Chinese Men who do not Speak English Interested in Friendship

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郭洪安 is from China

郭洪安 (61)

为爱人付出!为爱妻尽责!真诚征婚一八九八零二610八五。心喜甜泉 Leshan, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Female 21 - 41 for Friendship
English ability: None

Love, warmth and happiness, well-being and solidarity, days long, long time. Love, I hope that in his spare time is one of the most beautiful and beloved wife, caring for the children. I hope life is stable, comfortable and have treasured her happiness. I hope that my future is the other half of the best human qualities and emotions, Exclusive, 贤. I sincerely hope that I encountered here, the TA! Step into the realm of pure true love: is the perfect complement to the mutual respect remain high, is heart-fit overall, is responsible for the formation of the common good, is the extension of the mutual daemon and 同 共 sweet. The love between men and women, to pay to the other party, to accept the package to the other side of the heart to heart of the counterparty; true love, such responsibility is shared, sacred character, which is noble, and flawless, which is the life and beauty, sweet and happy; true love is holy to the old, loyal to the old, mutual love and respect to the elderly, 白. This is the truly innocent love. Welcoming can you! The monthly income of $5,000 or more.


在路上 is from China

在路上 (57)

有意仔细阅读文挡(有微,有球) Qingdao, Shandong, China
Seeking: Female 40 - 58 for Friendship
English ability: None

I, a man in the north, the rustic appearance and inner detail. Has a good personality and character, with insipid, and a state of mind, and far too many shortcomings and deficiencies I will endeavor to amend. It is now good and courageous I have come here to take this platform to be a desired. Micro: wang-jin-zheng. I Love Luo Ta-you's classic old songs of the Love Songs Of 1990 - perhaps the sun of the tired bird is filed, you will have already embarked on the old archive, life is difficult to find a person 相 partner, life is difficult for the blue and white clouds. After 50 years of life, the rush and rich, everyone has the right to do, everyone have a great desire. Select the right away from their nearest you desire, I am not an exaggeration, no freedom of expression and white are dependent on the good faith of the heart, a 18-year-old daughter with me that is right for you? The edge of the sky, looking for a way to find appropriate long, when you are in the expanse of the sea looking for tired, do you pause hurried footsteps, perhaps there is a good choice for you. Subject to this life, daughter, and Son Kai. You dare to days long and I am Forever And Ever! To: The second of the two division commander General's, thank you for taking the time to look at my profile. Bless you, and I hope you will be able to 牵 your favorite hand, holding hands will be warm. To love for love. To faith to faith. Details of the process, attitude determines everything.

zhang is from China

zhang (41)

Bitte lese geduldig! Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Female for Friendship
English ability: None

Hello! Thank you! Please read my files. First of all, write spanung. And then write at. Finally, write w points and cn. Please! Hello I am named am Zhengnanli. I a physics teacher and also is chemistry and mathematics. Mein specialty in university would teach animal marksman I had in zoo worked I had Mandschurenkranich there studied. I am believe well delightful, honest, nice, animal friendly, nature friendly. ..Ich dear natures, life, music, art, vest Kutur…I the REAL LOVE because my parents and my large parents have the real love. I speak would like would try once first write finally is expect also German however a few if you with me contact please zhengnanli, then at. ha o te emm a i ell. zen o emm. I you:) and also: zhengnanli. then you (a t) must write would spell then the large, hoping or tea Messager as an idea life point. Cam waiter mouse. o k please or also other: spanung (a t) first write w!

