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36 Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Seeking: Male 27 - 34
I was lively and cheerful most of the time, and I together, you will definitely not be boring, and I can always bring you joy, and you can absolutely be able to hit the and into a piece, sometimes it is the significantly high-poverty, never small chicken sausages, and will not haggle over. However, if you will excuse me I occasionally careless, and I am also fashion, I will be keeping up with the pace, and style on the street that is always the most lucrative. For me it is a enjoy, I really like my work, but I am not working out. I get along with others in a rational, to a friend is very trustworthy, they are also able to accommodate the error. And a friend or loved one at a time when we will be presenting the different views, and then discuss the best solution. Most of the time, I think that rather than money, power or prestige, I hope to have more respect for, and this allows me to be able to feel his own worth. Normally, I like the car that I love to travel, or to find a small hot spring on their own completely relaxed. Now that social welfare is very sound, and that money would be better to take it to work or enjoy life, earning money is what is the purpose? In life I am very good at operating a warm family environment, and time and 35 friends, family and friends keep the temperature. I believe that health is a revolution of the body of the capital, and therefore, insist on at least once a week for a workout, strengthening physical. I like living with a point, will be based on different time periods, the need to adjust their own. My heart is a romantic date, it should be dynamic, a mountain or sea kayaking, bungee jumping is also a good choice. If you leave a lover to spend, I would like to be pre-set plan, but I will also be a temporary change of itinerary with surprise. We went out, I don't care who is going to buy a single, it is critical to each other with each other. I am looking forward to the Appointment object is to be able to look at lenses, so that no matter how busy work, but also be able to squeeze out time for an appointment. In my mind of the Holy Land travel should be a relaxing tropical island, you can see the sea breeze drink coconut juice, relaxing, or Su-mi, in the majestic mountains in the quiet hills are brought about by nature, and feel comfortable.
39 Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Seeking: Male 35 - 55
Hello! I have registered as a member of this website. Nice to meet you here. In the vast sea of people, if you can see my information, we are very predestined! I come from Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. Zhengzhou is located in the central part of China, and it is the important transportation hub of China. The world-famous Shaolin Temple is only an hour's drive from my hometown. I'm the only child in my family. My parents are now enjoying retirement. They used to work in the bank. We live in the same city. After the divorce, I lived alone for five years. I am a kind, enthusiastic, positive and optimistic person. I am the first time to publish personal information on this website. My attitude is serious. I hope to be lucky to meet my partner and get married together. If you just want to find a woman to spend time chatting and dating, the purpose is not marriage. Sorry, you have the wrong person, please don't disturb me. I like sports. I go to the gym four or five times a week, mainly for strength training. I like muscles because they can help me fight against aging. I like healthy lifestyle and food. I usually cook more by myself. I'm always happy to study food. I also like outdoor sports, such as swimming, marathon, diving, cycling, skiing and mountain climbing. I also like films, music, travel and books. I don't like disputes, doubts and contempt between people. People are equal, no matter what color, race or origin they are. I hope my future husband will be an American. We can have a peaceful, simple, interesting and warm life. "Hotel California" is a classic song. I like American country music and American movies, such as war, science fiction, love, suspense, police and bandits. 2020 is just the beginning of the year. It is a very important year. I know you are waiting for me on the other side of the ocean. I hope all the good things will happen to us. Let's know and love each other until we get married hand in hand. I believe in fate. There is an old saying in China that we are destined to meet in thousands of miles. I hope that we can respect each other, trust each other, and jointly run a good future marriage. I hope the person I want to find is you.
30 Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Seeking: Male 23 - 34
I Hubei, with Mom and Dad in the Zhengzhou side development, account has been transferred to the Zhengzhou University in Hangzhou read. This year, I have been 23 years old, but I still don't have talked about love, and professional and the reasons I have little opportunity to get in touch with boys. I also know that their boss is not small, and hope to find a marriage for the purpose of the boys life. I am a personality and people are also quite good, but sometimes also pays lip small patience, and hope that the other party to be inclusive, and I try to correct them. I am the exterior looks very much like a little child, they are often people who think that the high school students, and my personality is like a little child is not mature enough, it is possible that my experience is not enough, I think, I have been to the parents, it does not go out much. In fact, I am quite fascinated those woman who, can I get a spell of your own a piece of the sky. My personality cheerful and lively, and compare the sex, love, laugh love skip love jokes, brain is relatively simple, and it always be friends joke is a 2 the youth. I am a positive and progressive people, and a lot of hard work, in the hope that with their own hands a slice of their own sky. Now, many girls do not like cooking, but I love to do good, and most of the time I see on the Internet of delicious cuisine and really do-it-yourself! can think of is the bar, and would like to learn more about me, you can write to me! As I am the lanterns are also difficult to find good girls have not much! Like I said, I brought home!



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