pain reverberate in my heart. children in famine, victims tortured byoppressors, helpless old people a burden to their sons, and the whole world ofloneliness, poverty, and pain make a mockery of what human life should be. ilong to alleviate this evil,, but I cannot, and I too suffer. love and knowledge of the possible areas, always showed me the way to heaven's realm of human suffering sympathy often take me back to the real world. The suffering of those who call for regular in my deep-induced responses. The child hunger, oppression, torture, and to the children of the burden of the lonely elderly people, as well as global isolation, poverty and suffering, is the ideal of human life, ignoring and irony. Often I would hope to be able to make its modest contribution to alleviate this unnecessary suffering, but I found that I completely fail, so I am very painful. This has been my life. I have found it worth living, and wouldgladly live it again if the chance were offered Me. This is my life and I found them to be active. If there is no one to give me a chance to live, and I will be pleased to accept this rare gifts. My daughter graduated from Harvard in the United States, in the United States, my efforts are being made to the learning of English. I have one grown. my marriage is divorce, my husband in Taiwan cents and 10 years later, good friends also introduced a bit of Taiwan, it has just been married a year, and he can only live together for 30 days, he would go back to my office I went to Taiwan at the invitation of the reunion, he is very seriously ill, lose contact for five years, I had to the people's court for dissolution of marriage, so I became a divorce.



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