北斗 is from China

北斗 (48)

寻找我的爱人 Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Seeking: Female 26 - 34 for Friendship
English ability: None

跟异性交往最重要的不是他/她有多好, 而是他/她对你有多好。 一个人如果条件很好,有一百分, 可是这一百分之中,他/她只给你三四十分,或一二十分; 相反地,另一个人也许只有七八十分, 可是他/她却是全心全意的对待你, 那你应该选择那一个? 其实,每一个人的条件都是一样的。 不管你有多好,都还有人比你更好。 你虽然做不到一个『最好的人』, 可是你却做得到一个『对对方最好的人』。 每一个男孩子都可以说: 『虽然我不是世界上最好的男人,但我是世界上


是成 is from China

是成 (40)

心想事成 Beijing, Beijing, China
Seeking: Female 18 - 30 for Friendship
English ability: None

我害怕美丽,在美丽面前我羞涩,因为我不美丽; 我感激美丽,在美丽面前我明白了我的目标; 我靠近美丽,在美丽面前我更内在; 我向往美丽,在美丽面前我用角色对照. 饿的时候,吃了最美. 困的时候,睡了最美. 长大以后,生了孩子最美. 老了以后,孩子孝顺最美. 困惑的时候,有老师最美. 老人健在,孩子最美. 朋友全在,自己最美. 生病之后,健康最美. 绝症来临,走

小子 is from China

小子 (38)

尋找我的愛人 Huainan, Anhui, China
Seeking: Female 18 - 29 for Friendship
English ability: None

不知是哪來的「勇氣」, 或許\\\是一種「好奇」,或許\\\是一種「期待」, 於是,我出現在這裡,出現在「妳」的眼前.... 我不是一個「玩家」,更不是「高手」, 但隨著年紀的增長,我承認:我很挑剔! 縱使,自己不是個十全十美的人.... 懷抱「喜悅的心」期待妳的出現, 總是要跨出那一步,事情才有發展的可能~ 不管是愛或是需要.這是自己清楚的 不要被障礙給框住自己..... <喜歡>就大聲說出來.讓對方知道吧! 把握機會很重要.別讓幸福溜走囉....!

陈林 is from China

陈林 (26)

只想找个能走完这一生的女人! Baoding, Hebei, China
Seeking: Female 19 - 28 for Friendship
English ability: None

个人,一座城,爱上一个人,就恋上了那座城,游走在这城里,有他陪伴,就以为这里就是你的天堂,爱的天堂,觉得幸福其实就是那么近的事情! 人的一生不可能经历很多城,因为每离开一座城,就得丢掉一些东西,当丢的东西多了,你才会发现其实剩下的除了自己,别的已经化做灰烬了,心丢了,青春丢了,爱丢了,精力丢了;走到最后,转过头来发现,走了太多的路,遇见了太多的人,失去了太多的东西,留下的只是镜中落寞的影,看着一日一日老去的容颜,你忽然才发觉其实这个世界荒凉得很,没有一个人可以为你停留,也没有一个人愿意为你停留!

蒋伟 is from China

蒋伟 (35)

從頭洅唻 Suining, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Female for Friendship
English ability: None

我相信缘分也相信一见钟情,希望我们都有一颗真诚的心来彼此了解,婚姻不是儿戏,我已经失败过了,所以我更懂得珍惜 。我个性直率,是不会玩什么心机的人,喜欢简单的生活。 我不喝酒,不抽烟,无不良嗜好。我出生在书香门第,虽然我学历不高,但有良好素质修养,懂得百善孝为先,体贴和相互理解,喜欢在休息的时间整理出温馨的家,空的时候会看看电视、上网。希望将来你可以带上我和我们的孩子一起散步,假期的时候我们可以一起去广袤大草原奔跑,去大海边游泳,或是登峰直到慢慢变老。 但愿这里可以遇见一个能懂得

paa is from China

paa (36)

paa Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Female 20 - 28 for Friendship
English ability: None


hongwei is from China

hongwei (48)

真实的我 Baicheng, Jilin, China
Seeking: Female 18 - 60 for Friendship
English ability: None

我是位真诚征婚的单身男士,也是一位诚实可靠、值得信赖和依靠并且是有能力的好男人,在铁路系统有份稳定工作和收入。我自从离婚后,我就喜欢年龄大的女士,尤其象你这样风韵优雅、有气质和富有女人味的女子,我更是喜爱。我喜欢看到成熟的女人在我的身边青春焕发,充满无尽的爱意,得到幸福和快乐的样子...,也希望你能做一个我的小女人。如果可以的话你先来我这里生活一段时间,我们可以做朋友,也可以组成家庭,一切听你的...。无此诚意者就不必回信了,多有打扰! 我可以认识你并和你真诚的交流吗?

