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67 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Female 30 - 48
I am from the beautiful State of Florida, USA and I have continuously lived and worked in China for 7 years. I am a retired USA State Police Investigative Lieutenant since 2000 and did this work for 25 years. I currently do a business solutions consultancy in China and I am the Chief Representative for the International Green and Organic Organization. I hope to find a good girlfriend and later wife in 2014. I am NOT a sex tourist looking online for short-term hook-up in China ! In fact, sex is not the most important thing to me or what I am looking for here online. A good loyal life-long companion and wife is my goal. Yes, pretty, sexy with big boobs is very desirable, but not a black-hearted cheater. In fact, I have been largely successful in China due to many factors including my longevity in China enabling me to be more acceptable. Furthermore, I organized the Chengdu International Culture Exchange (ICE) Link : http://www.meetup.com/Chengdu-International-Culture-Exchange-ICE/ to promote international relations in Chengdu. Sorry! NO Photo = NO Response! Please DO NOT contact me if you are looking for an internet English teacher! Please DO NOT contact me IF you are a Lady Boy, She Male (Chick with Dick), Transgender or any stage of sex change. God loves you, but I'm not interested! Please DO NOT contact me if you are looking for a Green Card to the USA! My home is now in Chengdu, China and later in some southeast Asian country that is warm with beautiful beaches! I have NO plan to live in USA again! Please DO NOT contact me and ask me to go to some expensive Scammer translation website! Please DO NOT show an Interest or send a Message IF you have not read my profile or read my age ranges! PLEASE NOTE: I DO have the financial ability to take care of my girlfriend and future wife, BUT I am NOT rich OR a walking, talking ATM machine to buy you anything you want, when you want, and will NOT support all your lazy brothers, sisters, or cousins you may have that refuse to work and/or only want to drink and gamble all day and night! I DO have feelings and empathy for old parents OR other family members in times of EMERGENCY such as medical problems, but NOT shiftless, lazy people who think all Foreigners are rich and can support their lazy ways. It will NOT happen! African, Russian and other trashy shit Scammers and Criminals stay away! I know your type, methods and even arrested your type in USA. Return to the shit sewer you crawled from! Sorry if I am so direct, but it is better my feelings and beliefs are up-front to save all of us time, money and emotions. MY future wife and/or any children she may have will not be disappointed and well-provided for and most importantly loved and not abused. Any woman who can accept this is welcome!
58 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Female 34 - 45
68 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
Add my self-introduction 我是世界上最好的男人之一, 我是一个传奇的生活,文化,艺术英雄, I'm one of the best men in the world, I am a legendary life, culture, art hero, ,I used to help two bad men, and become a good man. Active efforts to help All bad man become good man, it is one of the purpose of my life,I love all life, I am goodness gentle and good-natured,Do not lie,I will be loyal to my woman,I was able to appreciate the respect I understand the love and support of a woman singing,Or, when I'm on my woman awareness, understanding is not deep, I can work actively to get to know and understand my woman, I'm going to understand that everything in the world, I am the master of my life, the king,I'm not an external thing 's slaves --- other people's ideas, money, material and other slaves,I have independence spirit Critical thinking Ability - This is a free and independent real people ---- wisdom of Characterized in that the characteristics of wisdom, formed to create my own new thought Life direction way of life life style Habits, Life, the world and the universe viewpoint ,I have a passion for life, dare to adventure Exploration experience to try new things, my inner world, life is harmonious, I have a strong spiritual force, I worship his, my ability of self recognition, self control ability is very strong, I am good at and people communicate thoughts and feelings, I am open and talkative person, love the diverse cultures of the world. Exploration experience to try new things,My inner world, life is harmonious,I have a strong spiritual power,I worship I myself,My self recognition ability,Self control ability is very powerful, I am good at and people exchange ideas and feelings, I am open to people who are talkative, love the world multicultural, My