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42 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Female 18 - 50
Drink: Occasionally drink
Here goes: I grew up behind a cornfield, so my small town roots may be one explanation for why I'm so laid back. At the core of things, I'm a very good person and looking for someone who also cherishes family and friends above all else. Be forewarned, though, I have an outgoing, playful personality and am never afraid to "call people out" (so if you like a guy that challenges you, then keep on reading…) Adjectives that most accurately describe me are honest, irreverent, generous, thoughtful, and real. At a party, I’m just as likely to be the loud, energetic one as I am to be the wallflower having a deep conversation in the corner of the room. I'm as good a listener as I am a talker (just try me), and I have no problem adapting to different social situations. The first thing people usually notice about me is my confidence. I did my undergrad at UC Irvine then followed that up by graduating from FIDM. I figured it was never to late to follow my passion for fashion. I am idealistic about life and truly believe it's possible to have it all, so that is what I'm shooting for! I strive to achieve balance in all aspects of my life and would love to be with someone who shares a similar philosophy. I believe in continual self-reflection and improvement. I believe in being selfless and loyal with those I really care about. I like to laugh more than anything in the world and hope to never lose the ability to act like a kid, even when I'm 80. In terms of versatility, I'm just as comfortable in flip flops as I am in hiking boots. Travel is also an integral part of my life and some of my more memorable trips were to Japan, Spain, Brazil, and Russia. At the end of the day, though, it's the company I keep that makes any activity or adventure worthwhile.
65 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Female 29 - 38
Drink: Occasionally drink
1, overseas Chinese, who had served as multi-national companies in Greater China and the Far East, general manager, chief representative, Asia CEO 18 positions such as vice president. It is now left to rest after a certain period of time, reintegration; 2 , had a little money, but divorce suffered heavy losses. There is a car loan, there is no room in addition and paupers made little difference. Want to find a sugar daddy, please do not delay him, I am not a good candidate. However, I am one who lives in the future, there is no need to worry about, and this is a man's job and duty-bound! The very rich are not necessarily, but cozy homes and harbor construction ability or have The:) 3, currently residing in most of the time in Beijing and in the future, the future living in its willingness to consult the other half; 4 , integrity, sincerity, passion, loving, interested in charity and philanthropy. Temper a bit fast, but it should be within reasonable limits! Some recent letter raises some questions or doubts about 11 reasons, this is not because of time and again, in this one and made the following statement: 1 , my choice of spouse age is based on individual physical and mental and comprehensive conditions and hope it will be to consider the reasons for their children; 2 , I have never used others, nor do we believe that there are no photographs can be replaced, and I do not like to hear me say that I am more like a who is who, like me , this is my own; 3 photographs on premises, with the exception of video cameras in their suits, which were 51 years old photo taken during the first half of the year; 4 recent photos, it can be said, I am not a beauty or enju consultants, such as this, and I would like here to contact me and I would like to share the mentality: Young, the life and future is filled with passion and vision, persist in physical training, for they do not know the novel A strong desire for knowledge, and so on, I believe that all of this more than any, even the best beauty cosmetics are all the more effective! 5, I beg you please don't because their curiosity, and I have been contacted, thank you!



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