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伊人 請看我資料
50 Fushun, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Male 46 - 66
Micro-❤ states no 貳 may wish 弍 傘 period brought capital, and life long journey, always remember that there are always sad thoughts in the past, a lonely back waiting, always poor joke miss, there's also have shadows of the current year, always a smooth, like water, too... looking forward to the moment their eyes met gentle, caring, sincere and kind-hearted, to speak out, to soothe the spirit; keep a copy, not to leave is not abandoned, and let the soul. All of the music, some people understand; every effort is known. A hot cup of tea, warm the body; a sentence that warm the heart. The most really, for me, the most beautiful of feelings, which I understand. The best time to be in each other, but can not be met; the best of feelings, as both parties understand, but needless to say it. The escort may not at all times; that as long as I have; the feelings; not necessarily, as long as they feel. The language is not all that well-intentioned feelings; oath is not always to the phase-out. Two heart near is a love that is more attractive; two, the Hyatt Regency is like, it is the most treasured possession. Cheers, I will be your last lover, never break up, never will quarrel, our lips kiss, do the story of the most beautiful illustrations, our body temperature, become the poem in the most subtle rhyme, your loneliness in the past, my loneliness left to their own, from now on, our love, is the only you can withstand the test of history. you are my last lover, never break up, and never quarrel, your eyes, occupy my most gentle memories, your body attached to my most assured a piece of territory, after the beginning of spring, our story is the end is also the beginning.
45 Fushun, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Male 43 - 48
I have an entire youth were left to my own, and for the future well-being of laying the foundation, because I want to steady the happiness. In this long youth, I had enough time to think, to dream, to learn, to make mistakes, to amend, and learn to survive. Opportunity is to leave to those who are prepared, and I have to do a good job preparing for and being patient, waiting for one of the people to lead me by the hand until the end of life, and you will be my life the most glamourous, it is our common complained that heart, common seed hope, common to face the future the ups and downs, the common interpretation of our great life, I think that would be the reward our Caesar. The father and mother had before I will always be one of the children, until the cousin's cousin's wedding is not aware of his own have grown up, they realize that love is not to be overlooked and ignored. When my cousin's cousin, have had a child, when you see Mom & Dad's faces and many experienced many vicissitudes and I bravely went to the better. Better to come to the somewhat tense and shy, in the search for a leading edge on the road, and I always in my heart to wait. So I also will be able to stick on the Waiting for how long to wait for the results. In life there will be a lot of great men, only that our entertainment limited in scope, I believe that there is a better edge this broad platform in the near future love the flower will soon bear fruit. I grew up in military families, so self-discipline is very strong. likes photography, travel, like sports, are you willing to join me to look at the distant scenery?
39 Fushun, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Male 29 - 43
39 Fushun, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 43



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