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32 Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
Seeking: Male 24 - 35
I am a more informed and rational people of follow-up, that is why in the past, there is no good talking about love before. The example on the Internet so that it is the previous in order to learn not to let mom's love, love does not have the time after work, I think that this sentence for me to say that it is quite correct, just in time for learning, and there is no Mom, I was forced to parents is one of mind. Now I would like to find out is what we want to find a responsible, motivated, and that is what I am most concerned about. Sweet personality, thinking, and patiently and carefully articulated, and friendly, and is also the elderly, a child's love. Engaging in foreign trade, the primary network sales, traveling on the opportunities as well as partying. To do this work, the main benefit is that there is more opportunity for a local or city do not have any problem, and left me thinking about a lot of time. I will be very good for the time, and will not be assigned to work over time. In fact, I am not a very moist, I can find in real life, the things you want to find fun, but it is difficult to say what is in the network, if indulged, it might attract My network is something you can watch a lot of the animation looks great. Because the family was more of the brothers and sisters, and this also includes some of my other relatives. So, from an early age develop an interest in caring for others, an independent consciousness. My family is very harmonious, not only in our generation. My parents' relationship between the older generation is also particularly good, it is often the case that a person who has brought together a little, feeling very happy.
50 Jinzhou, Hebei, China
Seeking: Male 46 - 65
A cheerful and lively confidence sunshine girl called tina, tina) was born in 1971, this cute little pig grown up. Now the living: 1: I am an early riser, I 5:30 a.m., a cup of green tea and yoga and running. 2: There is a baby-like mood, I get to see themselves to God, the God of all arrangements, I was a full day of love to laugh the Christians. 3: more and more young, beautiful, soft and kind-hearted, hard-working, I would now like to work, the provision of on-line guidance, mentoring and training camps, acupuncture point. The work would sometimes let me excited, I love my job. It is also learning acupressure massage, continuous learning will make me happy This Is Not he! 4: I have a their music in inclusive family, while the parents have to heaven, but my brother and sister have lived a very happy life. The son of a family of three people happy. Smart lovely daughters enrolled in a major high school. I am educated, there are a lot of life experience, there is a Clothing Clip designer, school principals, managers, financial institutions of white-collar workers and entrepreneurs. 5: I like sports, chat, and travel, I prefer to read, and I would love to see the books are: the broken homes off of the reconstruction of the life of the cracked password on the diseases of the soul out of hell was now also at the Taobao bought this does not complain about the world, much more willing to study, the father of the nation of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill: The Secret of longevity, Sun Si 邈 Why is 143 years old, and Freud's psychology and Greek mythology, for example: Father raped the mother's story. I believe that God will arrange the most appropriate to my man and God at the most appropriate time appears in my life! I believe that the laws of the universe appeal, give me an unexpectedly changes, I hope that what they want is what the universe would be sent to me. I love life and I love life, the universe is organizing everything, so I don't have to worry about, relax and relieve pressure, choose happiness! Well, I hope you like my profile, you can now ask me how do the Cloud 7 days without food is also very spiritual? Tina was born in 1971, and the lovely little pig grew up. life now: 1: I am an early riser, I get up at 5 o 'clock, a cup of green tea, then yoga, running 2: I, with a baby's heart, fully commit myself to god and listen to all the arrangements of god. I am a christian who loves to laugh all day long. 3: younger, more beautiful, more beautiful. I am kind and diligent in the work that I like now, the online guidance of the guru, and the point work of training camp. work sometimes uplifts me.I like my job very much. now I am still learning acupuncture and massage, and learning will make me happy! 4: I have a big family. although my parents are in heaven, my brother and sister are living a very happy life. my happy. son's family is the smart and lovely daughter attends a key high school. I have been well received by education. I have had a lot of life experience. I used to be a fashion designer, a principal, cutting a manager, a white-collar worker in a financial institution, an entrepreneur. 5: I like chatting and traveling, sports, and I like reading more. my favorite books are "broken house", "reconstruction of life", "breaking the disease code". hell out of the heart, and now in taobao bought this don't aa about the world more willing to study, the Father of south africa, nelson mandela, and british prime minister, churchill's longevity, sun simiao why there are 143-year-old, and freud's psychology and greek mythology, for example: kill rape mother's story. I believe God will arrange the most suitable time for my god to appear in my life at the right time! I believe that the law of universal attraction will bring me unexpected changes, what I hope for what I want, and the universe will come to me. I love life I love life the universe is arranging everything, so I need not worry, relax, release pressure, choose happiness! Ok, I hope you like my resume, you can ask me now, how does jack ma do not eat in 7 days is still very spirit?
29 Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China
Seeking: Male 21 - 32
A lot of people have said that: "A person's life at least that there is a time, in order to a person that I would forget their own, Don't Ask, Don't Ask, Don't ask who owned, or even ask if you love me! Just when I am in the most beautiful carnival, you! "I sincerely hope that an early experience that I should pay all of his! I is a cold tip but I wish fire of a simple, good, faithful, caring, and traditional girls! I hope that my other half is a mature, it is a mature, filial piety, bold, sunny and good for Big Boys! But I think the most important thing is feeling! To love, and I was very serious, and is also a vision, there are many beautiful imagination! I hope that one day we will and I am the other half of all of the Fantasy is a reality! I hope that and the other half to each other and honest with each other as the only! When he was happy, I would like to join him on a share, and when he was not sad, I am willing to accompany them to him and his face! I hope that I can in our life in the most beautiful of the carnival in the thunder of love! Without seeking anything in return, not seeking material, only to the innocence of love. The thunder of love, I hope that we can put the passion into a deep love, insipidity, love may be more intimate, more great, more happiness! If you do not discard, I will be alive and interdependent! If you are here is really to be able to meet you, and I hope that you and the first thing that went to the beach at sunrise, let the sun to witness our start! Love, perhaps it is two individuals, but the marriage is perhaps two of the family! I do not want to house, not sports car, not all luxurious material, but with each other's happiness! I do not ask you what is big, and I only hope that you will be able to give me enough of a sense! I do not ask you what the US men, I only hope that we would be able to each other! I do not ask you how rich it. I only hope that you will be able to have a one at the heart, and to struggle, I would like to join you for life to create our own happiness! I do not ask you to i 100 to 100, and I only hope that you will be able to uphold their own principles of more inclusive I understand I will understand me! I do not ask that you spend a lot of efforts to give me for a "wow" moment, romantic, and I only hope that you will be able to let me know that you I care about, to my love, I love the response, even if only one eye, a word! I really want to love not only love each other and the United States, but all of us, including each other's shortcomings. When we love each other, it is my hope that we love, and that's all! Treatment of both sides of the parents, I hope that we will all be able to use 100 % of the sincere filial piety to their, place them in our lives, in the first place! Because, if it wasn't for their hard upbringing would not have we encounter! I very much look forward to it is desired we and the two sides of one of the parents eat kidding! When we formed the familiar to love each other, I hope that you, the church in my love life and even the stage skip the first dance of the personal, I hope that in future our life in each of the dance have accompanied each other in our small world enjoy the dance, beyond our own dance! (The system automatically generates the letter you have sent it, a sincere, I also hope that the other party is sincere)
59 Handan, Hebei, China
Seeking: Male 40 - 70



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