motto ----- fortune or misfortune, remain calm, cool My faith People can defeat People can not defeat all the enemies, difficulties, obstacles One can create People can not create All miracles, magic, myth, fairy tale, My self description,Al though I am a very sweet plump river,I can help other people to eliminate loneliness, thirst, But I cannot dispel my boundless loneliness, thirst,Yes, although I am a Full Sweet Big fruit Fruit garden, can give many people, Provide fruit, The elimination of many people's spiritual hunger,But I cannot dispel my own spiritual hunger,I'm going to be hungry. Dead, so, I need a wife, with the wife of my sweet love, my wife's sweet beauty, as my spiritual food, save my life, B,My thoughts on the future plan. Find God lamp The other half,The Arabia myth Aladdin's lamp Lamp Aladdin's is attractive, The Aladdin with a rag to wipe out the lamp after Suddenly there was a good God, Good God help Aladdin.Got a sweet,Aladdin dreams of what can be obtained what Amazing beautiful princess, a lamp, Aladdin dreams of what can be obtained what,Of course, a woman, or a man, to be independent Be a lamp, it is not possible,However, when a woman and a man of infinite love each other because of the sweet,got Like the myth Sweet fairy tales The harmonious and happy marriage, family,When the woman, and the man, because the infinite love for each other, for a sweet combination beautiful The magic lamp,Dream what, to be able to get anything, this pair of lovers,So, I was half a lamp, I would like to find the other half of the lamp, I seem to see it, I found another half a lamp, lamp half,So, in my and My wife's sweet In the infinite love of each other,Produced Our own wishful God, what we dream, we can get what, get the best of God to help us later, Below, before I came to Ukraine, I think, plan,A letter to a friend Yes, you guess I don't only Is for Get a woman's heart, to build something real and long-lasting. but Yes, I am not only in order to Get a woman's heart, This time to come, but to build but something real and long-lasting.Dear Nina Warmly,Why are you so Guess,Originally, I was hoping to get one of the best beauty After the heart of a Russian woman,Intended use My treatment technology, to help the Russian alcohol poisoning,the men had heart disease incurable disease, You know, the life of Russian men,Average age 60 or so, the reason is because a lot of Russian men Alcohol poisoning, heart disease death, so,This to This to, I feel uneasy, I know, to be able to alleviate,Or to remove my discomfort. Something,Is my treatment technology,Because I used to use my treatment technology, not use Drugs, do not have an injection, the success of the rescue of a alcohol poisoning,Life is about to die A man of about 50 years old,In addition, I used 4 days, with my treatment technology, no drugs, no injections,Help an old mother, out of the life Danger, the old mother, is a rat. Poisoning, And one of my friends.Liu, his heart disease, an incurable disease, without medication, no injections,nly 4 days to help Liu's life was out of danger and out of hospital, because I in the treatment of Liu.Is that I think the first step. before save Russian alcoholic men Body, life,The second step, to save the soul of the Russian drunk men,Spirit, Yes, no faith, moral enlightenment, education is a failure, so many men in Russia be backward and have no urge to make progress,Drink,Or a lot of Russian men, The lack of to of his own will Control training,Make them Life in the bottle,Ants live in flames Life, I think so,Some people say it is because of the very cold weather in Russia.When more, so, a lot of Russian men to eat a lot of wine, in order to resist the cold,I think, not the cold, to drive a lot of Russian men into the bottle of life, But I'm on it.discuss Pointed out reason,Yes, the winter in Iceland is longer than that of Russia,But there are not many people in Iceland.Alcoholic heart disease, an incurable disease,But I'm on it.discuss Pointed out reason,Yes, the winter in Iceland is longer than that of Russia,But there are not many people in Iceland. Alcoholic heart disease, an incurable disease,in addition to Canada and Russia almost latitude,Almost the same cold climate,But Canada Not many people alcoholic heart disease, an incurable disease,So, it is not an arbitrary view of the cold climate, Is produced A large number of Russia drinker Cause I think so,yes, President Putin's ban on alcohol. Movement, if all successful,Maybe, after the Russian drunk Will be greatly reduced,However, it has been alcohol poisoning Men with heart disease,Is the need to have a strong force of treatment, But to really heal Russian body very serious Disease wine Root,Still need to use education,Morality, belief, correct