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40 Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Seeking: Female 26 - 40
Hello Everyone, before we begin, I want to say that I take this application seriously and I view every profile carefully. I believe that the success or failure of this application is largely due to our ability to create a thorough meaningful profile that contains accurate information about ourselves. If you do not have a profile or have not taken the time or put in the energy to create a decent one then it will be very difficult to find any connection or build any kind of meaningful relationship between us. I would also like to say that I am not in the habit of meeting anyone too quickly. I believe in the power and value of the virtual friendship and two people's ability to explore and understand the dynamic and depth of that friendship before they engage in their first face to face meeting. The date is for exploring physical chemistry and sexual attraction, not for determining if the two people can be friends. When it is clear that we can be true friends through our common interest, sharing of our minds and hearts together, and telling each other stories then we will meet. If you are not comfortable talking online, chatting on the phone, or video calling then it is probably not going to work for us. My profile can be summarized into one simple sentence. "I am the WEIRD guy looking for the WEIRD girl." (PERSONALITY) (MBTI) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Website https://www.16personalities.com/ English and Chinese versions both available My Personality Type INFP-A (Mediator / Logician) 80 % I / 20 % E - Introverted / Extraverted 90 % N / 10 % S - Intuitive / Sensory 60 % F / 40 % T - Feeling / Thinking 80 % P / 20 % J - Perceiving / Judging 70 % A / 30 % T - Assertive / Turbulent If you know your personality type please let me know. I will talk with anyone and consider everyone equally. However, I believe that I am most suitable and will create the best friendships with other "N" type personalities. THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES (I have ranked these from my most important to least important) Quality Time, Physical Touch, Gift Giving, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service (INTRODUCTION) As a child, I spent my life growing up on an island in the south eastern part of the USA (South Carolina). I attended college at Liberty University and received a bachelor's degree in Religious Studies. I have been living in the PuDong New Area part of Shanghai for almost 3 years. I currently teach Kindergarten and plan to stay in the education industry. I love what I do and I love being in a state of always learning. (CONTINUED INTRODUCTION) I moved to China after my employment situation became difficult and I began having trouble finding a decent job. A friend, who was already here, told me his school was hiring so I applied and here I am. I am very comfortable living in China and would be happy to spend the rest of my life somewhere in Asia. I enjoy eastern culture, some eastern values, and the people here. I am not really good at listening (auditory) learning so my speaking Chinese isn't really good. (FAMILY) I have a sister who is 7 years older than me and a family who is simple and normal. I am a little complex and weird so I have very little in common with them but we have a great relationship nevertheless. Growing up in my family wasn't always ideal but I loved them and they loved me which is what is most important anyways. My mother and I have a healthy friendship and we talk almost daily. (MARRIAGE / DIVORCE) I was married for 7 years to a very lovely woman who was my best friend. However, for circumstances we won't discuss online, we separated in January 2016 and fully divorced in July of that same year. Marriage is hard and takes real work but I loved being married and I am looking forward to being married again. I have a beautiful daughter who was born in 2011 and lives with her mother in the United States. Circumstances do not permit me to be with my daughter but I do hope one day we will be able to call each other friends. (SPIRITUALITY) I have been a Christian since I was 15 years old and it has been a major part of my life for most of my life. It hasn't played such an important role in my life this past year but it is still something that is very important to me. I don't need a partner who is religious / christian but I do need someone who is open to exploring this with me and who can be supportive and able encourage me in my own spiritual journey as I encourage her in her own journey. Hopefully we both can come to a place were we can embark on this journey together. If not, it is OK. Everyone is free to chose their own path. (SEXUAL INTEREST) I am a sapiosexual - (definition) a person who finds intelligence sexually attractive or arousing. However, this doesn't mean that I think it is completely OK for the man or woman to be physically unattractive. As a guy, physical appearance and good fashion sense still matters to me. In my experience, the best foreplay doesn't begin 5 minutes before sex. The best foreplay begins 5 minutes after you get out of bed and start deciding what you want to wear. My own sense of fashion lends itself to a more metro style casual look and formal wear usually. I am particularly attracted to female fashion that is often associated with Korean and Japanese trends. Over the knee boots, black tights / leggings, and flare skirts all look very good on a woman. I don't expect perfection but I do expect a woman to try. If a woman doesn't take pride in her appearance and care about how she looks then this will eventually turn into a major problem later on in the relationship. What I’m doing with my life ...Most days, I come home and I relax. I am not really big into going out and partying. I prefer the quietness of my apartment and the ability to read graphic novels, watch a good movie or anime, play on my computer and put my thoughts in order. When it comes to the day to day activities of my life, I like to keep it simple. I am not a simple person but my everyday life is. Future Plans - Finish getting my US teaching license and continue teaching overseas. I’m really good at ...always looking lost and sometimes being lost. ...introspection, knowing who I am and what I want. ...observing others and trying to figure out who they are and what they want. ...wearing my emotions on my sleeve and never really hiding how I feel. ...telling everyone way too much about my personal life. ...money management but this is boring. (Japanese Animation Creators) Hayao Miyazaki Makoto Shinkai (Hollywood Actor) Leonardo DiCaprio (Car Type - Vintage /Old) Classic Muscle Cars (Color) Bright / Hot / Neon PINK (Flower) Rose (Birth Stone) Tourmaline Opal (Home Style) Modern but elegant and classy with splashes of royal colors (Deep Reds, Blues, Purples) (Art Style) Like - Renaissance and Digital Dislike - Modern Art The six things I could never do without ...Freedom of Self Expression ...Thinking, Thinking... always Thinking ...Stimulating Intellectual and Spiritual Conversations ...Emotional Films ...Family and One True Friend ...Tech Gagets - Smart Phone / Laptop I spend a lot of time thinking about ...the planets, the stars, and the universe they fill. ...technological advancements. ...the human condition and how we interact with each other. ...philosophical and ethical problems. ...what happens when we die. ...religious truth. ...some political issues. ...the bigger issues of life. ...things I just finished watching or reading. On a typical Friday night I am ...probably trying to connect with my board game friends, looking for a place where I can social / ballroom dance, or simply enjoying an evening home watching a good movie / anime, reading graphic novels / comics, playing on my computer, and or contemplating the bigger issues of life.



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