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52 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 55 - 68
In my opinion on A Simple Formula for Building Mutual Value-Creating Relationships With A Potential Compatible Loved One and eventually reached out to build a harmonious happy marriage life. Leverages respectful dialogues,frequency communication, kindly empathy, highly cognition and intelligent insights which all is from the lessons learned from others' marriages as well as learned from the experiences in my only one 20years long-marriage. To Come Across a compatible person is like a miracle given by God. There, far away from Europe and any western or any developed countries , in the east region of China, the land of cultures, the pioneer of Europe and western countries, where lives a beautiful, educated, desirable, intelligent, honest, respectful woman,a kindness rational lady dying for perfection even though she is imperfect, who awakens such longing in her loved man as if He were the youth who after passionate night with the dearest one asks:"...is it the nightingale or is it the lark?" There are many nice gentlmen saying “Victoria! How can your thoughts, statements, preferences, educational features, professional and private interests, music, literature arts, sports, life settings, desires, and especially the feelings with my to 100% match.”However,as everyone knows that chemistry is quite important I do prefer the chemistry happening in a man who is possible potential compatible right person for me then it's a great foundation for both of us are at the same page with the valuable chemistry to explore and develop a wonderful trustworthy and reliable serious long term relationship that I have been keeping dreaming about it ….
59 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 55 - 70
Hi, My name is Yi, I was born and living in Shanghai, a magical city with both western and eastern Culture, and one of the most well known city in China, famous for its food, drama, exhibitions and Beautiful sites including the Oriental Pearl, the Shanghai Disneyland, the museums, Shanghai Expo, Showplace etc. I am excellent in playing piano, guitar, Guzheng, my favorite songs are to Alice, and Romance of Love. I had been working in children’s education for decades before retirement, since I. Was graduated and became the senior teacher in kindergarten and also published tens of essays and Won a lot of prizes in the competition of the children’s education. I also created a large numbers Of songs and dance for the children too. I am really enjoy what I am doing to serving and offering Help for development of youths. I also am taking an active interest into various areas, such as Reading, singling, dancing, volunteer Gardening, and swimming, table tennis. My favorite movie type are mechanical, comedy, and science Fiction. I also love reading books about motion and stock market. Besides, I consider myself an Excellent cook and I can cook Spice cab, a variety of Chinese bittern, western dim sum. I am a big Fan of traveling and have been to more than 10 countries including US, Canada, France, Switzerland Germany Italy, Austria, Thailand, Vietnam etc. I am very humorous woman and always make people laughs, Understanding, communicating, and have good taste for life. I am dreaming of sharing simple life, Doing our favorite things, traveling, cooking and gardening together with my future partner. Are you The destination of my searching?
34 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 40
Hi there, today is my birthday, so Im updating the profile to have a new start . I think I’ve been on this profile for several years. I was not focusing on it every day, simply take it as one of the chances for myself to meet the potential one. During these years, Im getting more rational and mature - more clear about who I am and what kind of partner suitable for me. I will not change the initial idea to find the soul mate. But now I know it’s not easy and sometimes soul mate is not what you can find at the very beginning, it takes time getting to know more about each other on the character /values & beliefs we hold/ financial conditions / how to spend the money/ how to deal with things and relations / what’s the plan for the future life etc , until we can see and cherish the real value of each other . With this foundation, we can face the future life together and support each other. I’m a woman of romantic character, but also down to earth and family oriented. I prefer to stay at home to support my future husband and take care of the kids if the financial conditions allows. I love to keep the house in order , clean and beautiful, I like cooking, I love nature , classical music and paintings. And of course this is based on the condition when he can see the value of a house wife. I’m a Christian and take very seriously about my belief. I hope my future partner is also like me,so that we can have a family together to worship God, Lord Jesus is always the center. I appreciate that you read my profile thoroughly. If you think we can try to talk more, please just feel free to leave a message, I will reply as soon as possible. Thank you .
61 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Male 59 - 72
Hello, I am a financial investor with rich experience. Before retirement, I worked in a foreign pharmaceutical company, focusing on the detection of antibiotic content. This experience not only allowed me to accumulate professional knowledge and skills, but also exercised my analytical ability and meticulous work attitude. After Retirement, I decided to follow my interests and devote myself to the field of financial investment, especially the stock market. I am very happy to find that my professional background and analytical skills in the pharmaceutical industry are also applicable and play an important role in the investment field. In the past five years, through continuous learning and practice, I have successfully achieved a profit of over 20% per year, which is a reflection of my keen insight into market dynamics and risk management capabilities. I believe that retirement life is not only the end of a career, but also the beginning of a new life. By combining my professional knowledge and personal interests, I have not only achieved achievements in the field of financial investment, but also demonstrated the diversity and possibilities of life after retirement. I will continue to move forward steadily on the road of financial investment and pursue higher achievements. I am a kind, wise, practical, loyal hardworking, and elderly woman with no bad habits. Can cook delicious meals. The photo is recent~The photos is not The third photo was taken on May 4th, 2024 Please stay away from the scammers, it is meaningless



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