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63 Qingdao, Shandong, China
Seeking: Female 20 - 24
The "World Culture" call guys! - implementation of the "oriental culture with the World Rehabilitation 3 civilization" at the landmark of the great innovative projects, one of the salvation of mankind the culture there! This culture to achieve the goal is create a world civilization - the first 3 time ecological civilization. This new civilization by a new education, new education a new culture, a culture that is now reborn, our roots, and remove the old, new, and return to the true. The original source will be the culture will have a infinite variety of new downstream of the culture and the end of the country culture, and universal, the world. Functioning of such a culture there was a need for a large stage, this stage is called the name "universal" . This "World Court" is the core unit "Eastern philosophy" College. "the Oriental Philosophy College." What are the tasks? Explore oriental philosophy, and philosophy, and creation of the world creation of the world ecological civilization, and improve the global environment. If you want to improve the global environment, it must first be changed; if you want to change people, you need to first change people's ideas and concepts; we have to change people's ideas and concepts, we must first create the human civilization theory, the new building of the new moral standard. As a grand theory of the creation has been completed, has been produced 4 philosophy of tutorial: introduction is as follows: the philosophy of a history of the world trend, this book illustrates the oriental culture with the World Rehabilitation 3 civilization on the Law of the development, and it lets you see through vision, times, and keen insight into. The key elements are: a theory of human civilization, the civilization 1: land, agricultural civilization - Great River civilization - Oriental civilization - the first world civilization, about 9000, 2 , and industrial civilization: CIVILIZATION technological civilization - the ocean - Western civilization - the first 2 time world civilization, about 800 years; 3, ecological civilization: civilization - survival of the human race environment material civilization and spiritual civilization - the first 3 world culture, from year 21 on 1 January in Qingdao, China, the West Coast. We have 2, reveals the age of the world: 1 6, the contemporary world is the social contradictions: a) the production cycle, the economic crisis, the financial crisis; 2) an unfair wealth gap between the rich and the poor, and the social contradictions; 3) an arms race, nuclear arms race, war, and heightened risk of terrorist attacks; 4) serious environmental pollution, ecological destruction, and natural disasters increase links; 5) crisis of faith, morality, social corruption sink, a rising crime rate; 6) Freedom of proliferation and the divorce rate has soared, orphans, widows, orphans, and increasing social pressure. This 6 by the social contradictions, and the industrial civilization, and the industrial civilization has does not have the capacity to solve their own ecological civilization is only a block to be able to eradicate. 2, 21, the new world began the old civilization is 21 alternately toward global industrial civilization decay, ecological civilization began to sprout, and the era that is replaced with the new and old civilizations time of great changes; 3, the new world civilizations in China first torch lit, and lighted the fire, it is Oriental and Eastern culture of the Renaissance, the world will surely cause 3 times - ecological civilization; civilization 4, and 4 have a Oriental Renaissance development process: first , the rehabilitation Oriental Philosophy and Marx Lenin Mao Zedong philosophy; the first 2, recovery Oriental human ethics; the first 3, create a new generation human beings perceive education - education; the first 4, and promote cultural renaissance, including Chinese medicine, Chinese martial arts, and arts and crafts, painting and calligraphy, and poetry, and song, Ming and Qing dynasties, matestaseo fiction and drama, and so on. sissela BOK, part 2 - the moral of the 12 top of the Mount Taishan, looking back, 1000 autumn years reveals a immediate magnificent chapter in history. inspirit culture, to sum up a person from the previous experience, 12 of the "moral" of Earth, aspect ratio, 1000 figured in the spring 21. Excellent traditional virtues, has experienced the vicissitudes of time, and return once again today. The "moral" 12 comprehensive inherited the 9000 traditional Chinese civilization. Creation and innovation, the "Scientific, equality, freedom and democracy." The human ethics society. This one has a long history of ethics, history, and has a profound feelings, it is common for people of all ethnic groups, and spiritual aspirations of the unity and harmony is genetic, it is the spiritual bond that draws the symbol has been the nation's soul. Descendants of the Cape, whether or not to go, no matter how many generations after, as long as the "12 words" that will be remembered, torrent, blood brought into the ancestral to the inspirational power. The "moral" 12, 54 from the bridge to the Cultural Revolution Movement history and cultural dislocation, divide the history of the nation's tradition with the Communist Party of the revolutionary tradition of the Seamless Connection, and the citizens of rectification solemnly and confess their hearts, and agreed to, passed from generation to generation in the future, the Chinese nation has a moral sense, and now the whole of China and the world is missing this kind of moral consciousness. Part 3 of 6 - the philosophy of education in education for the education of the modern world is industrial civilization, the education, industrial civilization is the education, science and technology education and science and technology education is good education. property away from sex education the way the human civilization, the world of one generation to the next to the evil. There is an urgent need human beings a pure education to perceive the true supreme commander, managing property, which would then be able to improve the education system, and return to the roots, back to Pure Land, and 6 D education is founded. 