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English Artist
58 Weymouth, Dorset, United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 18 - 40
Smoke: Don't smoke
I am a very funny, intelligent, charismatic man and very, very creative. I have just moved back to the UK after living in Germany where I have been for the last 11 years I am originally from London. I paint professionally and I like the works of Max Beckmann, Paul Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. I studied Graphic Design where I hold a degree. graduated from a famous collage of Art and Design in London and became a famous Graphic Designer until I moved into the City of London. I got feed up with the City after 16 years and paid the hotel bill and checked out. I market my works all around the world so that takes up most of my time. As for me, I am one hell of a worker and that along with my passion keeps me alive. And naturally I speak and read German. My main interest is the Art world, which is a very competitive world; I love South Central LA, Las Vegas, Moscow and St Petersburg. I have travelled and I live a rich and varied life and an exciting one as well. I like house music a lot and love the lady herself LADY GAGA. I also love Barbara Streisand:) I love Middle Eastern culture and Jewish music, I like the NY under ground music scene and of course St Petersburg. I love the Rap music from Detroit and from South Central LA, no matter how dangerous that place is. I both love and hate the art world in which in which I work in., there are far, far too many pretentious sunday painters, no real ''On The Edge'' Painters. I love that there are no '' Taboos'' in the art world, sexually, opinions, culturally and the sense of openness. As Art and painting is my biggest passion and it takes up a big part of my life although I do have another life outside of it, I have too, I would go mad otherwise. I am not asking for someone to participate in my life, the Art world as that would be asking too much, as it is for me sometimes. I am looking to see someone and take it from there,,,, no expectations. On this site I am really just looking nothing more and I'll see where things go. I'd like to make some friends, lets see. I love skiing and it’s about the only sport I love. I am a very passionate man and a very funny one as well and I am very out spoken, but a Gentleman. I have lived a very independent life, I know what I want and what I like, I have always been like that, I do have a huge drive in things that turn me on. I have travelled a lot and experience more than one could imagine and more, my life has been a film, I hate books because compared to my life their is no comparison. Moral of my life...If Giants have seen wonders it is because they have stood on my shoulders!!! And that's no kidding!!!
59 Greenwich, London (Greater), United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 45 - 60
Smoke: Don't smoke
您好,诉我冒昧。因为我是一个女人。我假扮男人的原因是因为我在这里遇到了一个骗子,我以女人的身份在这里没法联系女性朋友。所以我另外以男人的身份注册了这个新的账号,我希望我们女人联合起来对付在这里的骗子。 一年前,我跟他在一婚恋网认识,他的档案显示,他是英国一所私立学校的校长(档案中的照片就是那个骗子)。后来他通过微信把他的学校网址和招生信息都发给我看了,确信他的档案属实。我是一名离婚的大学英语教师,对不同种族的男人,特别是说英语的男人情有独钟。起初,我们不肯定他对我的感情是否是真的,但是一年以后,他来中国各大城市招生,他来之前告诉了我 他的行程,第一站是 西安,恰巧,我那个时候也要去西安出差,所以我们在西安见了面。见面后,我非常肯定他对我的感情,所以,一回到家,我就按照他的愿望,开始为他张罗、联系合作伙伴与他合作办学。然而,让我非常愤怒和震惊的是,一天晚上,他给我发了亲密信息之后不久,我竟然在他的朋友圈看见了他与另一名女人的亲密照片,不一会儿他把那些照片删除了。那时,我断定他在欺骗我。但是,我没有立即戳穿他,而是设法联系上了那位跟他照相的女人。并且去到她的城市(南宁)跟她当面证实了他们是情侣关系。跟她交谈后,我得知,她根本不懂英语(他不会说汉语),但是很有钱。 她说是三年前一个朋友给她介绍的这个校长,这次也是他们的第一次见面。 我把我跟这个家伙的关系告诉她后,她很生气。 我们约好一起揭发他。 但是,我离开她回家之后,她不但没有按照我们的约定,去揭发他,相反, 她把我拉进了黑名单,显然,她还是被他的花言巧语折服了。 我后来得知她在四处为他张罗办学,联系了多家学校。他还在他的朋友圈晒他们的亲密照片以及办学的情况。我当然非常愤怒,于是写信把他的丑事告诉了这些学校。他被多家学校拒绝之后,凶相毕露。欲报复我,但是,他做不到。因为没有正不压邪的事。 目睹这种人渣搬起石头砸自己的脚,真是痛快及了。 现在,他被很多学校拒绝了,南宁女人也离开了他,所以他又经常在这个网站寻找新的猎物 他就在这个网,他的编号是
26 City of London, London (Greater), United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 19 - 35
Smoke: Don't smoke



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