attitude towards life,View of life,Beautiful advanced culture, art, literature,Poetry and other non-material drugs, treatment, or the prevention of wine disease, I think,yes, it is said that Russia Many alcoholic, yes Because of the Russians.Gene in,Exist Drunkard Genes,I think a drunk.Genes,Not a large number of Russian Generated reason,Although the life, school, work stress,Pressure,to this end Make some people drink more,But Russian alcoholic Generated reason,main still A large number of alcoholic Have a soul disease, thought disease, emotional disease,,Soul, mind is not healthy, weak, dwarf, so,Please share my happiness,I am a living in the China Chinese poet, musician, doctor,Life scientists, I write in English The poem [rose of rose],Was held in the United States in the world, the international poetry competition,Was held in the United States in the world, the international poetry competition,Get the best poet award in recent years,My enemies when he wanted to Dutch act,After he read my poetry, he did not Dutch act,He restored the confidence and courage of his life, There was a young girl who said to me, "I am in the mood."Not good, especially when I am sad,After reading your sad love poems, I laughed happily,In my despair, when I read your poem,I feel the world Everywhere is full of hope and light,in last year,A female singer,Flow Tears, I read and write Short story [broken moon again Complete],I am 63 years old this year,But my student Zhao said to me.If your beard Scratch, your age, not more than 45 years of age, In addition, there are two people said to me,you and 20 years ago you As young,I am single, is China poets, musicians, doctors, life scientists,my height 1 meter 71,weighing 64 kg,the body is very healthy and strong,Although I am a doctor, but I am all free treatment of patients,I have been free, successfully rescued the lives of nine patients, Of the nine patients, is incurable, dying,I succeeded in rescuing the lives of nine patients by successfully,I have been cured A bone cancer patient Old mother, she was paralyzed,I used to On the nine day, she can Get up, cook,Eat,But before I treated her, she had no strength. Take a bowl,Eat, She crawled on the ground for many years, I treat her, she was able to stand, walk half a mile,
59 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Female 45 - 50
God from men off a rib to make a woman, both men and women come into this world to find their own 叧一, with a view to half into one, which is the origin of the trailing edge up. Find yourself a half of honor 叧一; found the wrong, but no separate Find More. Edge to Edge to Edge, edge. Care, treasure and provide her woman, the wind and rain are men born of responsibility, because the women came from a man made the ribs. While the woman's modestly, Good, gentle nature is so. Lies behind the demonstration is a fairly, warm and peaceful nature of the two are the essence of marriage. The feelings between men and women of the world are any emotional and cannot substitute for a replacement. Parents in the driver, the first cousin brotherhood between friends, she points in friendship and of men and women is life in a heavy emotional, if not found their feelings, end-result is one of missing. In addition to the gender, passion, more in holding hands, handles, a close one eye jack, hands the lightning flow, first he makes, nestling of convergence, spiritual, and thus the ideographic, drawcord waist feel, wound wanted, suckling aids in the comforter… a fairly faint infiltration in the life of the sympathetic appreciation. Thus both men and women come into this world will come to look for their tireless efforts in the days of the vibrancy of the butterfly impressed, while the majority were living in the liveliness is Having known each other for the feelings of the Chinese people. Feelings of both women and men are equal, is money, dignitaries, such as the theory of forces and noble, any society symbol mixture of feelings is injury to feelings. If the other person's feelings, contempt may ultimately to injure himself. Of course, the two sides cannot break-in, market character could also contribute to the feelings of the injury. Since men and women of our life is indispensable, but don't we greatly cherish the feelings that are accompanied by portable went to the end of the Days…
26 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Female 19 - 30
34 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Female 19 - 32
44 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Female 22 - 36
30 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Female 19 - 34
50 Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Seeking: Female 27 - 44



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