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54 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 55 - 65
Hello, I can't speak English, but I can learn it. Sorry! My resume was completed with translation software. I am a kind/gentle/consider/romantic/woman, a good Listener/I believe life is so short that we can't make up for it in the early morning, so I love people who are kind to me and Forget those unhappy things! I won't let those negative things occupy my life! I can accept new things and cultures, including different religious beliefs. I won't judge and draw conclusions in a. Hurry. I will try to understand and explore new things... I like to laughs. I don't think there is anything more important Than fun. At the same time, I also like to share... I prefer to give each other love and understanding. I hope to meet my Soul partner. We are both lovers and lovers in each other's eyes. At the same time, they are also a happy couple! We are loyal and honest to each other. I am a family-oriented person. I know that no one is perfect, and we respect each Other's differences. I hate high-rise buildings and noise noise in the city. Where I live now, it is located in the National a-level tropical forestry, less than 3 kilometers from the seabed. If you are a surfer, I live less than 5 Kilometers away from the surfing base. This is a very beautiful and quiet place with many unnamed flowers and trees, as Well as many tropical fruits. The air is filled with the fragmentation of flowers. When night falls, you can see fireflies Around you flashing around you... I want to share this calmness and beauty with my belov... I like to travel together And explore this unknown world... walk hand in hand with my loved ones by the sea, enjoy the beautiful scenery, listen to The call of the sea, and watch the sun. Fall and Dusk... I will also enjoy our candlelight dinner at night... hug my Belov on the sofa to watch the drama... I like reading, classical music and country folk songs, as well as blue... as Long as it is a beautiful melody, not rock music (Because my heart can't stand it), I think that music has no borders... I am both happy and quiet. I am willing to Experience different cultural backgrounds and accept new things. I also like children very much. I get along well with The children. I respect and understand them. I won't impose my ideas on them... I don't smoke. I occasionally drink some Red wine. I don't have bad habits. I like honesty! I hate lies! The happiness I want is very simple. I hope to meet someone who really understands me, loves me and cherishes me! I will give back to my cover with more love and understanding. If I meet a gentleman who is very compatible with me, let's Form a happy family full of love, understanding and tolerance. For the rest of my life, regardless of health, disease, Poverty or wealth, we will always be loyal to each other and never give up. I hereby declare that I don't play ambiguous Games! What I'm looking for here is my soul partner! In the end, it led to a serious marriage. If personal information is incomplete (Marital status unknown) Dishonest and false, please don't disturb me. I know your time is also precious. Please stay away from me! Adding my information is that you can see the real people through the video. If you can't video for various reasons, Please stay away from me. Liars who cheat money and sex, please take a deour. I don't have what you want, I don't. I only Have a sincere and kind heart, the person who is destined for me! Statement: All photos provided by the platform were taken from January to April this year.
39 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 37 - 49
A beautiful traditional Chinese woman is looking for her soulmate for the rest of our lives. I'm a professional well Educated electrical engineer with an excellent professional position, working for World top 4 company. I'm a. Positive,sunny lady. I'm confidential, kind, hard-working, loyal. I like traveling, working out, music and movements. I'm Looking for a long term and serious relationship which can lead to marriage finally and live for the last whole life Together. I'm family oriented. I want to start a new life in 2020, but now it's 2021 already and I'm still single. The Epidemic makes meeting in reality difficult. Long traveling overseas seems impossible and maybe we both have no long Vacation for 14 days quarantine.but I still desire someone special... by the way. I can cook much delicate Chinese Food and also love western food. I have a loved daughter 4 years old who is very cute. She havenn't seen her father since 9 Months old. She need a loving father,who,help me raise our daughter. You will be ,like, her father. Our daughter will Look at you as a real father. My parents always help me take care of her nowdays. Since I gave her life, I have the Responsibility to bring up her. At last, share some sayings which I like: 1.make yourself a better person. Don't look back and forget the person who hurt you before. There is the long way to go. One day something good will happen. 2.There is always a certain way you can only walk alone. There are always many things You need to solve on your own. 3.Please believe that the dilemma you are in will gradually get better. 4.every Relationship is out of control. But if you stick with it, you wind up with someone in your life, who will help you when you Need to be helped, love you when you don't feel comfortable, be with you no matter what situation
46 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 47 - 72
