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61 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Seeking: Female 35 - 67
我是單身紳士,現年59歲,6'1"高。我努力工作,在一周裡一直很忙,因為我在這裡擁有一家公司,在阿德萊德南澳大利亞非常成功。我是愛,真誠,尊重,忠誠,誠實和忠實于一個人。我是一個榮譽和誠實的人,我不是為了遊戲或浪費任何人的時間,我只是在這裡尋找一個靈魂伴侶/生活伴侶。我期望在一位女士也這樣做。 我寫這個很多年了,因為我相信!!! 你信不信由你?看著你的心,告訴我你看到了什麼,我留在你的腦海裡。你在想我嗎?你今晚醒來,歎了口氣?你低聲說出我的名字,想知道為什麼?今晚我不能和你呆在一起嗎?你在我的懷裡緊緊地抱著你? 你相信愛的奇跡,你相信你相信愛,你相信它可能發生,你把我帶到你的懷裡,永遠不會在你的懷抱裡,我會讓你相信!我永遠相信愛,永遠相信我們,你和我在一起。我不敢相信愛是痛苦的,你失去了一切,沒有什麼可以告訴我,你相信和看著我的眼睛,你相信...我不喜歡別人? 堅持下去,因為我為你提供了我的心評論,為了你的愛,我會永遠用我的心等待,我相信我們會在一起。告訴我你相信愛是快樂,你可以相信我們初吻的魔力,在我離開之前回答我一個問題。告訴我,你相信嗎? I am Single Gentleman, now 59 years old 6 ' 1 " Tall. I worked hard, and kept busy during the week as I own a company here which is very successful in Adelaide South Australia. I am love, sincere, respectful, devoted, honest and faithful to one person. I am a man of honour and honesty, I'm not here for a game or to waste anyone's time I am only here to find a soulmate / life partner. I expect the same in a lady. I wrote this for many years because I believe that!!! Do you believe it or not? Look into your heart and tell me what you see, I remain in your mind. Are you thinking of me? You wake up tonight and let the sigh? You whisper my name and wonder why? I can not stay there with you tonight? You are in my arms hold you tight? You believe in the miracle of love you believe that you believe in love, you believe that it may happen to you take me to your arms, never out with you in my arms, I will make you believe! I believe in love always and forever I believe in us, you and me together. I can not believe that love is pain, you have everything to lose and nothing to get told me that you believe and look into my eyes, you believe... I do not like others? Hold on tight because I have provided you my heart comments for your love, I'm going to wait forever with my heart, I believe we will be together. Tell me that you believe that love is pleasure, you can believe in the magic of our first kiss, answer me one question now before I leave. Tell me, do you believe it?



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