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41 Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Female 20 - 33
67 Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Female
Hi there, I live my life as a kind of romantic adventure - and I'd like to invite you to join me, if you have the ability to do so. The other day, for example, I was doing Chinese going Qi Gong beside the beautiful green mountain behind the university where I teach. I could hear the birds, and feel the freshwind and energy from the huge mountain. I thought about the countries where I've lived - Canada, the U.S., Korea, and now permanently living in China for seven years. I'm an Intelligent, Passionate, and socially concerned person and work as a university teacher, writer for ChinaDaily newspaper, and software developer. But I live my life as an adventure! I won't be checking this website much longer. So if you're interested in a loving relationship, and adventure, contact me now! Best, Eric Sommer P.S. I've been told that I have the body of a 25 year old, bu twhether or not that is so, it is true that I hve the heart of a child. I'm currently living Jinan in Shandong Province but usually live in cities like Beijing and Shanghai and will be visiting Beijing amd possibly Shanghai periodically and quite possibly moving back there in a few months. You can get an idea what I look like from the photo accompanying some of my articles at ChinaDaily. Just search on 'Eric Sommer' in the searchbox on the ChinaDaily homepage to see links to many of my articles and you'll find some photos. (Some of my articles mention a previous relationship I had in China but it is now over) I"m very committed to working for the development and well-being of the Chinese people. I am funny, serious, childlike, and grown up, all at the same time. I'm older but look, feel, and act about 35 or 40., much younger than my years. My students often say that my heart is younger than theirs!. I exercise every day at a health club and also do Chinese Qi Gong. I like the following check-list of things to think about when selecting the one we will spend a large part of our life with: If you choose to get in touch with me, I think it would be interesting to include dialogue about our lives and going through this list together. 1. Do we have similar or the same life goals? 2. Can we communicate about things, including problems between us, in a respectful fashion, and without fear? 3. Are we working to improve our characters and to develop ourselves? 4. Do we like and respect each other? In case you are involved with IT, I should mention that I'm the former CEO and chief designer for 'ADM: The Knowledge Management desktop', a pc-based desktop which is a powerful tool for personal knowledge management on the PC. ADM also serves as a partial prototype providing proof-of-concept and design solutions for my new software project, ChinaDesk, which will be a free web-based super-desktop for use by all Chinese people. Warm regards, Eric
49 Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Seeking: Female 28 - 38
What I AM: 1) CLEAN. Although I am not a clean freak, I like my apartment to be tidy and neat. I hate dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor, and food on the table. 2) TOUGH. I am mentally tough but not physically aggressive. I don't like to start fights and only like to finish a fight. 3) EXTREMELY RELIABLE. I always follow through with what I say I will do. It's a huge turn off if someone cannot be counted upon to do something. 4) STRONG COMMUNICATOR. I am open and honest with people and prefer to talk directly to a person if I have a problem. I don't like to hold things inside that will spoil my mood. I get a problem out and in the open and try correct the issue. 5) INDEPENDENT. I like to give my girl attention that she deserves, but I also like to have my own interests away from her. I am not the needy type at all. What I am NOT: 1) OVERLY POSSESSIVE. I am not the jealous type and I do not try to control a woman. Conversely, I don't like to be controlled either. 2) FAKE. I am the same person to everyone and treat everyone the same - with respect. I don't change when I am around my friends and I don't treat someone who I think is pretty any better than someone who I am not attracted to. 3) SELFISH. I am a giver - not a taker. Although I will be friends with people who are selfish, I'll never date or marry someone who is selfish. 4) A HYPOCRITE. Nobody likes a hypocrite. That annoying "do as I say, not what I do" mentality loses its merit fast-- especially when it translates to a relationship. I adhere to the standards that I go by. 5) A BIG EGO. I am a humble and not arrogant or egotistical. No one likes a know-it-all with an inflated sense of self. Some of my favorites quotes: "A true measure of a man is how he treats someone who will do him absolutely no good." - Author unknown "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people." -Eleanor Roosevelt "Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it's what you are expecting to give which is everything." Author unknown



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