正宏 is from China

正宏 (44)

找个老婆 Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China
Seeking: Female 25 - 34 for Friendship
English ability: None



rui is from China

rui (37)

我就是我 Wuhan, Hubei, China
Seeking: Female 18 - 26 for Friendship
English ability: None

我是81年的,属鸡,发电企业员工,到了该考虑个人问题的时候了。。。 请注意: 生死契阔,与子成说。 执子之手,与子偕老! 这同样是我对爱情的坚持! --------------------------------------(非诚勿扰!) 爱--是用心. 爱--是真诚. 爱--是负出. 爱--是观注. 爱--是浪漫牵手. 爱--是相互扶持. 爱--是心意相

满洲料理 is from China

满洲料理 (30)

Hope to get to know Japanese girl... Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Female 19 - 40 for Friendship
English ability: None

Note: I am not a "man" . I am not "china". I am not "chinese ". I am not a "successor to the dragon." I do not have "Zodiac signs." The actual age 1 9 8 5 Nian 7 Yue 2 9 days. First of all bless the great and everlasting kingdo


黄杰 is from China

黄杰 (38)

努力的前进 Fuzhou, Fujian, China
Seeking: Female 33 - 42 for Friendship
English ability: None

My name is Huang Jie sometimes, I like it very quiet world, quietly look at the book, listen to songs; sometimes, I like it very popular in the world, and friends, playing a of the town. That is why I sometimes quiet sometimes cheerful me. I love to laugh, and also I like to make friends, I will humor humor, and friends to share my pleasure. This is what I, personality, Frank. The humor, I love sport, winter vacation at home and parents in the doorway is always balcony basketball when writing job is tired eyes, I will stroll around or jump rope skipping, I would also like and friends, parents out hiking out tourism. This is what I, sports-lovers me when I encounter difficulties encountered setbacks, I will definitely not retreat, I will overcome difficulties and; when I want to do one thing, I will do my best to this matter. That is why I dare climb, perseverance i.

梁作舟 is from China

梁作舟 (57)

找爱我的人 Weihai, Shandong, China
Seeking: Female 42 - 57 for Friendship
English ability: None

I am a person of Shandong Jining, my name is Mr Leung as the boat in 1960, is born mouse. I Womans Body last Friday, 65 weight kg. Personality and openness, speech, honest, stating directly for his statement. 1978, 94 years after working so far. Although there is little but also the storms and frustrations have accumulated a lot of experience and lessons learned to make my most wing is my savings with a good international business customers on the resource. 94 years after modernistic do is labor-intensive foreign Equity Joint Venture Company (Asia and Europe in Jining seamless nz Products Co.), professional production of winter Ski Glove exports. With the improvement of living standard, the rising consumer prices, wages due. Labor-intensive industries are not adapted to today's conditions and 2006 goes down. Then diverted to Import and Export Company ( Jining the international ltd.). This period is 2008 㡳 export a batch of garlic, he had lost 4 hundred million. Thus resulted in the marriage. Unfortunately, in 2010 the Office of the son after he got married to a divorce. To summarize the past me, the most important problem is the heart is too soft, and so far the Hungarian 1999 370 thousand dollars owed me not to return. 2003 to Koreans cooperation 200 million RMB 5 into the desktop knitting machine. The 2006 is not processed when the cooperation to Koreans device knows the replica is a new machine. In conclusion in these pressure 2009 I insist on re-export trade. Because of the global economic crisis of the world economy has not done a. In 2010 the research research & real estate projects of Hang Facade engineering. In sum to date of the debt owed by the more than 200 million just after they pay off my wife. Last year and friends in Jinan registered a trading company did not make any money. Now, therefore, Rushan are friends and cooperation projects. I hope that my other half my second pioneering recycling brilliant during the spiritual support and help to create a better tomorrow.


ailiwang is from China

ailiwang (44)

