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36 - 70 of 100
43 Nanning, Guangxi, China
Seeking: Female 35 - 45
72 Xiamen, Fujian, China
Seeking: Female 45 - 75
I laugh …. I love to laugh, it is such a good feeling. I’ll laugh with you not at you, though I am not a comedian and I cannot make you laugh continuously I find many things can have a funny side to them. 中国国内非常流行的社交媒体应用程序 - 一五八五九二七六九八三 I live … in a world,  where I find many people and reasons to celebrate the world in which we all live. There are so many people out there that are smiling, holding out there hands to others to say hello and welcome. Let us communicate with each other, learn from each other, give to each other and receive from each other. I care … I express what is in my heart without censoring it through my head. This gets me into trouble sometimes but I don't disguise who I am, though if the situation needs it, I am also thoughtful and tactful. I care passionately for those I am closest to but therein lays my greatest vulnerability, a need to receive as much care as I give. I'm sure most would have heard the expression "laughter is good medicine for the soul". If that is the case, then my soul must be in fairly good shape. Make from that what you will. I'm here to find a person that I can call my soulmate, friend and whatever else you may care to add. Someone to share the laughter and fun times as well as the not so good times. Someone to laugh with and share a tear with, someone who isn't afraid to say what is in their heart. I read somewhere "what you do with sincerity pays the greatest rewards". Are you the reward paid for sincerity here?  希望翻译正确。 我笑 .... 我喜欢笑,这是一种很好的感觉。 虽然我不是喜剧演员,也不能让你笑个不停,但我发现很多事情都有有趣的一面。 中国国内非常流行的社交媒体应用程序 - 一五八五九二七六八三 我生活......在这个世界上,我发现有很多人,也有很多理由来庆祝我们生活的这个世界。 在这个世界上,有许多人面带微笑,伸出双手向他人问好,表示欢迎。 让我们相互交流,相互学习,相互给予,相互接受。 我关心......我表达我内心的想法,而不是通过头脑进行审查。这有时会给我带来麻烦,但我不会掩饰自己的身份,尽管如果情况需要,我也会考虑周全、婉转表达。我热切地关心我最亲近的人,但这也是我最大的弱点,我需要得到与我付出同样多的关心。 我相信大多数人都听说过 "笑是心灵的良药 "这句话。如果真是这样,那么我的灵魂一定处于相当良好的状态。你怎么看都行。 我来这里是想找一个人,可以称其为我的知音、朋友或其他任何你想添加的东西。一个能与我分享欢笑和快乐时光,也能与我分享不那么美好的时光的人。一个可以一起欢笑,一起流泪,不怕说出心里话的人。 我曾在某处读到 "真诚的付出会得到最大的回报"。你是这里真诚的回报吗?


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