I'm looking for someone I love and loves me. 【First of all】 1,If financial independence is necessary for you then I'm not for you. 2, I'v stopped having stable income since my last clothes shop closed 2014 in Beijing. 3, I'v been teaching English on and off since 2017 to now. I'm doing a little bit of sweaters selling business.  Looks like 2020 is a new start by starting a new and good /suitbal teaching job that I'm about to get :) 【 Still reading? ??】 A few types of guys I rather pass: 1, Against Christian very very very much . 2,Smokers. 3,Whoever had  beaten women or has cold violence. 4, Full of himself . 5, Someone with any drug experience.6,Any type with Demanding Schedul. 7, Dishonest with sickness or hides sexual orientation.8, of coz: Any kind of dishonest and short temper. 【Little bit of me 】I was born in 1975 and now 44 years old. I'm Healthy but sometimes do feel like already 70 years old but inside I'm a warm little kid. I'm a little bit OCD …in tyding ,really enjoy it!!! I like listening to music, watching movies, some documentaries ,videos of Christian priests or preachers,live lectures in universities based on background of Christian literature or religious studies. Of coz hanging out with close friends, a few cups of tea afternoon or half day cooking at home ... love it! 【Traveling experiences】 I'v been to 3 Asian countries (HongKong,Vietnam,Thailand,)and 3 European countries(Netherlands, Poland, Germany)Not by myself, ask me :) 【What I want 】A very very very simple life in some small European village with someone I love and loves me. I don't need much in life at all , rather simple ,authentic but quality. /////Everyone has his own definition of quality" , let's talk about it:)  【I like 】 ~Quality time with friends, cooking, couple of drinking, chatting. Sleeping.. Tyding … ~"Black Books"(love it ) ~" Trial & Error".(hahshaha) ~"Bill Bailey"(Manny) ~"G.K.切斯特顿(Gilbert Keith Chesterton...……………
56 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 53 - 66
When I come here with the courage to look for you, my soul mate, I know that you will be there in the years of my second life. Join the team. The years have made me no longer ignorant of the girl, but thanks to the grace of the Lord, it has made me more comfortable and elegant in the course of time, and it has made me more aware of the importance of, and the importance of, the future of the family. Thanks, love and understanding are important. Born in Tianjin, a traditional Chinese teacher's family, I graduated from the English language department and worked in education examinations and enrollment. I sent to the United States and Canada as an interpreter and Secretary for foreign affairs. I have a traditional Chinese feminine heart and a broad international perspective. I have had happy families, but my life is also painful. Three years ago, my husband went first. Fortunately, we love women. We studied at the College of life Sciences at the University of California, Berkeley, in 2018. We are now studying for Ph.D. at Beijing University. No matter how my fate is, I am still optimistic and confident, and I love life. My friend saw me as bright, positive, and sincere. I love sports, I love tourism, I love singing, I love music, I love food. Enjoy life. Kind, caring, dedicated, accommodating, and friendly. Great people. I believe in Christianity and in God's love for the world, and God will prepare for me the soul partner who will spend all my life together for the future. When I wrote the text, I knew I had laid it down. The moon star is thin outside the window. I saw the future of you, Confucian gentleman, sincere and warm, coming to me. I am ready to welcome you, my loved one! I would like to work with you for the rest of my life, which will be calm and warm. I'm here, Where are you?
38 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 34 - 52
Hello! You from across the ocean, when you see my resume, I think we have come closer to understanding each other, perhaps to happiness, and even though we don't know each other, we can express our love through the world of the Internet. I was excited and excited, and I was looking forward to finding my soul mate on this platform, going to the sea to watch the sunrise, making dinner, and enjoying each other's love. Hug each other, lie in your arms on the sofa of the living room and read a book... I am a lively, cheerful and optimistic single mother, though it has been a hard time over the years. But it's very substantial. I live in Tianjin, China, an ancient city with a long history of China. I like to sing. When I was in college, I chose to specialize in Western opera. You can't believe my appearance. Since most of the opera singers were not too slim, I did not insist on being a singer after graduating from university, but I worked as a primary school music teacher, teaching in an old public school. I loved my career. I love kids more. You're going to want to know how I live every day. You're going to want to know me. Just write to me. I'll share it with you in the most authentic way. Future of you, expect to meet... hello! You from the other side of the ocean, when you see my resume, I think we have come a step closer to understanding each Other, and perhaps closer to happiness; Although we have never met each other, but can express our love through the online world, I both enjoy and excite, I. Look forward to finding my soul mate on this platform, going to the seaside to watch the sunrise, making dinner Together, enjoying each other's love, hugging each other, lying on your sofa in the living room and reading a book ... I. Although it has been hard these years, it is very fulfilling. I live In Tianjin, China, a city with a long history in China. I like to sing. The major I chose when I was in college was Western Opera. You ca n’t believe my appearance because most of the singers are not too slim so after graduating from University, I did not insist on becoming a singer, but I became a primary school music teacher. I taught in an old public School. I love this career and I like children more. What kind of life, I really want to know me, then write to me, I will Share with you in the most authentic way, future you, look forward to meeting ...