诚心交友愿结识诚实、活泼、健康、开朗、大气的女孩! Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
Seeking: Female 24 - 41 for Friendship
English ability: None

Like freedom,       harmony, light,       easily, with separate living space   . Known good-natured, Sheung Lok good to 1 to lead people, and as a joy. Despite the normalcy of simple, but in Mature Humor / child ~~ pick up to property and ~~ prefer paintings and calligraphy, art songs ~~ ~~ classic historical / Mystery / comedy film and documentary ~~ short story celebrity biography ~~ because of the nature of the work, it is a great honor for tasting in many parts of the country style food, like walking on building landscape ~~ also likes in the way the feeling ~~ Hi friends drink ~~ small gathering by Mahayana Buddhism Video In 5 0 ~~ Kim tool retail and wholesale ~~ parents are so painful for the "Child to Howard YOUNG while the pro-not". Although ~~ nice man but independent, optimistic, open-minded, they played. Is a great expanse of pure northeast remained uninjured.

子安 is from China

子安 (24)

Self - introduction Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Female 18 - 27 for Friendship
English ability: None

i am a college student ,i want to make a friend with other country people to improve my poor English.wo also can learn each other.Chinese culture was very intreesting,if you also like Chinese,make the affiliation to me,and i am glad to share all i kn

时轮空间 is from China

时轮空间 (50)

热爱和平,爱世界,爱人类,爱众生,爱佛法,修善道业,向往光明,精进... Guilin, Guangxi, China
Seeking: Female 21 - 39 for Friendship
English ability: None

1.唵韦苏秦,历经风雨体悟人生, 明白为人处世的道理,有一颗懂得珍惜善待一切世间种种有情众生的心,健康快乐活着,向往可以长生住世的因缘伴侣,具备品味最佳人生价值的智慧 2.追求心灵人格上完美,皈依三宝,心行善道,修五戒十善业,希望我的伴侣也修佛,有缘同皈依,发心度众修善道,3.在下書香門第,知禮守信,識大體,明時務,淡泊明志,貧富不移,榮辱不驚,寬容大度,溫雅堅毅,懂感情講義氣、有孝心,明是非,有見識膽略、聰明能幹悟性好,生財有道,理財有方,能持家。4.在下愛好吃素,常年持齋瓜果蔬菜是我最愛,豆

xuehua is from China

xuehua (74)

愛是二重唱/ 愛是和弦//爱是靈魂的重疊/愛是心靈的感應//以你心... Tiemen, Hubei, China
Seeking: Female 40 - 61 for Friendship
English ability: None