6-D in education for the breakthrough of the human soul awareness, human beings have been discovered only the soul structure is 6-D structure, and structure of the soul of the people decide the type of function. You only need to change the soul structure, we will be able to fundamentally improve the cosmos, life, and the moral character. 6D education is by road, German, French, physical, technical, and Chi-The 6 major elements, it is not only an educational approach that is the standard, it will have the education and complete Update, is also thoroughly change the spirit of humanity. This is a human body as it can cause indigestion, found significant scientific discoveries, this one found that human wisdom has opened the mystery, discovering the true meaning of education, and truly understand the laws of the development of highly qualified professionals. Teachers learn the basics of 6d in education, will be able to really become engineers of human souls, then you will be able to design advanced, the soul of high caliber talent. Thus, pedagogy, 6 d will make it possible for man's landmark education update, from education to human ignorance toward science. Part 4 of the Universe - Yin/Yang philosophy of dialectical logic , vast universe infinite species, Yin/Yang principle is one of 10,000 properties, resulting in an classical Chinese philosophy, Yin Yang then to dialectical logic. Yin/Yang dialectical logic, dialectic is the Yin/Yang" and "dialectical logic" organic integration. "The Yin/Yang dialectical logic" is, in essence, a " $" or "whole" theory a meta-system theory", it is directly from the "A" of the whole universe. "The Yin/Yang dialectical logic" is a double-helical mode of thinking, is in itself is wrong, self-discovery, troubleshooting and error correction. Therefore, it is easy to know the truth and close to the truth, to be able to fully understand the world and to be able to take advantage of various social status, and a correct understanding of "A", "heart", a property close to the "acting all-in-one" and "righteous, all-in-one" and "political and economic all-in-one" and the "material and spiritual, all-in-one" goes beyond the "idealism" and "materialism," the theoretical realm, jumped out of the frame of the old thinking and overcome rigid thinking, and also eliminates the "dogmatic" one-sidedness, and go to extremes, and absolutism. To put it where you want it and do not over torque. Therefore, the 'Yin Yang dialectical logic", which is the universe of scientific laws. It is the guiding concept is one of heaven, God knows the property 10,000 yin yang, and see the end or beginning, understand social rise and fall of the patterns and changes. It is to help people establish and consolidate determined the ideal of justice and the belief that established a whole universe and life values. People who achieve that in the spiritual realm of nature, we will be able to achieve a fair and impartial, and vision, view of the overall situation on the situation, there is a big, big is the high people. dialectical logic to Yin/Yang philosophy and Karl Marx of the Yin and Yang philosophy and philosophy of religion world 5 large, from understanding the Universe body found on the source of 10,000 law of dialectics, and Yin Yang essence so that they are mutually inclusive, autumn 1000, and the different, complementary, mutual respect, and eliminate conflicts and to find the elimination of religious conflict with each other, and integration of the knowledge base, as well as co-create a world-recognized world philosophy cleared the barrier to understanding China's Yin Yang philosophy had resumed its rightful status in the world and history honorary. This 4 book a complete system of the world's first civilization of the 3 times the theoretical system, it is applicable to all peoples of the world philosophy, and cultural. Analysis of a cultural garden interest , market prospects in our study of history, philosophy and moral philosophy, philosophy of education philosophy, the universe 4 major areas have never been a major innovation, the philosophy of building 4 with "oriental culture with the World Rehabilitation 3 civilizations" on the major theoretical systems. This intellectual property rights of the theoretical results, a landmark in the history and social significance, and it has opened up an unprecedented large domestic and international cultural and educational market. "the oriental culture with the world the first Renaissance civilization 3 times, and this is the history of civilization, the Great, unprecedented cultural education innovation project, this project, to which country, and this country will be seizing the opportunities that 100 years of glory, in the city, the city will become a cultural education center, and benefits. This theory in the domestic and international marketing, that the city will become a "culture of the Renaissance." Source, also become the world's first 3 birthplace, its international reputation and economic interests, and immeasurable. Who was involved in investment and operating this macro cultural cause, aboard the world's new avant-garde stage of civilization, the Renaissance than in the west of the size and significance is also to be ambitious and far-reaching, not only will money and fame, but also their children and grandchildren being extended. Set up 2, cultural garden functioning of such a culture, you will need to have a large stage, this stage is called the first name in the world. "the world" and into the blue economic area in Shandong Peninsula a mysterious place, 10,000 acres of forest, mountains and clear waters, beautiful scenery, mild climate, fertile soil, abundant water here in cultivation, walnut, chestnut, cherry, persimmon, grape, apple, peach, and jujube, Lee, and apricots, MGM, and blue and tea, and so on; their own grazing