65 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 58 - 72
My Personal Summary growing up in doctor's family, love the motherland medicine, with an understanding of health, tastefully decorated with style and substance, educated, have the temperament is interesting, caring woman rose, I like music, dance fitness, playing golf, swimming, travel. It is the responsibility of love, love is a lifetime commitment, I have been working in the Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology, I am an engineer is now a dietician, retired, but my life is a quality of life funding is very good there, I recognize love is mutual support, find a love I know my people, life is also due to the silent switch and harmonious. In My Heart, for your truth, I am your blessing, you are my luck, the expanse of sea. I believe that there is a person looking at me as if I was looking for him. I hope to find a man is so love living a happy heart day, 快 Lives, each day is like a first boyfriend every day enjoy a happy life filial piety is my virtue, and enjoy the petty bourgeoisie life and love a person including the shortcomings in the hope that I wanted his drugs are love, I also went to several countries, have kids who are living abroad have to marry, I am now in Japan, traveling, I enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature. I can emigrate to other countries, mature sound have a sense of responsibility for the good of you, and look forward to your return. If you have micro-can put your web site told me that I can add your friends to learn more about friends from the start. I am looking for is to know that I love the people I honestly do not lie.
57 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 53 - 66
When never met you patiently read my document, I want to say to you: "Thank you for meeting, thank you"! I am Nana from China, born in 1965. I am intelligent, elegant, dedicated, honest, kind, Hardworking and straightforward. I used to be a deputy department level civil servant, engaged in personnel Management and administrative management for nearly 30 years. I had two brief marriages, the first widow, the Second divorced, and I lived alone for 22 years, raising my daughter by myself. Now my daughter is married, and this October I will be a grandmother. My daughter is my pride. She has excelled in character and learning since childhood Now she has a good job. In my daughter's eyes, I am a peaceful, strong, brave mother, a navigator who can guide her life. We Are mother and daughter and friends. In my family's eyes, I am consider and willing to help others. I try to live as a Light, to light myself and warm others. I like music, especially Richard. Clayderman piano music. Among them, "Memorials of Love" is my favorite. I can better understand and realize that in one's life, it is very difficult to find Someone you love and who also loves you. If I am lucky enough to meet him, I will Cherish him very much. I love reading Shakespeare once said that books are the nourishment of the whole world. I have read "thello", although it tells a Tragic love story, but I learned from the book, love is to be built on the basis of mutual understanding, trust, to manage Carefully, only in this way to reach the happy Eden. I like to travel, travel not only let me enjoy the beautiful scenery, Broaden the horizon, but also let me find the original life aura and fresh. I have traveled all over China, but due to my Work, I have not been outside of China. COVID-19 happened after I retired, so I cannot travel. I am a good "cook", No. Matter what kind of ingdients, in my hands can be turned into delicious food, I am willing to cook all kinds of food for My family, no matter where I go is very popular that person. I like vegetable, low salt, low fat food. I like Yoga Swimming, walking and modeling. I go to a fitness club twice a week to model for 2 hours, and do yoga or swim for 1 hour. 2 Years of modeling practice makes me stand tall and walk gracefully. Fourteen years of yoga has made me look at least 15 Years younger and more support and balanced. I am a Christian who has found peace and enjoy in Christ and believe that Jesus Christ will give me strength and guidance to meet my true love
35 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male
39 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 24 - 48
34 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 27 - 50
37 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 31 - 48
61 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 50 - 80
33 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 28 - 46
37 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 34 - 52
45 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 40 - 57
30 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 55
56 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 47 - 63
59 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 58 - 68
40 Tianjin, Tianjin, China
Seeking: Male 30 - 44



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