* * * exit the levy friends web site marriage valedictory speech * * * The have chosen to that end 20 century troubled home country for a world sacrifices, April is the most brutal months, and the poor agatsuma left the country 3 years after the first home leave province, it has unfortunately claimed the lives of the overlord car (driver passivity and indifference on the contrary not only drive escape) and never go back to life 複! I have in the Territories God and the my soul, but the territories I have the adrift; I have a 5 4 sea lake's Woo Fumitomo, it has never really belongs to my she, my other half my intimate friend, my ribs, my Garden of Eden. - to broken life and death, born in summer flowers gorgeous, dead Ruoqiu leaves us Ching. Beyond Ling and meat, singing 讚 Mei Ling and noble, and sanctification multi China meat and beautiful. - Pascal said: "People are thinking of the Council Reed, the 况 I youth to gallop universe, besides, I Hanifu consultations calendar to reduce vicissitudes. In poetry, history, philosophy that block not Mao's 3 Amphibious and, I came from the mainland China's been crushing the Reed, he intermittent, always issued an extremely weak nation when injured sad day pity the Hum sound. I was storm clouds without love failed to make no voice of the times floods 9 under the death of persons who see HSBC and spend the night, I wilderness Mang original desert Han sea life and death sea of troubles lonely trek of cultural China 9 prefer death to regret the Triazolam, I am a foreign country self-imposed exile "desires super winning, it first link" the cultural conservative. If you have no time in about, I was a always drifting wanderer. The 只 to someone even if I shallow glass of water and warmth of a silk smile I grateful. I was unfortunately in April, lost his wife sought after liberation midst of confusion and liberation in July the class fire from 2 July was accidental into marriage levy friends the virtual not reliable network world. In this levy marriage in heaven and earth friends network, I will only more profound experience and fully understand: Small universal, and the mainland China, how much of the singles, how many of the truth falsely love, how much of the mountains across shouting out the fog, how many viewing flowers. Reality and illusion, various color color and cunning and deception, tears and laughter Song 駡, embarrassed and its bad, sorrow and helpless whenever individuals are not an island, when a beautiful island closer to me I close to the time, I vast so (Love is a selfish exclusive single channel, marriage of the two 只 Yung hand-times the difficult path. global world my cousin, I have 只 to pick one of the flower, nurturing a) I worried so, at a loss; all I sent to Akinami mail the love the most of all the world pageant fans, come to a sound: Byby, Chailland Nara, good-bye very sorry to say to forgive me! love life lies, love, filled with hope and waiting, and pursuit and enterprising, 只 to your hearts have a dream, and youth moon, and fight Fai, the sunset and evening. Life in Human 只 in one case, the meaning of life not only to life of life premature length, the values of life is to live a taste quality. If the world there is no love, then it would become a President George W. Bush 麽 world? "disrespectful people in any case, regardless of their Hyun-woo unlikely, 只 to you suffered torture suffering having a real love and to courageously to your human dignity human freedom and human liberation and tirelessly forging storm, what is your was not wasted, what is your will greatly benefit! earth-shaking, Kuwada sea, and the clouds in heaven, birds in the wind,, who lived in travel - life at the world like traveling travel, the train green reach the end important is not very important, along the way friendly go see landscape seems to be more wonderful! horizon where no Hosa, beautiful woman could not find in the event; annual-year-old-year-old spend similar,-year-old people every year, the world 麽 what things to be immortal? It is only earth true love the truth, the star-fai, heaven and earth eternal, you wouldn't sing songs Liyuan! The DPRK rain Ching dust, Yang as 3 pile up, so levy marriage friends network leader play too difficult also play, I tired I tired I have to go back to nature, Hu not too Hu not Hu not? Xie not grateful that the river water to Heaven, thank God Xie Xie gods, and in this levy marriage with friends Network World world courtship fans together to spend the car go for a sad Yan intersection memories of a better time. People have joys and sorrows, month round lack clear, 1000 里 cool have shed, there is no failed to disperse banquet. Public Dutch noisy and beautiful woman for the taking seems; mountain water, wholeheartedly friend again to the placed the waving the levy marriage farewell friends site, I still deeply reluctant to part - 恒 numerous all pray and keep thankfulness, I pray I God bless you and I was, and blessings brothers sisters ease much hope that the world's couples 终 blessing into military dependents' 属! Mountains in long, long green, mountains do not go turn water bend River is not bend, 只 to Moon, there are still Caiyun the! Love between advent is what? The life and death has been sang Hui! Fear God and fear life, the world are big is also small, 只 to people in, you can meet, don't is not part forever worship, Chailland Nara, good-bye, people are turning see!


仙 is from China

仙 (36)

我就是我 Fuxin, Liaoning, China
Seeking: Female 25 - 35 for Friendship
English ability: None

我有广泛爱好的我最大的优点是乐于助人,我这个人就是典型的热肠子,如果你有困难,只要我能帮到你们的,尽管说,我一定在所不辞!!古道热肠来称呼再合适不过了,我这个人很好相处,你会慢慢了解我的。呵呵。我呢,最喜欢冬天,没有什么特别的原因吗,秋太过于伤感,夏太过于热情,而春天却太过于温和,冬再好不过了,介于四者之间,可以使人冷静,使人回味。。我最喜欢冬天的傲梅,顽强不屈的品质是我学习的目标,我最喜欢雪花的坚持,为达目的地勇往直前。 对了,我最喜欢吃的食物是我妈妈做的,她的手艺非常好,做的食

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