goats, pigs, cattle, rabbits and chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons and the bees; in addition, seafood products, creek, reproductive fish, turtles, shrimps, crabs, food crops, and there are 5 8 beans, sweet potatoes, taro, potato, sweet potato, peanut, and LOTUS. All of the forest garden cultivation, aquaculture, and chemical fertilizers are not used in the agricultural fertilizers, without pesticides, the insect pest control system. In this way an ecological civilization, the forest is the dream of Paradise, it will be a 100 which has attracted scholars from all over the world, College of Natural Sciences, and natural sciences research institute established by research. For those who have a invention of philosophers, writers, scientists, artists, craftsmen, and technical experts are here to make their homes, leisure, wellness, travel holiday. They lived in the House without any pollution and breathe the fresh air, drink water, eat a mine that there are no toxic pollution of food, vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, fish happy, healthy, and God's energy, and promote longevity research, lectures, books and more, for the country, and mankind. experts and scholars from the countries of the world, and learn from each other here, Exchange, and interaction, and come to a consensus, and to the national publicity, civilized world ecology co-create together to protect Mother Earth, and to protect our azure blue of the home. 3, the "World Court" will bring much interest? We are sure that the answer: it is like a western Renaissance to the European countries and the United States industrial revolution, a revolution and the information revolution, the unique interests. Specifically, sources of income are as follows: first, the above 6 OF THE 4 dimensional Education Department, is a philosophical treatise complete set of philosophy textbooks, it has created a new world civilization, new education, new culture. It will have an infinite variety of new downstream end culture and cultural, national, market penetration in the world; at the same time to various government officials training; 2, into the garden of the nearly 100 cultural and scientific research units, in addition to our results, it also has a innovative results into market products to the market; 3, these cultural units held each year featuring cultural Expo, with results published, sale, transfer , and 4 in the Park; the ecological forestry and animal husbandry-driven health wellness, and leisure resort, sightseeing tours, officials training; 5, 6 D education group to have a whole new education theories and methods, the creation of full-time formal private nursery, primary, secondary, high school and university students and in the face of the world; 6, 10,000 acres of forest science at value-added development, ecological civilization series product packaging, the brand name of intangible assets and resources of the consolidation, and sophisticated, flexible operation of capital and value-added the value-added operations. This 6-In-1 each year with revenue of more than $500 million per year, and more than 30 per cent has been growing steadily, and enduring. It is even more important, this is a no pollution, no destruction of the natural environment, natural resources are not lost, it is protection of the ecological environment, the protection of natural resources, local culture and enhance international status and reputation of the highest-end of the World Education, cultural industries, the fall in 1000. There is a national policy, the Government initiated a desk, scholars, and will create long-lasting cultural prosperity and stability lasting social and economic interests. With great guys to come to flourish, and cultural development, investment, and this life of future generations glory fill in the form, sign up for the west coast philosophy and Qingdao science and technology studies will telephone:  
44 Qingdao, Shandong, China
Seeking: Female 23 - 38
I 76 was born, it is a large dragon, Qingdao, the indigenous, Height 183 CM, weight 80 kg, and a bachelor's degree, law, and the People's Armed Police Command School, the original service in armed police tactical anti-terrorist force, short marriage is not education, family harmony, and now my parents have been said to be in good health, there is a sister. I love: is more extensive. Such as: the cars, car repair, shooting, firearms, music, books, hiking, swimming, cooking, political, military, and so on. My weaknesses: smoking, and in the course of their work with a temper, and sometimes lazy, work thinking in jump faster. I do not share drug, do not constitute gambling. No alcohol, even drinking too much and go home to sleep, up to more than the said some nonsense. There is no playing the mad cow disease or is the case. I am not inclined to violence, there is no cold tendency to violence. My personal principle has a strong, loving, a strong sense of responsibility and a sense of justice. Before the failure of business, are now start again. It should be characterized as I was now a bit there is no company, does not share speculation, there is no highly-educated divorced old men. Although, I am now, but I am very optimistic, because I firmly believe that in the future there are you accompany me more hard work. Of course their efforts is better than a person's strength. After all, marriage and the family, both of us, together! Desire for love marriage, family life. If you are not avoiding My Status. would like to join my fight, and industry. I do not discard! Non-Do Not Disturb!
50 Qingdao, Shandong, China
Seeking: Female 29 - 47
34 Qingdao, Shandong, China
Seeking: Female 20 - 36
28 Qingdao, Shandong, China
Seeking: Female 18 - 32
22 Qingdao, Shandong, China
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Ma Rui
37 Qingdao, Shandong, China
Seeking: Female 20 - 32
25 Qingdao, Shandong, China
Seeking: Female 20 - 30
34 Qingdao, Shandong, China
Seeking: Female 20 - 34
29 Qingdao, Shandong, China
Seeking: Female 20 - 36



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