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64 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 19 - 62
Body style: Slim
SEXUAL BONDAGE leads to True DEEP INTENSIVE INTIMATE DEVOTED LOVE accumulating and leading to FULL HAPPINESS within and without.. BONDAGE ORGASMIC SEX --- DEEP INTIMATE LOVE --- TRUE INTIMATE HAPPINESS! SEX is neither dirty or naughty but clean and wholesome. DEEP INTIMATE HARDCORE SEX and TRUE INTENSE DEVOTED LOVE are inseparable and intertwined but always in ACTION and NOT JUST WORDS; for LOVE is an ACTION and NOT a FEELING. Selfless BONDAGE HARDCORE SEX brings about intimate, intense, deep and devoted LOVE. This is what it means when you fall in LOVE with your loving partner who cares and gives to His SEXUAL slave and GIVES more rather than receive.. I am an honest, loyal, faithful, caring, sensitive, firm, compassionate, kind, protective and respectful of my partner but very sexual. I am a Firm Dominant, Open Minded to only woman's SEX and love BONDAGE SEX in its entirety allowing the woman be satisfied first and then receiving everything from her. You should not be afraid of being my WHORE and SLUT! Being a WHORE and SLUT, is NOT DEROGATORY or DEMEANING! Instead of criticism of being who you really are, it is an HONOUR and TRUE RESPECT of the inner person! So BE HONEST with yourself AND NEVER DENY YOUR INNER SELF AND INNER BEAUTY!!! I am a fully sexually energized man who wants to give DEEP INTIMATE HARDCORE SEXUAL AND BONDAGE LOVE to one woman who allows herself to be my permanent slave/submissive IN BONDAGE. I have a lot of love and amazing SEX to give to my slave/submissive. I am not into the slam, bang, thank you Ma'am routine where man gets his selfish sexual pleasure and leaves the woman frustrated, lonely and unsatisfied...
50 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 21 - 60
Body style: Slim
ACHTUNG! This is a warning. Please back out of my profile before it's too late. Reading any further will cause you to fall uncontrollably, madly, head-over-heals in love with me. And might even make you forget about your good girl ways and those dating rules society have taught you. Remember, you've been warned! Lock your chastity belt! I shouldn't be telling you this but when I play road hockey I make more shots than a bartender. I have *two* proverbial horseshoes up my a***. When I walk down Robson Street people hail me like a Caesar. My wooden floor swifers itself. Everyday is my lucky day. I'm 6'0" on paper but crumple like a house of cards when you tickle me. When you meet me you will think I am rockstar who's been propositioned one too many times. I dance like disco isn't dead. I hate fantasies because they always come true. I don't pay attention to fashion because I make the trends. You're not going to believe it but I party like it's Y2K reloaded. I'm Donald Trump's next Apprentice every time I put on a suit. I never perspire. My strengths outweigh my weaknesses. I have the neatest and most organized apartment because of my half-German genetics. I have made extraordinary three course meals using the one minute button on my microwave oven. I am a stellar hugger and a world class kisser. I am a soldier of fortune looking for his booty. I consistently beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in arm-wrestling. I shower daily. Critics worldwide swoon over my brilliant prognostications. Sushi is my favourite food group. I am able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Moms want to seduce me and children openly idolize me. My personality is a cross between Captain Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard - think galactic /refined intellect fusion. I think conversation is a form of foreplay. I'm a player who loves the game. I love ice cream. I'm a go-getta. Basically... I rock & roll. I don't believe in no win situations and would cheat to win and call it thinking outside the box - like the Kobayashi Maru Fortune favours the bold And, no this profile is not random. Free your mind... and your body will follow ;)



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